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What are your favorite apps for the HTC EVO 4G?

Ge-reader-qG&E reader Brian wrote in from San Diego today asking for some app recommendations for the HTC EVO that's on its way to him. He's new to Android and doesn't know quite where to begin, as a lot of the apps he's seen so far haven't looked very appealing.

Since EVO users are a diverse bunch of people who clearly have excellent taste, I thought it would be helpful to Brian if we all chimed in with some of the must-have apps and utilities we use.

In addition to Battery Indicator and some of the widgets I've talked about before, I keep Slacker Radio and Amazon on my EVO's main home screen. I also like's app, eReader, and ShootMe. I browse Android Market daily and try new apps when something catches my eye (gotta love that 24-hour return policy!), but those are some of my favorites. I haven't really found any casual games that I can't put down yet (I like the App Store's selection better), but some of the 3D games by Gameloft look like a lot of fun.

Which apps do you use most often on your HTC EVO?

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29 thoughts on “What are your favorite apps for the HTC EVO 4G?

  • -Handcent is far superior to the OotB messaging app or chompSMS.
    -DoubleTwist media player
    -Ringdroid for ringtone creation
    -Seesmic for Twitter
    -Facebook (pre-installed)

  • Air control, bluff my call, chompsms, Digg, doodlejump, doubletwist, drop7, facebook, google goggles, LED desire light (flashlight app), howcast, mspot movies (allows movie purchases from phone!), omegle, opera mini 5, skyfire, mystique, pdanet, raging thunder 2, radiant, shazam, sms popup, xmarks sync, where’s my droid.

    Take into consideration that I just went on a spending spree int the android market because I came from an iPhone with tons of apps on it, and some of these are like or the same as my iphone apps, some I just found to be interesting or fun. So far I’ve spent like $30 on apps lol. and that list is only the apps I liked a lot. There are also some other apps I bought and got for free. But for my first android phone, this phone is amazing, and the apps are really much better than I expected coming from a 3gs.

  • I dont have my EVO yet…but the FIRST app I will add to my collection will be Epocrates…Im a nurse and it is a GODSEND because there is no way I can memorize all those meds out there!

  • Great site Jenn. The apps I’ve found useful so far:

    Astro File Manager
    LED Desire Light
    System Panel Lite Task Manager
    No Lock
    Battery Indicator

    Still looking for a good music player app with increased functionality, and/or an app that enables my different headphones to work properly with pause/skip/volume/etc. I tried your advice on adjusting the TTY setting but that didn’t work for me. Peace, D.

  • I wouldn’t leave the iPhone without logmein (remote into your pc, turns your phone into a real Windows pc), and Rhapsody, Orb on the iPhone (watch tv on your phone) but the reviews are getting a thumbs down in the comments for Android. Talking clock I like because I wear glasses and hate having to put them on in the morning to see what time it is.

    Anyone have a WiFi remote for Windows media player?

  • Avatar of Mikealtogether

    Google Labs Listen (podcatcher)
    Reddit Is Fun ( reader)
    Runkeeper and Cardiotrainer I am still testing which I like best.

  • – SiriusXM
    – Rhapsody
    – Slacker
    – Pandora
    – USA Today
    – ATK Free


    – SlingPlayer
    – Sonos

  • Avatar of brian in san diego

    Anybody found any good photo manipulation apps??

  • Try MixZing, I like it better than DoubleTwist, and the stock media player on the EVO. The one feature that sold me to buy the full program was it works in portrait and landscape mode. I haven’t tried it with my Klipsch S4i’s, but I get full control with my Altec Backbeats.

  • Avatar of Ddj O-zone

    Jenn nice work… Fairly good with android after droid, nexus one ( TMobile and AT&T versions) now evo… Yes I go where the phone is and evo is looking like a keeper. Apps that are making this experience even more pleasurable for me are:
    Fios mobile
    Led desire light
    speed test
    Wireless tether ;)

  • Speed Test

    Aldiko eBook Reader

    Norton Connect

    Roku Remote


    Portland Transit Lite (only relevant locally, but an outstanding app for Tri-Met riders)


    I’m also addicted to Facebook, and like its integration with HTC sense as far as it goes, but am not entirely happy with the official app or mobile/touch sites. I miss Babbler!

  • Oh yeah, and the very nifty Gmote.

  • andLess – for playing lossless audio files
    Astro file manager
    Battery Indicator
    Barcode Scanner
    SNESoid, NESoid, Gensoid, and GameBoid – console game emulators
    Google Sky Map
    Ringdroid – for editing ring tones
    Robo Defense
    Speed Test
    Screen Mode Lite

  • Avatar of Mark Skittles

    PicSay Pro has just about every feature you could possibly want in a phone photo editor. I has all the basic image adjustments/filters and even some other fun ones. One of the main cool aspects is its “Pop Color” filter that is essentially layer masking a color photo over a black and white copy in photoshop. It doesn’t really have any layering options, but you can fake it by saving an image and using the place picture feature.

    Anyway it’s real damned good for a phone app and its only like $3.

  • Avatar of Charles Anderson

    Apps I use constantly:
    Aldiko (e-Reader)
    Shoot Me
    ScoreMobile (Sports scores)
    Speed Test
    Zillow (Real estate)
    Screen Widget Lite
    TED Mobile
    Totemo Lite (logic puzzle game, considering purchasing the full version)
    myTextSpeed (record is 62wpm using Swype)
    Google Goggles
    Google Sky Map
    LED Light Widget
    LED Desire (when I want more control over the LED light)
    2G-3G Widget (for disabling roaming)
    OS Monitor (for managing apps that are running)

    Whew… I think that’s pretty much it.

  • Avatar of Charles Anderson

    How’s the SiriusXM app? Have you tried it while driving? I am considering using this to replace one of my receivers.

  • It works great, and of course you can have it running in the background and just look in the notification bar to see what’s playing. This would come in handy if you needed to use the GPS, but didn’t want to stop the music.

    Only in a very weak signal area will the app have to stop and rebuffer the stream, but it happens very quickly.

  • Avatar of Dennis Eagan

    I love this.. keep it coming!!!

    -Album Art Grabber
    -Find Starbucks
    -iSyncr (awesome fast syncing of ipod playlists)
    -Moon Phase
    -Radar Now

  • Avatar of Tim Gaastra

    Astrid Tasks
    Advanced Task Manager
    DoggCatcher (I tried to use Listen but it just didn’t click for me)
    Ringdroid (of course)
    MeeboIM is OK.

  • Wow – THANKS all. As a new Android user/ EVO owner, I’m psyched to see all of these recommendations.

  • What is the app everyone is using for Instant Messaging with Yahoo, AOL, etc.? I looked at one (cant remember the name) in the Andriod Store and some reviews were talking about their accounts being hacked after they started using it.

  • SiriusXM app…just downloaded it. This is freakin’ awesome!!!

  • So far I’ve got
    LED Desire
    No Lock
    Speed Test

    Thanks for the recommendations!
    PS – Great Blog!!!

  • Adobe Reader
    Advanced Task Killer
    Android Light Saber
    Astrid Tasks
    Barcode Scanner
    Bic Concert Light
    Calorie Counter
    Dolphin Browser
    Drink to This
    Google Earth
    Google Goggles
    Google Sky Map
    Google Translate
    Happy Hours
    ICE: In Case of Emergency
    Tip Calc
    WeatherBug Elite
    WSDOT (invaluable if you live in Seattle – traffic maps)

  • What exactly is the SiriusXM app called because I am having trouble finding it in the market and it seems like an awesome app.

  • It’s actually not in the Market, you have to download it from SiriusXM.

    Just go to from the EVO browser, and you can download it manually and install it.

    And yes, it is awesome!

  • My favorites are:

    >Adobe Reader: I like how it renders PDFs on the screen better than the built in PDF reader
    >Better Keyboard
    >Brightness Level: widget for changing screen brightness
    >Seesic: for Twitter
    >Shazam: the amazing magical music app. Sat in church and it could even decipher church music!
    >The Weather Channel: I love to see the radar view and watch the thunderclouds coming

  • I’m still trying it but the Winamp for Android is pretty good so far. One feature I haven’t tried yet is to sync your iTunes playlists to the phone.

  • AOL released their own Android version for AIM, its pretty sweet.

    also for other clients:

    MSN talk (I use the free one) is stable and comfortable, slide left/right to go from chat window to another.

    SKYPE, .. is SKYPE, lol. I haven’t found an option for video call, if anyone knows about this please let me know.


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