Dell Streak could finally launch July 19th on AT&T, but is it too late?


After the long wait, merry-go-round of rumors, and more waiting, it looks like the US release of the Dell Streak may finally be on the horizon with BGR reporting that the 5-inch tablet could be launching on AT&T on July 19th. If true, it would bring an end to many months of speculation as well as match one of the rumored dates in the recent roundup over at Streak Smart. Another long-running rumor that seems almost certain to be true is the $500 unlocked price, but there's still no word on any subsidized prices with plans.

But with all the delays the biggest question is probably whether the Streak is arriving to the party too late. As Chris touched upon on his recent article , the Streak is now entering a much more competitive marketplace compared to the one that existed when they were first announced many months ago. In fact, the Samsung Captivate (AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.1 smartphone) is launching on the 18th! Are you still planning to get a Streak? Or has something else already arrived or taken its place in line?

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18 thoughts on “Dell Streak could finally launch July 19th on AT&T, but is it too late?

  • The tech world moves fast…very fast. I have a bad feeling that Dell has indeed taken too long about releasing the Streak and the market will have passed it by. Even IF the Streak releases on the 19th, it will be antiquated tech right out of the box.

    Of course, most companies make the same mistake only to lessor degrees. There are so many devices being announced and released now that many companies are announcing the the second generation of a product on the same day they are releasing the first generation.

    The only company that manages to get this cycle right is Apple and they have profited from it. After a month (or more) of speculation they announce a new product in a special “event” to be sure they get a lot of attention. Pre-sales begin the same day as the announcement or soon after. Product is released about three weeks after announcement, just enough time to build up more hype without letting people get bored. On top of that, they always manage to make the product just advanced enough that no competitors can match it before it is released.

    Apple may not handle antenna problems (or PR nightmares) very well anymore, but they have the product cycle down pat. Dell on the other hand has grown fat and happy on government and academic contracts. They have built an enormous business on offering products that provide no surprises at massive discounts. Therefore they have had no need to execute or build product hype, and apparently are clueless about both.

    The Streak is a nice product, it may still carve a niche…but not a very big one. If this product had released 6 months ago, people like me would be writing that the Droid X is “Streak-esque”. Now, it is just another Android tablet phone, but running an old version.


  • I was interested but it has taken too long and isn’t going to be available on Verizon? No thanks.

  • Unless the Streak has the same or better video playback capabilities of the Archos 5 IT, 4G or magically a dual core Cortex-A9 CPU then it won’t appeal to very many. What features does the streak have over other Android based phones/MIDS?

  • Plus AT&T has a 2 GB per month data cap.

  • Rumors are that the Streak will be available off contract in the US. Do you know of any of the other new Android phones with similar or better specs that can be bought like that? I am considering the Streak but admittedly unaware of the alternatives…

  • Thanks, Droid X seems awesome and I feel embarrassed now that I did not make it clear that I am looking for a GSM phone, so that I can use it in Europe as well…

  • If I were to rule out the smartphones (because I want a MID primarily for browsing and email), what options do I have to buy an Android MID in the USA right now, other than the Archos products? Not a whole lot, that I can see.

  • PS: especially in the five inch screen range.

  • What an unremarkable device.

  • @UnderDoc

    The T-mobile Vibrant and At&t Captivate both Galaxy S has better specs (Hummingbird S5PC110 + PowerVR SGX540 ) than the Streak, and plays as many formats as the Archos 5 with Android.

    Your either clueless talking about “what device has better specs”
    Or you have been under a rock this past month.

    And yes they both can be bought without a contract.

  • Avatar of The_Niles

    Since the A word has been mentioned already let me remind people what happens when you rush products out the door while they are still not ready for release. You for instance get get problem like little or no reception when people hold the device in their hand.

    The problem with people on this website is that they are looking for a single device to suit all their needs perfectly. No device ever will but many promise it. That device then becomes the focus of their idolatry until it is released and they buy have live with its limitations and find a promise to focus on.

    I’m not currently looking for a new phone but if I was the Dell streak would still make it on my short-list. The screen is huge for a phone and that will be a big plus browsing.

  • Your saying those Android devices can play as many formats as the Archos 5? Can they play 720p MKV files with soft subtitles? If so, I’d be interested in getting them.

  • Yup, it’s too late. The Streak’s specs were only exciting when it was first leaked. The only way the Streak would do okay is if they can get exclusive apps like with the Apple devices (Hulu, Netflix, etc.).

  • Avatar of Tomfoolery

    Even if the Streak was only announced now and was never leaked, it would still be a mediocre device among the current smart phones/MIDs.

  • Avatar of UnderDoc

    Thanks john toe, I will look at the Galaxy S. None of the devices you mention are being sold at the moment of writing, but they are both coming soon, maybe sooner than the Streak.

    I admitted in my post that I was “unaware” of the alternatives and that is why I was asking, but you seemed to think that “clueless” was a better description… Whatever, at least I know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

  • The Samsung Galaxy phones with their current software cannot play MKV files with embedded subtitle tracks. John Toe himself is also clueless.

    There’s RockPlayer for Android that supports SRT subtitles but video playback is far from smooth when playing 720p MKVs.

  • BardHaven said it all.

    I will wait for the Streak, only because of size, I know the Android will get up to date, and XDA has all the apps, needed.


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