Dell confirms Streak will not be certified for T-Mobile

Magenta-androidBad news, T-Mobile users.

Despite the existence of those AWS-friendly Dell Streak engineering samples, the device will not be launching with support for T-Mobile's 3G bands (1700MHz/2100MHz). In fact, according to the latest entry on Direct2Dell, the company does "not have plans for supporting T-Mobile's 3G network [and the] Streak will not be certified for T-Mobile operation overall."

Other tidbits in the article are just re-confirmations of what we already knew: shipping with Android 1.6, OTA update to 2.2 (interestingly, the roll-out date is now "later this year"; it used to be "later this summer"), carbon black available at launch, accessories part of the pre-sale, and so on.

T-Mobile 3G support was one of the biggest unknowns and while the news is disappointing for magenta subscribers, it at least puts an end to all the speculation and wishful thinking so that people can move on.

The Dell Streak development team put out a video (below) to answer the most commonly asked questions as well, so you can hear for yourself that 3G T-Mo is a no go. You can also see the Streak running Eclair in the video, which I think is rather cruel since buyers will only get Donut, not to mention strange since the device will skip Eclair and go straight to Froyo.

So who is officially jumping off the Streak bandwagon now that T-Mobile 3G won't be supported?

Thanks, DLS!

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64 thoughts on “Dell confirms Streak will not be certified for T-Mobile

  • This is ridiculous, why would you be exclusive to the network dedicated to the iphone? Bad move, I was ready to get this product as were many tmo android users, now you are competing with the iphone on a shitty overpriced network, well screw you too

  • I agree w/ patp exactly! not a smart move to market the Streak solely thru at&t w/ the iPhone there. Even the Captivate seems a better buy. At first, I was willing to forego some of the Streaks shortcomings, but i can’t take it seriously anymore. Dell looks very disconnected w/ what’s going on in the market.

  • This clinches the deal for me. No Streak. Not a smart move Dell…

  • Well, I don’t care about T-mobile as I’m stuck on ATT with my wife’s iPhone.

    I’m bummed, but not fatally, that Red is the only color on the horizon and at an uncertain time at that.

    I do care about 2.2 update and am very concerned about the change of language. I hope that’s still this summer sometime.

    Also, it’s is extremely cruel to show us a 2.1 build. Dell should throw us a bone with a 2.1 or 2.2 beta program so that we can get our hands on these builds without having to wait until Dell has certified them for general consumption.

    As to my buying decision, that’s still dominated by my main criteria: a MID big enough to read on, small enough to cram in a coat pocket, that also makes calls and does GPS navigation. Unless someone else is going to start shipping a giant phone in the next couple of months, I’ll be buying a Streak even with it’s various warts.

  • Avatar of mark (from Houston)

    no sale.

    i’m seriously disappointed with Dell’s management of this device. it is painful to see them partner with at&t, who clearly will be promoting the iPh4ne above all else. Dell should work harder to build a strong tie to a carrier with subscribers dedicated to the service, not the contract.

    to everyone above, your posts are great. i appreciate and admire the time you spent drafting well-poised and detailed displeasure. a maturity sorely lacked by many.

    since you all have eloquently stated the same sentiments i hold, let me say this: pbbbtth! to you, Dell.

  • This proves, why HP is number one, and Dell is number 3 in the world wide market.

    Dell makes poor choices, and not having a T-Mobile version is just retarded.

    Good luck in yoiur LAME future.

  • Well he did say “this particular unit” so maybe there will be a Tmobile version in the pipeline?

  • I’ve been waiting for this, like a lot of people here, for a long time. But with no T-Mobile support, and not releasing the red version or an updated OS until some unspecified “later,” Dell has royally screwed the pooch. I need a new phone (mine is dying), and I had been holding out for the Streak. But I’m going to walk into a T-Mobile shop today and put my money on a Fascinate (AKA Samsung Galaxy S), and Dell can go F*** themselves.

  • I would hold off on getting any phone on T-Mobile as September and November this year they will be getting two new devices, one which is HSPSA+ and the other, project emerald, which rumor has it will be a 4.3″ dual core phone.

  • without having 2.1 or 2.2 immediately OTA after turning on the device I am not buying. Wonder how many people will actually buy a NEW device with OLD 1.6. Isn’t it the only company that plans that genius pitch to its customers?

  • Avatar of thedogscar

    I heard that too … and made me think Streak ‘2’

  • Could there be a licensing deal to exclude t-mobile? Did they only make a few streaks and then shut down the production line? Is there a shortage of t-mobile band radios?

    Why would you not include the other bands?

    Dell: you are dead to me.

  • Avatar of Agrees with Paul

    word that was my fail safe!

  • Avatar of thedogscar

    I am wondering if Apple knew this (or was even behind this) … and it is why they have already started running Ads for the iPad on Google searches for the Streak?

    Did Apple want Dell to fail, and want a side-by-side comparison … because sitting next to an iPhone 4 and an iPad … the Streak will look slow (with its old 1.6), and I am only guessing based on Reviews, have worse Call Quality.

    Steve Jobs did say no one would buy a “Hummer” … is he getting AT&T to prove his point?

  • That’s what I noticed too..

  • Avatar of Plazmic Flame

    Had they released the T-Monile version, I would not have cared about the OS version, colors and anything else. Above everything, I just wanted there to be a T-Mobile version. With that said, I will NOT be purchasing this device until I start to hear and see people getting the FroYo update. Even then I will only be considering it, it won’t be a “for sure” purchase.

  • Avatar of Streaked Off

    I’m going to the AT&T store to get a captive. The 1.6 thing along with the delay on the release of the streak is way to much for me to take. I’ve been monitoring this whole streak thing for about 2 month nonstop. I’ve finally reached my breaking point. Why did I even bother trusting dell?

  • You know, Dell (or at least Lionel Menchaca) is going on about how much buzz is being generated, and how successful this pre-sale is.

    But it’s like this: a man really likes it when a woman teases him, draws things out, lets him know what coming, but makes him wait. It’s frustrating, but fun. But eventually, he’s going to get tired of it, call her a c***tease, and throw her out.

    For the conclusion-impaired: Dell == c***tease.

  • im with you on this plazmic…
    im so disappointed..

  • Sure are alot of t mobile losers here you have the HD 2 what more you want. 2.2 update will make this alot better I’m ready to jump from my iPhone 3GS. Tmobile customer = waaaaaaaa.

  • I am flabbergasted! We have been participating in a failed social media experiment orchestrated by Dell Marketing for the past 8 weeks. As if we were dealing with an obscure Asian manufacturer rather than a mighty U.S. corporation. All these incompetent people must go and it’s not too late for Dell to get their act together. I will settle for the Augen MID for now .

    I really hope they will not screw up their Windows Phone 7 strategy.

  • Well F*ck you too Dell. Why in the hell would you subsidize this damn phone with a carrier thats exclusive to the Iphone and Ipad you idiots? You have really screwed yourself with this strategy you supposedly thought would work. Yea the Streak will sell, but do you realize how many customers you have lost on ATT alone with the crappy 1.6 your releasing it with? This phone will be old news in very short time…..Guess Ill take my Magenta money somewhere else.

  • Avatar of streaker123

    I believe there are a few people at fault behind this whole madness and not just Dell. Dell had everything correctly planned about the device itself (form factor, features, etc.). I am pretty positive they started the development with both ATT and T-Mobile carriers in mind (FCC filing, t-mobile handsets, etc). If one really puts themselves in Dell’s shoes and thinks about what has really happened in the past couple of months then I believe this is what happened –

    Dell built a great looking product, developed for both ATT and T-mobile, initially got into some kind of agreement with both ATT and T-mobile, launched in UK, looking at all the interest and buzz around the device (esp in the US) ATT got greedy and started negotiating terms to have it exclusively on their network, Dell/ATT/T-mobile got into this network/pricing negotiating frenzy (hence all the silence from Dell coz they could not get to lock on it), all the delay and silence from Dell/ATT hence was due to their negotiations and not due to hardware fixes or upgrades (explains why no hardware/software change compared to UK) and finally Dell succumbed to ATT terms to release it exclusively on their network since it’s been most tested, known and network with the most (smartphone) users (iphone).
    So I would not blame Dell alone here. It’s just that Dell did not envision the magnitude of interest/success of it’s own product (esp when competing with iphone/ipad).
    …makes sense?

  • This has to be the most disapointing news ever with the Dell Streak. :( I really hoped it was going to be UNLOCKED and support both At&t and T-Mobile.

  • I have the Captivate and it is fantastic…..I was/am waiting for the Streak but it has become absurd….Though the screen is smaller you’ll be happy with the Captivate too….just make sure you get a case and screen protector….it’s so light you feel like it will fumble right out of your hands.

  • Seriously. I was going to end my AT&T contract, go to T-Mobile with no contract, do data only, and use Skype/E-mail. I was going to buy the Streak unlocked to accomplish this.

    The Streak has been, in my opinion, one of the most disappointing product releases ever. I can’t think of one product that I’ve been so hyped up about (seriously, I’ve been waiting for a “mobile computer replacement” for years now), and then been so utterly disappointed with, and it’s not even released yet (one of the major problems).

    – HUGE delay (this should have come out in February)
    – Android 1.6 (Really? REALLY?)
    – AT&T only (lots of people that want this don’t own an iPhone SPECIFICALLY because they don’t want to be on AT&T)
    – Dell trying to play the Apple “secret release” game (sorry Dell, doesn’t work)
    – Giving beta test units to random runners in Texas, as opposed to your base of loyal enthusiasts
    – Releasing in Europe two months before the US for NO REASON (Android 2.1 would have been a good reason)

    Seriously Dell…you blew it. This device had so much potential, and you just squandered your first real entrance into the smartphone industry. This is a sexy phone in a form factor that will REALLY appeal to some people (me, for example), but man…I couldn’t have come out with a better plan for failure if I tried…

    Good luck everyone. Because of all the above, and the fact that my AT&T contract doesn’t expire until November anyway (which I was going to break for the Streak), I’m backing out. Android 2.2 devices will be coming out soon. 1.5GHz and/or dual-core devices will be coming out soon. Someone will make a 4.5″+ form-factor phone, and not blow their release like Dell.

  • If that’s the case, then that’s just sad. Dell has plenty of money, they should have concentrated on having the Streak become a boon to their brand as a smartphone company. Now, their first real foray into the world of smartphones will be remembered by the masses as “Dell Streak? What was that?”, and by enthusiasts as “Dell? Oh yeah, I remember them, the ones that totally screwed up their product launch. Do they still make phones?”

    Dell, you failed on this launch, miserably. I really hope it’s incompetence, because if it is, I encourage you to learn some lessons, and move on. If it’s in the name of simply hedging the bottom line, you got greedy, and it’s gonna cost your brand recognition in the smartphone market. Especially with the iPhone of course being what it is, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola coming out with some AMAZING Android devices, and HP likely getting into the game with a unique platform (WebOS)…like seriously, what is your angle? You’ve messed up so badly at this point, that if the Streak fails to gain traction (and I believe it will fail), you might as well go back to the drawing board and just see if you can be a major partner for Windows Phone 7.

    Man…you guys messed up, BAD.

  • My over riding factor is Dell’s reliability here. I’m not worried about TMobile, or the lack of colors. But the dead space in terms of what’s coming, and when it’s coming, worries me. I’m wondering what will happen once it’s released, will it be dropped in terms of proper support, bug fixes, etc? I’m also wondering if there are other issues that prevent them from releasing the device yet. Manufacturing delays, bugs, or are they going to do a short term release and focus on other devices.

    I’ve had a Dell computer in the past, it was the worst experience ever in terms of support. That was over ten years ago, and I was willing to overlook that with the Streak. As time goes on……..

  • Avatar of BeeMichael

    HORRIBLE… No T-Mo, No Sale.

  • Yes and someone will come out with some bigger and badder shortly there after that. You’re just going to end up waiting for the next thing coming out because its better than whats out now, then you and everyone else will never end up buying anything.

  • I read the comments here and on Direct2Dell they are all complaints about how they handled this. I think they know they are screwing up but one or two departments must be holding things up. I expect they have a small software team, too small to hope to mess with android and make good changes to it in a timely manor. And They are probably farting about with carrier relations…. in moves that will see the buying direct from dell killed.

    The hardware and industrial design teams are probably reading this and thinking “we did our part and now the others screw it up.”

    Looks like a Wind Mobile compatible AWS version is off the cards. I don’t know if they are only are saying this version isn’t 3G compatible or we wont be making a AWS version any time soon.

    Now i have to decide some Other Android AWS device or get screwed by rogers, tellus or bell. ah the Canadian choice.

  • Well, I’m out of here. Thanks for the info but now that T-Mobile is not part of the picture, I wont be buying from Dell.

  • OMG Jenn!
    I can’t believe you deleted my post regarding Dell’s failed social media experiment! I did not realize you on Dell’s payroll, kudos!

  • Avatar of ClippinWings

    Um… We knew this.

    I’m not sure what everyone is upset about.

    We knew the first one coming out was AT&T only.

    That does not mean that the one for T-Mo that cleared the FCC awhile back will not eventually be produced.

    This would be exactly like every subsidized phone, ever(save for the Galaxy S)

    What is everyone surprised about?

    I don’t get it.

  • today is a sad day for me and those with tmo that wanted this device BAAAAAAAAD. I guess I will be unsubscribing to this feed as I won’t be able to stand seeing it anymore…this really sucks

  • Uh… it’s still there.

  • I think you can use the Streak on tmob just not over 3g, but data and voice will work over edge (yes i know that sucks) and via wifi. if i am wrong please let me know.

  • Now this just came via one of Dell social media cronies:

    #dellstreak not releasing this week. BoyGeniusReport did capture page accurately, but was a Dell snafu testing our mobility page
    about 1 hour ago via web

  • I really don’t care about what people say. I will be getting the dell streak when it comes out. fine by me if the upgrade is later this year, I know it will be updated. I just can’t wait to get my hands on this thing. sorry for all t-mobile thing. I know it sucks so bad, ah well. you all get over it.

  • That’s true, but what Hexydes says is true too. With technology timing is everything. It can mean the difference between success and failure. Remember, we’ve all seen situations where the better technology doesn’t win out because of bad marketing. VHS vs BETA, AMD vs Intel, IBM OS/2 Warp vs Microsoft Windows, just to mention a some of the big ones.

    Dell has really bungled this thing. I’m beginning to suspect that AT&T has offered to heavily subsidize the Streak. So much so that, apparently, it was too attractive for Dell to ignore. It would also explain why AT&T would have a caveat that it not be released either before the iPhone 4 or immediately thereafter.

    I think I’m out too. Like, Hexydes, I can wait for either version 2 to come out, or at least until after the Froyo update is issued. Especially now with them implying that the update will be even later in the year. By that time, there might be more choices. My 3 year old EnV 2 can hold out until then.

  • Sorry for all the T-mobile customers. I know how it must suck to follow a device you want and see it yanked away.

    For those who think 1.6 and/or no T-mobile is a big marketing mistake for Dell I say maybe, but maybe not. The people in these comments are by definition early adopter gadget freaks of some sort. “Normal” people don’t even know that Dell is making smart phones and have never heard of the Streak. While for all of us tech news followers, having 1.6 on the device is a huge bummer, I doubt the average person walking into an ATT store has any idea what version Android is on, probably has no idea even that there is an OS called Android. They are just going to wander around the store and buy something based on what they see and experience while there. I don’t know how the Streak will fare in that situation, whether people will play with it and like it or not, but I doubt that the version number of the OS will play into most people’s decision except as it impacts features they see while in the store.

  • I feel the same way, but why just not wait the 2 months to see if someone else is coming out with something similar? At this point, waiting two months to see what happens with Froyo or if someone else announces something similar is a viable option now.

    If Dell is making me wait, it’s only fair that I make them wait.

  • Official pricing released about ten minutes ago at the Direct2Dell blog. $549 unlocked and $299 with 2-yr contract at AT&T. Not overly happy with that. I am going to have to decide whether I do it or not tonight.

  • Actually, I’ve made my decision. If my current Tilt will last another month, I’ll wait. I’m sure with the snafu with T-mobile, the poor marketing, and the current high price, this will go the way of the Droid. One month from now, they will be offering these for $99 or BOGO.

  • That’s so true. T-Mobile would be good, but ideally, Verizon would be the best to compete with that AT&T/iPhone combo. Verizon has very good marketing too.

  • I admire your patience! I wish I could make myself wait until, say, January, because I feel sure the landscape will be very different by then. Lots of Q4 things seem to be on that horizon.

    But I’m not that patient. Nor is my wife. She’s annoyed that I haven’t replaced my dead feature phone yet. With no cell phone on my person, she thinks I’m too hard to contact. So I feel pressure to get some kind of phone in the next four or five weeks. So far as I can tell, the Streak is the only mini-tablet/giant-phone thing going to be shipping anywhere close to that time frame. I don’t think there is anything else on the horizon that even might ship before, say, November. Correct me if I’m wrong about that, I’d like to know!

  • Exactly. I would go for it too if I knew I could update to 2.1 or 2.2 immediately upon getting the device. But with Dell further postponing the update to after the Summer, I’ve decided to postpone my “update” as well.

  • Assuming that any phone would be OK in near-term, why not just drop into your friendly neighborhood pawn shop and pick up a cheap used phone for $20 or so. It would placate your wife while you wait for a phone you actually want, and it won’t put you out much.

  • Cool, but here’s the thing: The Streak is outdated before it’s even released. At least when I pull the trigger on one of these other phones, I’ll enjoy a period of five minutes where it is at the top of the game. The Dell Streak is old by pre-EVO terms, and when it is released (tomorrow? next week?) it will be even older.

    Look, I’ve been building computers for a decade now. I know how “the chase” goes, and that at some time you pull the trigger, and just be happy with the purchase. The bottom line here is, at the beginning of the year, Dell had a product that was way ahead of the curve, in a unique form-factor, that they were going to be selling in a unique way (unlocked, multiple carriers) at a reasonable price. Fast-forward almost seven months, and they have a device with specs similar to a dozen other phones, an OS version that is laughable at this point, releasing only for one carrier, at a higher price point than has been rumored for the last six months.

    Dell screwed up this launch, in just about every way you can, but most prominently, I think in their PR. They tried to build up a mystique for their launch like Apple does, and just totally fell on their face. There have been rumors of price and carrier for months now, and Dell did nothing to address those rumors.

    I dunno. Enjoy the Streak if you are getting it. It still looks like a neat device, but for $50 more than I’ve been preparing for, on a carrier that I’m trying to move away from, with an OS version that is a year behind…no thanks. We’re about 3-6 months out from the next big hardware refresh, so I’ll just hold off for that.

  • This whole pushing back the sale again, pushing back the 2.2 update to an even more vague “later this year”, changing the price to 300 on contract and 550 with out is insane. 300 on contract, really? I see no reason this phone should cost more than the iPhone 4 or captivate or any smart phone out there on contract. And these delays are intolerable, there is now no doubt in my mind that I’d by this phone and it would be a year before they actually release a 2.2 update, if ever. Dell, you’ve lost another customer.

  • Can you provide a link? I can’t find anything on Direct2Dell.

  • Hi,

    Just want to let you guys know that I have put down my cash for Samsung Captivate from an AT&T store. I am actually extremely happy with it. Watching a video on it is superb as the screen allows you to watch from any angle and the black level is just amazing. Some dark scenes which would show mostly grey would show allow me to see with every detail on this SAMOLED screen.

    I think for those who actually end up buying Streak might regret after they play with Galaxy S a bit later.

    The camera without a flash light is a none issue after all because it takes great pictures in bright scenes and in dark rooms, no matter what phone with or without flash light, the picture is all gonna suck anyways.

  • While i’m not happy about dell not supporting Tmobile 3g, i have no other options at this point. I’ll still be buying a streak on release, and using it on Tmobile.

    Is there anyone else out there like me? I cannot convince myself to give my money every month to a carrier that doesn’t have unlimited data and charges way too much for service/doesn’t offer discounted plans for not being under contract.

    Seriously, what was Dell thinking offering this phone unsubsidized/unlocked when you’ll be paying the contract price per month regardless?

  • What? I did not delete your comment. The only comments that get deleted are spam.

  • Good idea, if only I were so rational! I admire people who can make themselves wait.

    I’ve been waiting for a year, since my wife got an iPhone, to get something similar. But more to the point, my wife’s iPhone has taught me something (unflattering) about myself. I was always bad about charging up my feature phone. I just don’t make many calls, so I was charging it up just to have it available on the off chance that my wife or someone else would call. I just didn’t care about it. So if the charger was upstairs and the phone down… well, it might not get charged. So even when it worked, it was only charged and ready to go about 1/2 the time at best. Other times, I’d just forget to carry it with me.

    When my wife got an iPhone, it was very different. I found myself plugging it in all of the time for her because I didn’t want to get out somewhere and not have maps, or quick web access, email, or a game to pass the time waiting for something. I realized that the combination of phone, web browsing, games, camera, GPS/Maps exceeds some critical threshold where I felt like I always wanted the device charged for at least one of these purposes no matter where we were going or what we were doing. So I realized that for a phone not to just be a frustrating waste of time and space for me, I really need it to have good web browsing, games, camera,and GPS. Then it’s something I’d actually bother to keep on my person, charged and ready to go.

    I think other forays into MID’s weren’t that successful because they didn’t cross some critical feature threshold like this. To be a compelling must-have-on-me device, it is not enough to browse the web, I need to be able to make phone calls, need to have GPS navigation, need to have a camera of some sort. I think that’s the minimum set of features to make it an essential take-everywhere gadget and not just something that will sit on the dresser unused most of the time.

    The other thing my wife’s iPhone has taught me is that it’s screen is just too damn small for my taste.

  • 1.6, ATT, $300 = bust! Sorry Dell you screwed yourself…I thought you were going to one to change my HTC phone STREAK..literally!

    -Current HTC HD2 user
    -Past N1, HD, G1, Touch

  • Yeah right… Apple wanted the streak to fail, so they tricked their competitor… BS… How stupid do you think Dell are?

  • Avatar of UnderDoc

    Fail. Add the f.cking tax and shippping, and this goes above $600. I was prepared to spend $500 tops.

    Buy-buy Dell, hello Nokia.

  • Though it pains me to say, I am also out…for now. Waiting for a
    T-Mo version or otherwise as fabulous device to drop.

  • Way to go DELL! You could have / should have / would have sold a HUGE amount of these to veteran Android users who have had an Android device from the VERY beginning on T-Mobile! Our two years contracts are expiring as we speak on our original G1’s! This would have been a perfect replacement or second subsidized device! YOU BLEW IT!


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