Sprint’s Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot gets much-needed firmware update

Sprint_od With the HTC EVO 4G getting all the attention lately, some people might not realize that it's not the first 4G-capable device in Sprint's lineup. That honor goes to the Overdrive, and the past few months have been a bumpy ride for owners of the world's only 4G mobile broadband router, especially after it was unveiled to great fanfare at CES early this year, but things are finally starting to turn around thanks to the latest firmware update just released by Sprint.

Version 2.06.06 looks to bring some stability to the Overdrive with some of the fixes, including enhancements to WiFi, 3G, and 4G connections. Battery life is said to be increased by about 10%, while one of the major complaints, the boot-up time, should be shortened by up to 20 seconds. Also, the device WAN mode can now be changed from 3G/4G to 3G only or 4G only without requiring a reboot, and additional 4G channels have been added for future use.

Hopefully the new update will take care of the numerous issues that have plagued the Overdrive since day one, such as dropped 3G/4G connections, device lock-ups, and flaky connectivity with the iPhone and iPod touch. I briefly tried an Overdrive a few months back and noticed significant improvements in each successive update, but there were still lingering issues that caused me to revert back to my tried-and-true Sprint MiFi, and now I have moved on to the EVO 4G's awesome new hotspot feature.

[Sprint – Overdrive Firmware Update v2.06.06]
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