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Dell Streak doesn’t charge while in airplane mode


If your Dell Streak spends a lot of time in airplane mode, whether because you fly a lot or you use the device as a WiFi-only MID, make sure you turn that mode off when you want to charge the device. Why? Because when airplane mode is on, battery charging is off. So if you don't re-enable all the wireless radios and just plug the Streak into the wall outlet before you go to bed, you're in for a rude awakening in the morning when you see that the battery hasn't charged at all.

Tip: If you fool the Streak into thinking it's in airplane mode by manually turning off the cell radio, which would also let you use WiFi and Bluetooth, then you can still charge the battery.

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Jenn K. Lee

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21 thoughts on “Dell Streak doesn’t charge while in airplane mode

  • With so many defects how can we expect this to be released on 14/15 of July in U.S. And I wonder when will this monster be released in Australia :)

  • I hope this is a bug and not a “feature” :) and that it is corrected soon. I always put my phone in airplane mode before bed so that it won’t wake me up with a Text or email.

  • Jenn, is this with both the UK and US versions of the device? It looks like your screenshots are of the US version (“airplane” instead of “aeroplane”)…

  • Avatar of Joel Stephen

    EEE SEM TO B a lo of software defects. I’m starting to get worried by Dell I really hope they are taking the Streak as seriously as we are.

  • Avatar of Joel Stephen

    wow keyboard malfunction sorry about that what I meant is

    There seems to be a lot of software defects. I’m starting to get worried by Dell I really hope they are taking the Streak as seriously as we are.

  • you can use the silent mode for that.

    Re:” whether because you fly a lot or you use the device as a WiFi-only MID”
    I thought that Airplane mode turns off all connectivity including Wifi.

    Anyway, this issue (or feature?) is weird, they even mention it in the user’s guide (UK version)

    Would be interesting to know the reasoning.

    Personally, I will not be effected by this, since I am using the airplane mode only when i am disconnected anyway but it is weird (also, other android devices do not do this).

    at least they notify the user. oh well

  • Well this sucks. I usually charge in airplane mode so that I don’t get that annoying interference sound from my cheap alarm clock speakers.

  • Although my Streak will primarily very rarely be in airplane mode, I would still like the feature. And like you said, for someone using it as a WiFi only MID this would be very important. Thanks for the info!

  • No, because it’s not the phone speaker making the noise. It’s the speaker on the alarm clock which picks up interference caused by the phone signal.

    Manually turning it off like Jenn mentions in the tip should work though.

  • Airplane mode on other devices usually allows WiFi and Bluetooth to be enabled separately, but this isn’t the case on the Streak. The workaround is linked in the tip at the bottom of the post.

  • Yes, this is true of both versions.

    BTW, I recently switched the language on my UK version to US English, so American spelling is used throughout the system.

  • Based on what I’ve found through Google, it seems that this “feature” is present on several Dell notebooks/netbooks too.

  • On my G1 (1.6) I can not turn on WIFI while in airplane mode and if wifi was on, switching to airplane mode kills it. (the UK version of the streak user’s guide also seems to suggest that)

    I wonder if it’s an android 1.6 issue?

  • Oh, I see! probably the only work around is to turn off the network services one by one using the power control widget

  • right! Dell’s feature. ;)

  • Avatar of ludwig

    ty ty

    was just wondering why my Streak wouldn’t recharge, now I can retire to bed.

  • Avatar of Andrew

    My new streak (2 days old) was in airplane mode when the battery went flat, now it will not charge, and as the battery is flat I cannot turn it out of airplane mode. When the charger is turned on, the screen comes up saying it cannot charge because it is in airplane mode, and tells me to hold the volume control switch in the lower volume position. Tried this at power on etc, but no luck. Does anyone know how to recover so I can charge my Streak???

    Thanks, in anticipation.

  • Avatar of Netmaster

    Hold it, plug it and you should be fine… had the same issues, had to try several times…

    Also try to plug it removing the battery..


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