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Warning: Do not buy BoxWave’s HTC EVO 4G SoftSuit


BoxWave's SoftSuit reversible case is no longer being sold as an accessory for the HTC EVO 4G, but if you happened to purchase it a few weeks ago when it was available, then make sure you save your receipt.

The EVO does not fit into the SoftSuit.

The use of the iPhone in the product shots should be enough of a clue of that fact, but companies use placeholder images all the time and buyers could think that 1) the SoftSuit is stretchy enough to accommodate the EVO and/or 2) the case shown isn't the one they'll get when ordering the EVO-specific version.

I thought both of these things when I ordered the SoftSuit and unfortunately learned first-hand that it can't be used with the EVO. I didn't like the look of the pouch when I saw it, but since I'm on a quest to review all the accessories I can find that work with the EVO, I had to buy it. It was also one of the only accessories available before the EVO was released.

Evo-boxwave-softsuit (8) 

Evo-boxwave-softsuit (5)

The packaging is generic, suggesting that the SoftSuit is a universal accessory, but my receipt makes it clear that it can be used with the EVO.

Evo-boxwave-softsuit (1) 

Evo-boxwave-softsuit (6) 

I remember thinking about how I'd write in my review that I was so surprised the EVO fit into the SoftSuit because it sure didn't look like it would.

Evo-boxwave-softsuit (3)

Evo-boxwave-softsuit (4)

The material was very stretchy, though, so I was able to push the EVO into the case without too much effort. It was only when I tried to pull the "flap" over the top that I realized I had hit the limits of the elasticity.

Evo-boxwave-softsuit (2) 

Evo-boxwave-softsuit (7)

And in the process of trying to put the phone into the case that was "made for it," I ended up with a big rip on the side!

So yeah. Don't buy this case for your EVO.

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