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CyanogenMod-6 nightly build available for HTC EVO

Evo-cyanogen-nb1Cyanogen is one of the most well known, highly respected, and talented Android hackers around, so when he announced last month that he was building CyanogenMod-6 (CM6), a custom ROM built on Froyo, with support for the HTC EVO baked right in, those with rooted phones were beyond excited.

CM6 isn't fully cooked yet and there's no firm date for when it will be ready for the EVO, but the nightly build is now available for those who can't wait any longer and are willing to run what is essentially pre-alpha firmware on their devices.

G&E reader Eric, who kindly sent me the photos in this post, flashed the current CM6 build on his EVO and says that it's "wicked fast" and has been "stable for the last 3 hours running." A video on YouTube confirms the speed improvement by showing benchmark results from a free app in Android Market called Linpack. While the MFLOPS score on my unrooted EVO (software number 1.32.651.6) never surpasses 6.6, the CM6-running EVO in the video scores between 36 and 37. To put that into some context, the best number I've ever seen on my new Hummingbird-powered Samsung Captivate is 8.5.


Given the maturity of the build, there are things in the CM6 nightly ROM that aren't working, but users are reporting that it's stable and functional enough to use in its current state. In fact, G&E reader Jason sent me a note he typed with a Bluetooth keyboard connected to his EVO (something not usually possible) about how much fun he's having playing Nintendo games on the device using a Wii controller, proving that for some users, the good definitely outweighs the bad.


Anyone else running CM6 on their HTC EVO?

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