Toshiba forces a double-take with Libretto W100, two screens better than one

I'm speechless. Well, almost speechless, since I can summon my vocal chords just long enough to say I want this new Libretto W100 in the worst way. Finally, a company takes the initiative, thinks outside the box, and comes up with a design that could either end up being revolutionary or a total flop if the new design fails to resonate with customers. Props to Toshiba for reviving the Libretto brand, which has been on life-support since the 2005 release of the last model, the Libretto U105, which I still own and use.

With the new W100, which should be available in limited quantities by August for around $1100, Toshiba has created a halo device to celebrate its 25th anniversary in the computer business. Featuring dual 7-inch capacitive touchscreens with a 1024×600 resolution and a 1.2GHz Pentium U5400 (no weak Atom here), the W100 will also have 2GB RAM and a 64GB SSD while running Windows 7.

The centerpiece of the whole thing is the use of those unique dual screens, the lower of which is used as a multi-function keyboard, trackpad, and bulletin board, all at the touch of a button. Both screens can also be used in tandem to display more content like web pages or e-books in portrait mode.

Follow past the break for some additional photos and even a video of the W100 in action to get a better idea of how Toshiba is really pushing the envelope with this new device.


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