Today’s the day for your iOS 4 upgrade, new 3GS boxes show new OS

Ip3gs_ios4 For those of you sticking it out with the "old" iPhone 3GS instead of upgrading to the new iPhone 4 that's arriving in just three short days, you'll have bragging rights for the new few days if you decide to upgrade to the latest version of the OS. Apple should be dropping the iOS 4 software update sometime today, so as long as the downloading frenzy doesn't take down any servers like the pre-ordering fiasco from last week, multitasking and changeable wallpapers should be in your immediate future.

Also, it looks like the new 3GS boxes are already out in the wild with an updated product shot showing the new iOS 4 homescreen. Remember, last year's top-of-the-line iPhone is now having its price slashed to only $99 on a new or upgrade two-year contract. It does lose a little something in the refresh, though, as the 16GB and 32GB versions are now gone and replaced with an 8GB model. According to, even though many stores already have these new phones in stock, sales are not allowed until Thursday.

Keeping in mind how the full set of new features in iOS 4 will only be available to 3GS and third-gen iPod touch owners, will most of you be upgrading or staying with jailbroken 3.1.x? I'm holding out indefinitely for the the all-white version of the new iPhone, and since they won't be available until later this summer, I'm also not ready to give up my jailbroken 3GS just yet, so I'm passing on the upgrade. I'm still running 3.1.2 with the last baseband that was unlockable, so I'm not ready to throw that away for features that I'm already enjoying.

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One thought on “Today’s the day for your iOS 4 upgrade, new 3GS boxes show new OS

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    I’m downloading the update now. I’m looking forward to the new update. That is until I can get my hands on the S7.


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