Apple seems to see Dell Streak as iPad competitor


I don't know how many people think the Dell Streak competes directly with the iPad, but whoever's in charge of purchasing Google AdWords (the paid ads that appear in the "sponsored links" section of Google search results) for Apple is apparently one of them.

Do a search for "dell streak" at and you'll see an ad for the iPad sandwiched between Dell and O2's ads ( redirects to the UK product page, so don't get excited). If we're playing a game of "which of these things is not like the other," then the iPad is obviously the odd man out.

I have both devices and have never viewed them as competitors but considering how often gadgets of any kind are compared to Apple products, I guess it's not surprising that Apple wants to at least try to reel in anyone interested in a tablet running a mobile operating system (why the iPad and not the iPhone, I don't know). The company isn't targeting Streak searches in the US yet, but that could change as soon as the device is released.

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3 thoughts on “Apple seems to see Dell Streak as iPad competitor

  • meh… no surprise here. I just like the fact that Apple at least has some respect for this thing.

  • maybe because the Streak combines iPad and iPhone into 1 single device and thus recognized as a highly competitive product

  • I agree with Saadelboury. Personally, I’m ready to replace my almost 3 year old cell phone and have always wanted a convergent device that not only was a cell phone, but a portable media/internet device as well. The Streak is it for now. For customers like me who want to replace their current cell phones and want a better web surfing experience than what current phones are capable of, the Streak fits perfectly. That is what Apple is afraid of. Because, let’s be clear, the large majority of early iPad purchasers are current owners of iPhones too. The Streak will be the perfect device for non iPhone users who want a tablet and a phone in one portable device which only requires one monthly plan. Let’s face it, the monthly data/voice plan is really the larger expense in the end. If you have an iPhone and iPad you need two data plans. The Streak would only require one. If I were Dell and it’s partners, I would promote that fact heavily. Do a commercial with the Streak vs the iPad and iPhone comparing features, costs, and finally monthly plans over a two years period. The Streak wins hands down.


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