Deals aplenty on Archos 5 Android from Amazon, 32GB over $100 off

A5a_amazon While new Android smartphones and tablets are popping up everywhere we look these days, the Archos 5 Android keeps humming along, the old graybeard of the Android world, so to speak. The prices have always remained about the same since launch, and the previous entry-level versions were either the 8GB model sold exclusively at Radio Shack or the 16GB model seen only at Best Buy.

Now Amazon has jumped in and significantly slashed the prices on the higher-end models, with the 32GB A5A coming in at a sweet $270, or nearly 30% off the usual price. The HDD-based 160GB model gets a more moderate reduction to around $312, and the big daddy 500GB model drops a cool $100 down to $400. With no sales tax and free shipping for most people, the time might be right to hop on the Archos bandwagon, especially since the gang over at Dell have been dragging their heels on an official release for their own 5-inch Android tablet.

Of course, big price drops usually signal a new model on the way, and this would seem to tie in nicely with the news that Jeremy reported a few days ago about a new 64GB SSD model being available in France. It's possible that the larger flash model may end up over on these shores before long, but the new prices could also mean a slow phase-out as Archos readies a new lineup.

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