Dell Streak earpiece and touch buttons switch places on product page


Dell has already failed to impress us with their (mis)handling of the US Streak launch, so maybe it's just par for the course that they couldn't get the images of the device on the official product page right either.

There are only two images on the page that present a head-on view of the Streak . . . and one of them has the earpiece and capacitive touch buttons in the wrong place. The earpiece is supposed to be on the left.

If you look at the bottom image closely (full size here), you can see a lopsided earpiece shadow on the left side and you'll notice how misaligned the earpiece and sensors are on the right side. It's just sloppy work by whoever did the render and whoever approved the image before it went live, of course, but it's funny that someone took the time to flip the Back button icon in the opposite direction but didn't double-check that everything was in the right place.

Even funnier is that the two images shown above are actually replacements; the original head-on press shots that appeared on the product page when it first went live can be seen here. The earpiece shadow is still there in the original, but at least the buttons are where they're supposed to be!

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Jenn K. Lee

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16 thoughts on “Dell Streak earpiece and touch buttons switch places on product page

  • can’t you do this?
    I am not sure though the first thing i installed was adw launcher :)

  • Avatar of Joel Stephen

    The phone isn’t upside down :o) its more like a mirror image see the icons are right side up which wouldnt be if the phone was upside down.

  • Everyday that goes by is another day I lose more interest in one of these, this news just compounds this much like the iPhone 4 fiasco.

  • Definitely a mirror image. The most likely thing is that the shot started out with the right hand holding the Streak, and the left hand pointing, but a graphic designer wanted it the other way around. And since they were probably just going to insert the screenshot separately anyway, (s)he just flipped the image left-for-right.

    You can tell how bad things have gotten, when even Jenn, who started out with only objective and/or positive posts, has turned to the snark side.

  • If it wasn’t for my international travel, I would have ditched the Streak for Droid X….

    Moto did a great job marketing Droid X. They’re showing a great pride in their phone…
    What strikes me, is Dell is not even advertizing their Streak as if they’re not proud of it… Weird!!

  • Right… but neither of the image displayed on the Streak screen are flipped, as you can read both “YouTube” and “FaceBook”… So it seems some more serious effort has gone into making things look stupid…

  • Isn’t this the left-handed streak?

  • LOL What a bunch of morons! I never even noticed that. Shows you how rushed and unprofessional Dell is even with something as simple as this.

  • Lol this phone will go down in History as a complete FAIL smh….I wish I could sit in on a marketing meeting at Dell and how shit is really ran. They probably are paying paper rock scissors trying to determine the next move.

  • no no – Dell is catering to our “devilish” left handed users out there. the L Streak when delivered will be the first and only phone specifically manu’ed for left handed folks. dell is ahead of the curve, not completely and utterly behind it.

  • jenn, looking at all these disappointed ppl giving up on streak and going for other devices, i wonder how much of your website visitor count has changed… say from 07/26 to yesterday… it would be interesting to know…

  • Although the idea sounds nice, I think it cost way to much to create a specific left-handed device. Do you have a source where you heard this information? If true, then yes Dell is ahead of the curve a bit on this one.

  • Avatar of ClippinWings

    may have gone up.

    I’m visiting more, hoping for SOME news.

  • Agreed. You should do a post on it.

    I used to come here for the excitement of a new device but now it seems I just come here to be miserable.

    I can’t wait until my visits to this site are filled with happiness again.

    (nothing against the site, it’s Dell’s fault)

  • That’s why I said the screenshot was inserted separately. It’s common to take a picture of a device with a display and insert the display as a separate element. It’s hard to photograph something like this and make the device and the display look good at the same time. Haven’t you noticed in pretty much any smartphone or TV commercial the words “display simulated” or words to that effect?


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