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How to set a silent-mode timer on your HTC EVO 4G

Evo-timed-silence (1) Although there are several ways to put your HTC EVO into silent mode (e.g., use a ringer mode widget, long-press the power button), turning the ringer back on requires an extra step: remembering to do it!

It's so easy to forget to get out of silent mode when you leave a meeting or doctor's appointment, walk out of a movie theater, finish a meal at a restaurant, etc. Flashlight Alerts ensures that you won't miss a call when your EVO is within view, sure, but what happens when the device is in your pocket or bag?

That's where FoxyRing comes in. The primary purpose of this app is to automatically adjust the EVO's volume settings based on the ambient noise picked up by the microphone, which is already pretty cool, but I think the timed silence widget that comes with it is even cooler.

As the name implies, what this widget does is let you put the EVO in silent mode for a specific interval of time (between 15 minutes and 5 hours); after that, it automatically goes back into ringer mode.

Evo-timed-silence (2)

Here's how to enable timed silence on your HTC EVO:

  1. Download and install FoxyRing from Android Market.
  2. Long-press an empty area on one of home screens to bring up the "Add to Home" menu.
  3. Tap Widget -> FoxyRing Timed Silence. The widget (shown above) will appear on your home screen.
  4. When you want to set the timer, tap the widget and select your desired duration from the pop-up window that appears. Tap it again if you want to cancel the timer.

Thanks, Mike!

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