Are you having second thoughts about the Dell Streak?

Question_markWe're almost a third of the way through July now, and there's still no official word about the Dell Streak's US release, not to mention its price, Android version, 3G bands, and carrier involvement.

Yes, Dell casually mentioned that the device would be available unlocked this month for $500 at the D8 Conference in early June, but the only thing on the company's website (other than the support documents) is the press release from May 25th that says it's coming "later this summer." Many websites picked up on the news from D8, which makes it look like the info has been corroborated, but it's really all just coming from a single comment at the conference. That comment came from Dell, of course, so it's obviously worth paying attention to, but until there's a formal announcement, I don't think we should really count on anything.

That being said, Dell is being ridiculously secretive about a product that has been in the wild since October 2009 (running Android 2.0 no less!) and is already officially available in the UK. What's taking so long? Tech moves so fast, with newer and better devices being announced/discovered almost every day, that Dell should be doing everything it can to keep people interested, especially considering some of the outdated specs.

From what I've been seeing in the comments and the forum, some of you have already decided to give up and move on to something else. Others are growing weary of this silly waiting game or becoming worried by some of the issues I've been having with my two Streaks. And of course there are those still determined to get the device no matter how long it takes.

Where do you stand?

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