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Testing the limits of attaching photos in Gmail on HTC EVO 4G

Gallery-share-93Since the Gallery app lets us attach multiple photos to an email composed on the HTC EVO all at once (instead of one at a time using Gmail or Mail), you might be wondering just how many can be sent in one email.

I'm testing the Seidio 1750mAh extended slim battery right now, so I don't want to connect the EVO to my computer because it will start charging, which would of course skew my results and reset my battery usage graph. So whenever I take screenshots or photos, I email them to myself from the EVO and retrieve the images on my Vaio Z notebook.

Yesterday, I took 93 pictures for my magnetic macro lens review and since my EVO still had 15% of its battery left, I decided to try to email all of them to myself using the Gallery method. I expected to see some kind of pop-up message about exceeding a limit as I selected the photos and was stunned when I reached the end of that album.

I couldn't believe that Gmail/Gallery would let me attach 93 images, especially considering that regular Gmail has a 25MB attachment limit. But it did and when I hit "Send," it dawned on me that it could take a long time.

Guess how long it took.

One hour!

And you know what else? When I received the email, it was blank!

It didn't get bounced back for exceeding the attachment limit or give me an error message about not being able to send it either. It said "Sending" for an hour, it got sent, I received the email, and none of the attachments were there.

Trying to attach 93 photos totaling well over 150MB is ridiculous and impractical, I agree, but I don't think Gallery/Gmail should pretend that it can be done. I assume the file size was more of a problem than the number of attachments, but who knows. If I hadn't been sending the email to myself, I wouldn't have even known that it was blank when it was received.

So I guess just because you can do something doesn't always mean you can really do it.

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