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How do you transfer media to your HTC EVO 4G?

Ge-reader-qDo you use your HTC EVO 4G as a portable media player for at least some of your on-the-go video and music needs? If so, then G&E reader Joey C wants to know what app/method you use to get your media content onto the phone.

He actually asked how iPod/iPhone users transfer their iTunes music libraries to the EVO, but I thought it would be better to generalize the question because not everyone keeps their media in Apple's software. For example, although I've had all four iPhones and a couple of iPods over the years, I've always stored my music/videos in dedicated folders on my computer's hard drive so I could selectively drag-and-drop rather than sync everything. I've had dozens of digital media players because of Pocketables, so this allows me to easily switch players at any time. I also think that iPhones and iPods have poor sound quality (I use a pair of Ultimate Ears 10 Pro canalphones) compared to other devices, so I don't want everything tied up with iTunes.

My EVO doesn't get much use as a media player (I use a Sony X Walkman for music and an Archos 5 Android tablet for video), but I do have some stuff that I just dragged over to my microSD: videos to watch using RockPlayerBase and some music to listen to with whatever Android media app I'm trying out at the time. So to answer that question that Joey C sort of asked, I drag-and-drop media from my computer to the EVO's microSD card. Converting into supported formats or stripping off any DRM aren't part of my routine.

How do you get your music and videos on the EVO? And since we're on the subject, which media player do you use?

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26 thoughts on “How do you transfer media to your HTC EVO 4G?

  • Avatar of Lyndon Pascual

    I click and dragged all my music from my iTunes to my EVO, which didn’t take too long. In terms of videos, I use Mozilla’s download helper to download any video on the net, then convert the video using Format Factory(great free program)to 720p HD. Then just drag the video to the SD card, that simple. I love the ease of putting videos and music to the EVO compared to iTunes which is controllng letting your iPhone or iPod to one computer. I can take any music/video media from any computer with my EVO. I use my EVO like I did my iPhone listening to it at the gym, work, etc.

  • Avatar of Charles Anderson

    Dropbox. I use a special folder in my Dropbox account to load up anything I want on there, and then just download it when I want it there on my phone. Granted I haven’t transferred any massive amount of media, but I can remotely upload without having to think about it when I’m near my computer. The files are just there. It’s freaking great.

    Check out my referral link if you are interested:

  • I use MediaMonkey to transfer music to SD card. My videos are just dragged and dropped within Windows explore. I use Meridian to listen to music and RockPlayerBase to watch my movies and tv shows.

  • I’ve been using DoubleTwist on both desktop and EVO. DT will scan for all media on your computer and in iTunes, aggregate it all, then sync what you wish onto the EVO. It’s slow to do all of this, especially sync, but seems to work okay.
    DoubleTwist also includes the ability to search and explore the Android Market, providing ratings, etc…
    I too think that the iPods don’t sound the best. Even though I try to download lossless versions whenever they’re available, there’s just something not right about Apple’s treatment of music.
    I use a pair of Shure SE530’s for my phone and iPod Touch, and a pair of Grado PS1000’s for home use. There’s obviously no comparing the headphones, but the better your headphones are, the worse an iPod will sound when compared to other media players.
    I haven’t tried a video on the EVO yet, but I’m sure it’ll look fine. I may try one of the ideas noted above. I’ll let you know if I find anything else new or startling.

  • I used DoubleTwist for a while, I wish syncing was faster. It doesn’t seem to do incremental playlist updates, which is a bummer. Now I do it all over-the-air.

    Currently I use SwiFTP (from the market) and browse the SD card from my computer over WiFi, transfering music onto the phone and pictures / video out. This works great, as long as the media player you use supports playing music by folders. Otherwise it’s just an extra step to add it to the playlist.

    Most podcasts I sync with Google’s Listen. Some podcasts I only want if the show notes look interesting; for these I use Dropbox in case I end up listening on my desktop, laptop, HTPC or whatever instead.

  • The video and HDMI out work quite well! (provided you have a TV that handshakes well with the Evo). I’ve documented my experience here:

  • Wow, am I the only one who just drags and drops files? I setup the Evo to be a disk drive, then drag mp3s into /sdcard/Music The default audio player recognizes these files. I put my videos in, /sdcard/Videos. Finally figured out that the default video player can only play .mp4 files. So I just convert the .avi’s that I have.

  • I have actually opened up the phone as a drive, and moved music(tones. ringers, etc) over. I also have isyncr which works with my itunes and just choose the playlists i want on the phone. If you have ever had a blackberry, you know how this will work. Only the itunes tracks, podcasts that do not have the protection on them will transfer over. :(
    Also it will only bring over your unopened podcasts.

  • Just grabbed isyncr for $2.99 in the market. It worked really easily and integrated well with iTunes but only copies your unprotected DRM music. Very easy to use.

  • Avatar of joepennant

    I use DoubleTwist (since HTC Sync is near useless for file syncing), and manually drag and drop in disc mount mode when I dont have the patience for transferring music to folders for DoubleTwist to sync properly..

    A major annoyance with Doubletwist is that it ALWAYS launches, even when the Evo syncing option set to “charge only”.

    Im partial to Koss ear buds, and also use the Body Glove earbuds and microphone (which makes me look like security when walking around the Vegas strip). I’d like a pair with the sound fidelity of the Koss while giving me a phone microphone and music control (volume/track/etc).

    Any recommendations?

  • Avatar of joepennant

    Media Player: The standard Music apps work fine, I keep going back to it. I have 3 (Cubed) loaded, is very cute in the interface and would probably be my default player, except it is magnificently obtuse when it comes to loading and using ID3 album covers, which wouldnt normally be a problem, except album covers is a major part of its UI.

    Interestingly, the sound varies from app to app, with the most pleasing sound coming from the.. HTC Music app. Eh.

    I havent gotten around to doing movies yet, although I use MediaFly for TV broadcast. I like it but it is buggy, crashes easily and also gets confused easily.

  • It’s obvious that there’s no set way to transfer media to the EVO. I’m used to using my Pre as another drive, so I’ll work on finding a good file converter, then dragging the file to the device.
    Some young, enterprising Android developer should come up with something…
    I’m too old to learn C++, otherwise I’d do it…

  • I use ES File Explorer running on my EVO to wirelessly transfer media files from my NAS box. Now with 802.11n support, I can transfer large video files much quicker :).

  • i just drag and drop within windows explorer. i experimented with using double twist and itunes helper (to sync an itunes playlist containing all the music i wanted on my phone). i came to EVO from an iphone and it turns out i was still too much in that apple, walled garden mindset. just drag and drop within windows explorer is much easier. no need to sync with a specific computer everytime. just pic out the album you want and drop it into the music folder on your EVO

  • as for playing music, it’s cubed all the way. creating playlists on the fly, grabbing album art in app, morph flow. it’s just plain amazing

  • current MAC user coming from an Iphone for the last 3 years so I have a lot of movies downloaded from itunes. Does anyone have an idea how I can get movies from Itunes onto my EVO? I tried drag and drop but it wouldn’t play on the EVO.

  • dudes just drag and drop or use es file manager for wireless file transfer.then use mort player and the mort music widget to listen to ur stuff in your folders n e way you please… forever

  • I just got MediaMonkey nearly working to my liking last night. I am very ‘particular’ and have really been struggling with EVO sync for a while. I had iTunes working just-so. I have a complex music library with hundreds of CD’s ripped to FLAC and stored on my NAS. I used Win7 64-bit with Media Monkey Gold + the AAC plugin (extra $10). The AAC plugin allows me to convert 256kbps iTunes plus and Amazon songs to 128kbps Mp3 or m4a. That’s the key feature that Media Monkey does very well – on-the-fly conversion. It can also do volume leveling with the sync as well – another important feature to me. It’s music sync options are very comparable to iTunes – even allowing you to fill up your card, in cases where your total collection is larger than your mobile device. Now that I have MM syncing my music, I think I’m finally ready to ditch my iPhone permanently!

  • I do the same thing, although I also use
    /sdcard/Podcasts for podcasts

    I use Mortplayer for music, and Mortplayer Audio Book for podcasts — as it’s pretty good about keeping your position and bookmarking.

    Just wondering, what do you use to convert videos into .mp4? I’ve been using Handbrake, but it doesn’t convert softsubs into hardsubs (either in .mkv or xvids with external subtitles).

  • Give DVD Catalyst a try for converting video files for watching on the Evo. Its great, and well worth the $10 for the pro version

  • Android apps are done in Java, not C++.

  • I’m still using iTunes to manage my music and create playlist (genius is pretty cool). but then I use (free) iTunes export, it links to your iTunes and exports the playlist and file to my EVO. Works like a charm. For videos, I’m using (free) handbrake, I have double twist loaded, but it’s slow dealing with large libraries. Plus, it not converting videos into 720p, thus not using the full extent of the EVO. I have ripped a few movies and have viewed them with an HDMI cable on my 50″ TV, files look pretty damn good.
    Here’s the links:

    and for Handbrake

    And for Handbrake EVO directions

  • Yes, it copies non protected and protected files to the EVO.

  • josh, thanks for your post. I was able to figure out how to drag and drop music files from my iTunes to my Evo. But I can’t get any of my album covers transferred!!?? Were you able to get them, and if so, tell me how you did it? I miss not having the cover art as part of my UI. Thanks for any help?! scott

  • Avatar of steve gaudreau

    i click and drag mp3 acc/m4a wma to the sd card . i do the same for wmv, tried mpeg and mp4 but they didn’t seem to play .video wise what does play looks great. i’m trying mixzing as a media player .seems cool but haven’t figured out all the features yet


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