Dell says fancy Streak box is not final US packaging

Streak-pkg-final-noI really hope you didn't get too attached to the Dell Streak US packaging that was used for the 1,000 beta units. Why? Because I asked someone at Dell whether the final packaging was the same as what was used for the pre-production units last week and received a two-letter response to my question yesterday: No.

Without further elaboration, that simple one-word answer could be interpreted in several ways. If something as simple as the Texas State Capitol printed on the side of the beta box is removed from the final packaging, for example, then the boxes are technically already different. Or maybe the US packaging will actually be more like the UK box or something entirely different altogether. Who knows!

The main takeaway here is that what you saw the other day is not what you'll see when you unbox your own Streak. Not exactly, anyway.

Even though someone commented in my unboxing post that his friend "worked on the team for this and talked for weeks about how they were doing special packaging for this event," I still find it very hard to believe that Dell would waste so much time/money on designing a box that would only be used for 1,000 units in their going-through-the-motions beta test.

Oh well. It's just a box and we'll all see what the final US packaging looks like eventually.


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8 thoughts on “Dell says fancy Streak box is not final US packaging

  • Why does anyone care about the packaging?

  • Usually you don’t (at least not that much) .. But when it’s like the one above, it will grab lots of attention of course.

  • I don’t think that special packaging for these “beta test” units is that far fetched. This is probably more of a marketing strategy than anything else. You also have to think, they just gave away 1,000 units that would normally cost $500/each. The cost of the packaging is probably very small in comparison.

    BTW Jenn, I love this site. By far the best coverage on this device that I have found.

  • I’m sure the packaging will change *slightly*. I’d like to see them expand the opaque box that holds the accessories (to hold the sometimes-rumored dock).

    But it won’t be that different. This is not a new packaging concept for Dell. Look at how the Adamo is packaged:

  • I want my earthy hippie-friendly bamboo packaging!

    I am not a fan of the beta testing box. I love having a nice packaging box. After I open it, I keep it out to remember how long the process was to get it there.

  • funny how we worry about eco-friendly packaging, but drool over all these electronic devices, which are about as anti echo-friendly as you can get.

  • The bamboo packaging was a crock, anyway. The phone came in a standard cardboard box with a little insert made out of bamboo. Now, if they had made the back of the phone out of bamboo, that would have been something…

  • Avatar of Joel Stephen

    lol so true so true


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