Avert your eyes, Dell Streak fans!


I don't know anything about the sequence of events that lead up to this poor Dell Streak's demise, but I imagine it was pretty gruesome.

In addition to having its hardware buttons pried out of its casing, the device also had its screen cracked, its sides yanked out and possibly melted (parts of it are peeling), and its battery cover bent in half. And to add insult to injury, someone had the audacity to steal the second "L" in the Dell logo! Now that's cruel.

Thanks, OpihiNene!

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Jenn K. Lee

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12 thoughts on “Avert your eyes, Dell Streak fans!

  • Dear Dell…

    Youse Guys think that whole “Ya won’t be dissapointed” schtick was pretty funny, dontcha? Well we ain’t laughin’. Let’s get a release date, and maybe some of that Froyo stuff, or another Streak is gonna get capped just like this one every day. Badda Bing.

    No cops, or you know what’ll happen.

    The Streaksmart Gadget Cartel and Book Club

  • LOL, too funny.
    Thanks for the morning laugh!

  • Lol man you are too funny lol…..Dell give us a release date or sleep with the fishes!!!!!!! lol

  • Lol man you are too funny lol…..Dell give us a release date or sleep with the fishes!!!!!!! lol

  • I wonder if they found the mysterious internal SD memory on a card or not.

  • It isn’t a mystery. Theres videos floating around that show you how to locate and replace it.

  • Some people have already replaced it with a bigger card. It’s not working perfectly just yet, but hackers are making progress. I’ll write up a tutorial (or link to one if it already exists) once the kinks are worked out.

  • That would be an awesome writeup to read! I get my Streak tomorrow ^^

    I assume you will be still posting/running StreakSmart even long after the US release?

  • Don’t sit on your Steak?


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