Sony Vaio P gets Signature Collection treatment, 2.0GHz Z550 & 256GB SSD

This might be considered ho-hum news to most people outside the US who have a full range of processor and SSD choices for their new Vaio P's, but we Americans will take any crumbs Sony is willing to throw our way. Today, that includes a tasty addition to SonyStyle US in the form of an upgraded-spec P, which becomes a member of the Signature Collection.

The new model, VPC-P118KX/B, joins the original configuration P that's been available for the past week, but ramps things up a bit in the speed and storage departments. Now equipped with an Atom Z550 processor running at 2.0GHz and a 256GB SSD as standard, the price has jumped considerably to $1500 and the color choices are whittled down to black only. In exchange for your lighter wallet, Sony has included GPS and a Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband modem, which is exclusive to this model.

Originally it was assumed that all models of the new P would have GPS and 3G wireless, like the older-gen models did, but apparently that is not the case. In light of the price jump for the upgraded specs, it might make more sense to purchase an import from either Dynamism or Conics, thereby allowing more customization choices for color, processor, and WWAN options, while keeping the overall price about the same as the US Signature Collection version.

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