Archos launches 64GB Archos 5 Android in France


As most of you know, the existing line-up of the Archos 5 Android is split between a range of SSD and HDD equipped models available in various capacities, with the highest capacity SSD version being the 32GB tablet. In a slightly unexpected move, the company has decided to complement the existing range with the addition of a new model with a higher capacity 64GB SSD. It's now available in France on the company's online store for 399.98 Euros including tax (around US$516.75), equivalent to the price of the 500GB HDD equipped model. The new version is not currently available in the US web store, but assuming it does get launched in the near future, we can assume the scenario is likely to be similar, with a price around $479.99.

Launching last September, the Archos 5 Android is a bit of a veteran among Android tablet MIDs these days, but is still a nice, capable piece of hardware with good specs and excellent media capabilities. Aimed at those who want to watch a lot of HD video while on their travels, the new 64GB SSD model is a nice addition to the line-up, but leaves us to ponder when we will see the long-awaited update to a newer version of Android, and the expected launch of the next generation of Archos Internet Tablets.

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2 thoughts on “Archos launches 64GB Archos 5 Android in France

  • Why release the 64gb this late in the products life.
    This is a End of Life product, as the Gen8 Archos should be out
    by Sep-Oct 2010. So blah to this news.

    Would be a big waste of money.

  • Avatar of Roberto Ortega

    Interested in your products in USA


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