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How do you transfer media to your HTC EVO 4G?

Ge-reader-qDo you use your HTC EVO 4G as a portable media player for at least some of your on-the-go video and music needs? If so, then G&E reader Joey C wants to know what app/method you use to get your media content onto the phone.

He actually asked how iPod/iPhone users transfer their iTunes music libraries to the EVO, but I thought it would be better to generalize the question because not everyone keeps their media in Apple's software. For example, although I've had all four iPhones and a couple of iPods over the years, I've always stored my music/videos in dedicated folders on my computer's hard drive so I could selectively drag-and-drop rather than sync everything. I've had dozens of digital media players because of Pocketables, so this allows me to easily switch players at any time. I also think that iPhones and iPods have poor sound quality (I use a pair of Ultimate Ears 10 Pro canalphones) compared to other devices, so I don't want everything tied up with iTunes.

My EVO doesn't get much use as a media player (I use a Sony X Walkman for music and an Archos 5 Android tablet for video), but I do have some stuff that I just dragged over to my microSD: videos to watch using RockPlayerBase and some music to listen to with whatever Android media app I'm trying out at the time. So to answer that question that Joey C sort of asked, I drag-and-drop media from my computer to the EVO's microSD card. Converting into supported formats or stripping off any DRM aren't part of my routine.

How do you get your music and videos on the EVO? And since we're on the subject, which media player do you use?

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