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5+ days of standby on HTC EVO with Seidio 1750mAh battery


It's been a really hectic week for me so my HTC EVO 4G has been sitting around in standby more than usual. It isn't my primary anything (phone, MID, whatever) because I'm a gadget addict, so it isn't an integral part of my day-to-day routine. I like to use it whenever I can, of course, but my schedule (or baby girl) doesn't always allow that.

So after 5 days and 56 minutes of primarily being in standby, the Seidio 1750mAh slim battery I've been using for almost a month in my EVO is down to 14%. I mentioned the other day how its performance was improving over time, so this kind of standby time isn't something I've experienced before.

When my EVO is in standby mode:

  • WiFi, 3G, background data, and auto-sync (Google and Twitter) are on
  • New email (not Gmail) is retrieved every hour during peak times and every 2 hours off-peak
  • Sense weather widget updates every hour
  • Auto-kill in task killer is never used
  • Always-on mobile data and data roaming are off

Even though this is just standby time and not active usage time, I'm still impressed. A lot of my other devices don't last that long, and most aren't even fetching data.

Note: Whenever I write about standby battery life, at least one person in the comments will say something about how the usage chart is inaccurate because I didn't use the phone or ask why the "Android System" percentage is so low. *sigh* The word standby is used in the title and throughout the post because I'm referring to—you guessed it—standby time.

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