Dell Streak coming to US with “final hardware” and in different colors


We've already seen evidence of the Dell Streak being available in colors other than black (the only shade offered in the UK), so when Twitter user MattatDell tweets that he "just got a big batch of Dell Streaks" and then says the "new device has final hardware and diff color," what catches our attention certainly isn't the bit about color.

While it's always nice to have Twitter confirmation of what we've suspected for months, especially considering how often the red Streak has been seen in the wild, the most intriguing part of that tweet is, of course, the mention of final hardware.

Although I would love to see Gorilla Glass being used on the entire face of the device rather than just the screen since the soft plastic currently in place on the sides scratch easily and dust/lint gets stuck in the seams, I don't think "final hardware" means that there are any significant cosmetic differences (other than color and finish) between the new Streaks and the ones already available. I assume it just means they're being mass produced now and that maybe there's some sort of AT&T branding.

I find it interesting that MattatDell would give away vague details about the hardware yet remain tight-lipped about the software. He told me that he can't reveal US specs yet (I'm @pocketables on Twitter, by the way), which makes it seem more likely that the device could ship with an updated version of Android, despite the comment by Dell's product manager that the company's UI customizations make 1.6 almost as good as 2.1.

Let's hope that all the speculation will be put to rest soon. In the meantime, MattatDell is currently taking requests of what people want to see in Streak demo videos (he says he'll "collect all the ideas monday"), so feel free to @ him on Twitter if there's something you want to see.

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