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How to backup HTC EVO apps to SD card


Backing up the apps you've installed on your HTC EVO 4G may not seem like something you need to since purchased apps are linked to your Google account and free apps can be downloaded again with no problem, but it's a simple task that can save you lots of time and frustration if you ever need to get your phone replaced or you do a factory reset.

With your apps backed up, you can restore them all at once (or pick and choose if you're running low on space) instead of trying to remember what you had and then searching for each one. The latter step could be especially tricky if not all of your apps were from Android Market.

So save yourself the trouble and backup your apps.

Here's how to do it on your HTC EVO:

1. Download and install ASTRO File Manager from Android Market. There are other app backup tools available, but I think this one is the best. It can also do a lot more than just backup/restore apps, so it's good to have on your EVO anyway.

Evo-backup-apps (1)

2. Launch ASTRO. There's no splash screen or anything, so what you're looking at above is what you'll see when you open the app and/or press the Home icon in the top bar.

Evo-backup-apps (2)

3. Press the Menu button on the EVO and tap Tools.

Evo-backup-apps (3) 

4. Tap "Application Manager/Backup" from the pop-up window that appears.

Evo-backup-apps (4)

5. A list of the apps installed on your EVO will appear. Select all of them (note that some apps can't be backed up and won't allow you to select them) by tapping the box at the top of the list or pick which apps you want to backup by tapping their corresponding box.

6. Hit the Backup button.

And you're done!

Evo-backup-apps (6) 

Evo-backup-apps (7) 

Evo-backup-apps (8)

A new folder called "backups" will appear on your card with an "apps" subfolder containing all of the apps you backed up. You can copy this folder to your computer or other backup solution if you're worried about the card's reliability in the future.

Evo-backup-apps (5)

When you want to restore any of the backed up apps, repeat steps 2-4 above, and tap the "Backed Up Apps" tab. Apps already installed on your EVO are listed in green; those that aren't are listed in white. Choose what you want (or select everything by tapping the box at the top) and press the Install button.

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