It’s July 14th . . . do you know where your Dell Streak is?


One of the first specific-date rumors we heard about the US release of the Dell Streak was that it would be coming out on July 14th.

I'm in Hawaii, the last state in the country to see a new day, and the silence from Dell is as deafening today as it's been for months. We don't observe daylight savings here, so we're currently 6 hours behind the East Coast, meaning July 14th is already one-fourth over in some parts of the US.

While it's still possible that Dell could stun us all and announce the Streak later today (probably when I'm sleeping), I'd say there's about a 0.000001% chance of that happening. Dell and AT&T representatives, the ones who first put today's date in people's minds, are now telling inquiring customers that the Streak will be released at the end of July, which is exactly when Dell said it would be at last month's D8 conference.

In related news, anyone getting a Samsung Captivate this weekend? That seems to be the device that many are thinking of leaving the Streak for and if Dell maintains its silence through this Sunday (when the Captivate goes on sale), I'm guessing that we'll be saying goodbye to some of you soon. I'll be getting a Captivate the day it goes on sale (assuming it's available when I get there) and will do some comparisons for anyone on the fence.

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53 thoughts on “It’s July 14th . . . do you know where your Dell Streak is?

  • For me, Dell’s silence and our reactions in the forums reminds me again of tricks we play on ourselves.

    It is like the old Yiddish story of the traveler who needs to borrow an ax to fix his wagon, but as he walks to a nearby farm he convinces himself along the way that the farmer will never loan him what he needs, so that when the poor farmer opens his door to see how he can help the stranger, the traveler punches him in the face and yells “I don’t want your *&%##* Axe ANYWAY!”

    We are all upset that Dell didn’t stick to a date we heard in an uncredited rumor, backed up by endlessly conflicting statements of CSRs who were mainly just telling people what they wanted to hear. Dell never officially stated, let alone confirmed anything beyond “July”, and CSR statements mean nothing. A date that we could try to hold Dell to, and be offended when they missed, would need to come from a press release or a Dell executive. We are trying to punish Dell for not living up to our own illusions.

    Before you punch Dell in the face and tell them to keep their %$&*%! Streak, think about which device will serve your needs best. If you think it is the Captivate, then go spend your money. If you still feel it is the Streak, then stop getting disappointed about phantoms and see what comes next.

    Of course, Dell is NOT blameless in all this.

    Dell staff monitors MyDellMini, I KNOW they read Pocketables and Mobilitysite (straight from a Dell Marketer’s mouth) so they know they have a loyal fanbase just waiting to happen if they give us some information, even if it is to tell us more news is coming soon. They know we are getting impatient, and some are filling the silence with crazy talk. Dell should have handled this.

    Of course, Apple should have fixed the damn antenna too, so what can we do?

    Wait, that’s what…and buy the device that will serve us best, even though we want to punch the farmer now and then.


  • im on att and this was actually off my radar for awhile. i havent even heard of the streak. i was waiting for the xperia x10 to come to att but after seeing and reading up on the streak that became my choice of phone. what turned me off to the x10 was the fact that its still not hear. im glad i found out about the streak as it will serve more of my needs than the x10. ive waited this long for a good android device on att so waitin a couple more weeks wont bother me. im a patient person

  • You have a point .. We shouldn’t punish Dell for what they never said. But…

    They said in “July time frame” and “end of July” .. We’re now almost mid of July .. Don’t u think that they should give any follow up info, a product page on or anything till now?

    Personally, this is what is upsetting me .. Total neglection!

  • I can understand where Bard is coming from. However, my choice to now switch from the Streak to the Captivate is largely due to features. Quicker processor, wireless n, 2.1, proven hardware, on and on and on….. As I mentioned in a previous post, unvailing a device in October 2009, and having buyers wait 6 months, no 8 months…wait no….9 months is borderline criminal! Especially given the current economic position Dell faces. Do you really want to buy the first device Dell releases? How many other versions of the Streak are they already working on? Hey, if they show us the Streak v.2 this October, at least you will have a year or so on the original Streak!

  • I agree, Dell is working hard to mess this up…as I said, Dell could undo a lot of annoyance and build up good PR if they just bothered to make an announcement. I know they read these sites, and could easily just leave a comment or a note for Jenn.

    However, if I refused to buy from every company that has botched their marketing, lately…I would save an awful lot of money.

  • Good for both Steve and Sa’ad, as I said, buy what suits you best and you’ll be fine. It is the people who really want/need a Streak more than any other device and are refusing to buy one out of pique, cutting off their noses to spite their faces, that don’t make sense to me.


  • I’ve thought about acquiring the Captivate, only it’s a Samsung. I have a Samsung now. Not one single update of any kind. It’s like they kick them out the door, turn their back and say ‘Next’ and do the same all over. I would finally like someone to say “Look, here’s our phone. We want you to have it. We want you to be happy with it. We want to provide the best service we can for this phone. We’re going to listen to our customers that bought our phone, and make minor updates along the way to make small changes that our customers have asked for. If you’re happy, you’ll come back and buy the next product we put out.”

    Yeah, I know, “keep dreaming, kid.” It’s a nice dream, though.

    If HTC had made the Captivate, I’d be all over it. Or better, if the Aria had been the Captivate, I’d be fondling it now.

  • I am traveling to the US next week and hoped to pick up a Streak.

    Now? If it’s not released in time I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

  • So amazingly disappointed with dell. I was really hoping they had picked up on a few things over the years but I’m sad to see that isn’t the case.

    If the streak is released at the end of the month and STILL has 1.6 it will be inexcusable.

  • I have no issues if it comes out end of July also. What really ticks me off is that Dell is just mum on this. Not a peep, not a word, nada.

    So many phone companies announce their products 2-3 weeks in advance and then start taking pre-orders for the device. They want news of their product to get out so that people can buy it. Here folks are waving their credit cards going “Can you please take my money?” and Dell is just mum.

    Seriously Dell, fire your PR department and keep a bunch of monkeys. They might end up doing a better job anyways….

  • I thought the date was the 15th, Engadget claimed to have heard it from a Dell’s rep.

    I don’t know what is going on. Jason is right, if they make us wait longer they should bloody squeeze some frozen yogurt init.

  • We have heard the 14th, the 15th, the 18th, Sometime in July, the middle of July, the end of July, the summer, before the grand equinox and “what’s a streak?” from Dell reps at this point….

    I begin to suspect that the CSRs simply…don’t….know.

  • It will come out with 1.6. Look at the developer chat from earlier this week. They are convinced that the Dell UI makes it close to 2.1. And, they only have SEVEN developers working on it. That just makes me think that this is a hobby for Michael Dell, not a business.

    I’m calling it now: the Streak will come out in August and, the upgrade to 2.x will come at the end of November/early December when the rest of Dell’s Androids come out.

    I have the $500 saved for it, but it looks like I am going to spend it within the next week: Captivate, new family dog, and a day at Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park for the kids.

    Way to go Dell! I didn’t think you could top the stupidity of the Axiom. You proved me wrong.

  • By now I’ve lost all faith that Dell will even release the streak in the US. I’ve been waiting for months to replace my horrible old dumb-phone. I skipped the Aria, because the streak was coming out in July. Now we’re halfway through July and there aren’t any solid release dates? No thank you, I’ve waiting long enough, I’ll jump ship and buy a Samsung Captivate.

    Frankly, I think anyone mad at dell has every right to be. They may have never explicitly promised, but they sure did string us along!

  • Avatar of izzykareem

    Captivate – only thing with this is that there are confirmed GPS malfunctions, ugh.

  • The Streak still seems the best device for me, and unless someone else announces another phone with a 5″ screen before the Streak starts shipping, I’m going with the Streak.

    The Dell sales rep I deal with at work has had no news of a release date, although he did say that upper level managers in Dell will be getting them, and there are some internal sales contests to win them. So I’m sure there are a lot of people within Dell waiting as anxiously as we are.

    One thing to think about: We pretty much all feel that Dell has royally screwed up by not putting out any information for us. But we, the ones who will frequent a website for a specific phone, check Google News ten times a day for any new info, etc, are a tiny minority compared to the unwashed masses Dell will eventually be selling this phone to.

  • “… are a tiny minority compared to the unwashed masses Dell will eventually be selling this phone to”

    That’s a good point. But the suspense is killing me. I’m also somewhat interested in the Captivate. I’m looking forward to Jenn’s comparison.

  • Brad you said it all, what a perfect ‘first post comment’ for users to read. I compare this launch to the South Park episode where Eric buys his own theme park but advertises ‘You can’t come in!’. Thus making people ache to get into the park. Dell has this attitude of ‘Your in the dark until launch’ making the customers furious! I will flame Dell’s name for this product launch forever, although I will also be one of the first to order it from their site. A good product is indeed a good product, not much can compare currently asides from the Evo, which is not a sim card phone. The Galaxy S, which is indeed nice, does not even compare to the size/functionality of the Streak.

  • Avatar of Tired of Waiting

    Comparing the specs between the Viliv N5 and the Streak right now. I also have to figure out whether I can get away with using the N5. Another part of me wants to just wait and see what Samsung brings out with their tablet. The only problem with that is that there is no guarantee that it will even be released or work in North America like the Huawei Smakit S7.

  • It’s now between the Nexus One and the Streak for ATT. Been reconsidering the N1 due to price, cost of accessories, using a standard micro USB for connectivity and being able to get the latest official version of Android 1st. Got my eye on some ebay auctions. If I come across a deal or win an auction before the Streak is announced then I’ll be getting a Nexus One. The 5″ inch screen is the only thing that the Streak really has going for it.

  • I want the streak for a number of reasons… the screen, android and my Vuze is dying.

    However, the only REAL issue is my Vuze. Once I’m tired of coddling it, I’m getting a new phone. I’d like it to be the Streak, but if it isn’t available I’ll have to get something else. I have a HUGE pet peeve against non-standard connectors, so I’m having other thoughts on this.

    Personally, I’m thinking this is a collusion between AT&T and Apple to force a potential competitor to iPhone/pad to delay an announcement as long as possible. The device is already in the UK and they aren’t likely to make a new OS version in 4 or 6 weeks, so it isn’t likely a froyo delay

  • Come’on … you really think that the Streak is for the average consumer?! No way. It was never intended for them.

    The term MID is automatically getting you to the gadget expert.
    5″ is the upper boundary for pocketable devices – do you really think the average consumer will go for it?! The size also make it a gadget expert taste.
    Also do you believe the average consumer will have any exposure to this device over HTC, Motorola and any other device with standard advertising?! Show me one more device which had no publicity like the Streak.

    It all boils down to this community. It could have captured us and sell well – but at this point I see no reason for it to succeed. each of us has at least one more device we long for and we hate being ignored.

  • I most definitely agree with you. The ‘average consumer’ will mock every Streak user when they see us use it as a phone. The ‘average user’ will not in the least be interested in this product. Especially because the ‘average user’ barley knows how to check their email let alone find a third party site that follows a product.

    I personally do not have any other device that I see ‘fits me’ as much as the Streak. So as horrible as Dell is right now, they do indeed have the best product (kind of out) in my personal opinion. Unless other companies attach unto the borderline unusable 5in screen, I will continue by infatuation with the Streak.

  • Avatar of Plazmic Flame

    Just disappointed that there’s absolutely no word from Dell on this which leads me to believe that there is going to be delays. If it’s the going to come out the “end of July”, then just say August, Dell.

    I hate to bring up this company but Apple just knows how to do it right. The iPad was announced and they specifically said in “60 days on this date, you can buy wifi version and in 90 days on this date you can get 3G version”. I want Dell to be specific!!! I’m not saying they have to go rent an auditorium and gather bloggers, news media, etc but a simple web posting and acknowledgment of the device going to be released would go a long long way.

  • Avatar of izzykareem

    i’m now looking at getting a Vuvuzela. should satisfy all my needs (to vent). I’ll probably go for the 28incher

  • Avatar of Mike Wong

    I’ll most likely purchase Samsung Captivate either this weekend or in two weeks. I want to get a hands on experience with this phone first before I decide to purchase. If I don’t like Samsung Captivate and if Dell Streak gets released in few weeks, than I’ll return the Captivate for the Streak. Hopefully AT&T don’t charge too much for restocking fee.

  • I just went down to the nearest AT&T store and had the chance to play with a Captivate. While I wasn’t blown away, it’s a very nice smart phone.

    I’m thinking that, if you want a device that’s a phone first and mobile computer second, get the Captivate. If you want a device that’s a mobile computer first and phone second, get a Dell Streak.

    However, I have been reading a couple of articles about how modders are going to have a field day with the Captivate because it’s easily rooted, and you can do just about anything with it. Combine that with the nothing we’re getting from Dell (which is worrisome…if they are treating costumers this way before they’ve even made the decision to buy, how are they going to treat them afterwards?), and I’m swaying. If they start selling it on the 16th (that’s what the AT&T store clerk said, even though the announced release date is the 18th), Dell might have just delayed themselves into another lost customer.

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    we are almost there ladies and gentleman, dont worry. its coming its coming! if you can wait hold out until atleast the end of july. hopefully that link for the 19th is true but just hold out. a phone of this magnitude and being almost complete with 2.2 update is huge.

  • Seth, you must be saying that the Galxy S “does not even compare” as being a good thing for the Galaxy S! Can you enlighten me as to how, apart from having a bigger screen that makes it barely practical to hold as a regular phone unless you shave Shrek hands, the Streak has better functionality over a Galaxy S???? Perhaps you can sway me back to the Streak side!!

  • The 19th has been one of the rumored dates for the last week or so. Second bullet point here:

    Unless Dell is just going to release some information about availability on that day, the 19th seems unlikely to me, especially with the Captivate going on sale the day before that (and possibly earlier based on what Kevin says in the previous comment).

    Dell just needs to say *something* to remind people that the Streak exists.

  • I’m holding out for the Dell Steak. The Galaxy S is a badass phone dont get me wrong. But i work behind a desk. I’d rather have a 5inch screen staring at me when i put my movies and crap on it then a 3.5. a 4.3 or a 4.0 inch screen. Plus my hands are huge. so hopefully typing will be easier then it is on the iphone 3gs. Function wise it wont make a difference between the 2 until the 2.2 OS update comes. But for me im on my phone all the time. need something nice clear screen and bigger then an iphone. dell streak fits the bill.

  • Sigh, this streak thing is taking sooo long. Long to the point where I believe they must be changing something, I can’t see it taking this long just to release it with 1.6. Hell, it’s taking so long they might even be changing hardware around. I know I’ve seen other phones released in the UK that actually got a hardware boost before they were released in the US. If I remember correctly the HD2 was an example of that. The US version shipped with more ram than the UK version. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’m fooling myself, but maybe the US version will ship with some beefed up specs, or at least android 2.1 or 2.2. In my opinion, it’s going to need that this late in the game if they expect people to still want it. For me, the promise of a future update isn’t good enough based on the way they’re handling the release of it in the first place.

  • I am sure you can find plenty of things to do in the US other than cell phone shopping :)

  • Avatar of kel wright

    Tried of playing this silly waiting i am going to pick up the samsung vibrant tomorrow am sure it will be a great pick up screen may not be big like the streak but it bigger than the iphone 4.

  • Avatar of Luis Ojeda

    Will BP finish digging the relief wells before Dell releases the Streak? Vote now!

  • I got to play with a Streak today!!! I was psyched up over the last 6 months to get one, but Dell’s lack of communication has left me ready to get a Vibrant (Galaxy S) on T-Mobile tomorrow.
    Well today, a customer came into the store with a Streak, and I got about 10 minutes of hands-on time with it. I have to say, it fully re-interested me in the device. The screen is just MASSIVE… bigger than pictures make it look. It was fast and responsive. It’s thin enough to put in pants pockets (as long as it stays vertical). This guy had dropped it, and the LCD behind the glass had gone out over the top left 1/4 of the screen. But still…
    Damn you Dell for taking so long to even ANNOUNCE when this phone will be released. You’re not Apple… don’t release the phone the same day you announce when it’s available. Hurry up and release it so I can get one…!!!!

  • Avatar of Mike Wong

    Kel, I totally agree with you. unfortunately for me, my contract with AT&T is not due until next year. So I’m stuck with upgrading to Samsung Captivate. I don’t really care anymore which carrier that I go with, just as long as I replace my slow and buggy Iphone 3G.

  • “Barely practical to hold”?

    Umm. Have you ever actually looked at a standard landline phone? You do realize they remained that size for decades because most of the populace prefered a larger device* for comfort while holding it, right?

    With all the stuff women carry in their purses, and the gadgets men routinely have hanging on their belts the Streak is still relatively svelte – as items carried overall go.

    *discalaimer – I built home made headset phones from mailorder kits in the 70s, but I never claimed to be normal

  • I don’t think that we are going to just wake up one day and suddenly the Streak be available. I spoke to:
    Matthew Parretta
    Dell Inc.
    Round Rock, Texas
    and, he told me that Dell would be making an announcement about the release date. Of course he said nothing but “later this summer”; but from what he said, we will be told one of these days when to expect it.

  • Ha I guess it depends on how you look at it. A lot of my love for the Streak comes from personal views/needs/wants/ect. The biggest selling point for me is the screen size being 5 inches. Currently I have an X1 which has the same display resolution as the Streak, but the screen size is much much smaller. I want the largest screen possible not only for a more enjoyable web browsing experience and the more screen real-estate will help me use the touch keyboard and maximize ‘breathing room’ for icons/widgets on screen. A 5 inch screen means the surrounding is a bit larger making the phone more comfortable for a two hand hold position in landscape mode. The streak appears to be symmetrical, thinning out on each end like handles. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but even the Evo looks just barley too small for the ultimate two hand comfort. Which is more comfortable Jenn? As Dell has said, the device is still (borderline) small enough to fit in your pocket (with men’s pants). I want to be able to hold this up to any device and dwarf theirs. I will admit like you said, it is not the most practical to hold, but I would think the average male adult hand can manage it in portrait mode.

    The Streak breaks away from the conventional cell phone and dips its toes in being a first true tablet/phone/MID. Again when comparing to the Evo, you can’t. It still looks like a cell phone. I remember when the Streak was first showing up on the internet and I passed it buy, thinking it was just another Archos tablet which I do like, but they don’t have a phone on it. When I have the Streak in the car dock and use it for GPS, it will look like a GPS unit, not my phone on my windshield.
    I do not like any of Samsung’s skins for their phones. I have played with the Omnia I and II with little enjoyment (and they heavily skin Windows Mobile). Just look at the Samsung dialer and task bar skin, which do nothing for me. The dialer looks like that of an iphone and most times Samsung uses black everywhere. This is more than likely due to the Super AMoLED screen which would save battery power using black, makes sense but for me isn’t important.

    Looking at the AMOLED screen on the Omnia II I noticed such a saturation in color that was not correct to the true color/saturation for the image. I have heard only good things about the Super AMOLED, but I will stick with the Streak who appears fully competent in the sunlight. (as shown by Jenn’s post ‘Dell Streak sunlight visibility’). Also, all of Dell’s overpriced accessories (like the car dock) seem very nice in aiding a battery problem on the go. I think the Galaxy S is going to be a flop like the Omnia I and II, the only thing saving it are US carriers. It even looks like a plastic child’s toy, the curvy sides mimicking that of an iphone. At least the Captivate looks modern/professional/enjoyable. But still none of the Captivate screen shots on engadget makes me eager to want the phone, just gives me more ammo for flaming. I personally would take the Sony Ericsson X10 before the Captivate (maybe…).

    Your next point may be that the Galaxy S and Captivate can record HD (720p@30fps) while the Streak is still in standard-def land. If you consider that a point, then I never want to see any of your videos because they are either of your baby child or a bumpy ride through a random video. To even consider a cell phone camera as a replacement for a Panasonic HVX is mad. Plus you will never achieve proper focus because everything will attempt to be in focus. I would find it funny to compare the file size of the 720p footage for 30 secs to the file size of the Streak’s. I would rather show decent VGA than cell-phone 720p. Although I am saying this while never even seeing a raw video from the device…

    Don’t be quick to think I just dislike Samsung. I thoroughly enjoy Samsung and own a few of their products. I believe they are the leaders in LED backlit monitors and HD televisions but their cell phones do nothing for me.

    The point I waited to speak of last (due to embarrassment) is that the Streak is running 1.6. Personally this is not an issue for me because this will be my first true Android device. I have tested 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2 on my X1, but never lived with the operating system on my phone. So for the time being until Dell gives the 2.1 or 2.2 update I am fine with 1.6. Plus who cares about flash in the browser? For YouTube? There is an app for that as well as all other major flash base sites. Do you think that the Android browser is going to run the Galaxy s’s flash website properly? Similar to my above rant about cell phone cameras, it is not the same as viewing it with a computer. Now you will be concerned with loading times, lag and compatibility. Internet tethering? There is an app for 1.6 (don’t know if it works). Plus most carriers will block that feature.

    I called Dell today and got routed to another department then hung up on. When I called back to customer service, their computers where down. I called back an hour later to receive I long read-out notice to politely stop calling and check the website. How Dell is handling this is disappointing. At least Samsungs PR is awesome! All of their marketing material is heavy motion graphics and very entertaining to interact with. And now that my one thousand word rant is complete, I hope that you stick with the Streak over Samsung.

  • Interesting encounter:

    I showed an iPhone 3G user the Streak vs. iPhone4 pics on this site and his first reaction was “whoa, what’s that?”

    I then asked him if he’s thinking about upgrading to the iPhone4. Exuding classic Apple fanboyism and trying to save embarassment, he says “well, i’m gonna wait to see if the antenna issue gets fix, but i’m kinda use to the current screen size.” ….pathetic. You can be stuck with your dinky 3.5″ screen, no thank you!! We all know the big boys roll with 4″ and up

  • Its coming the end of this month. Straight from 3 att store owners.

  • Sad to think Dell is doing it again, Axion I mean.

    There is a 7″ MID/CELL phone that was also due the 1st of July, now delayed to the 31st of July. It is the Huewai S7..

    I am ready to purchase this S7, but think about the support and warranty I would get from Dell.


  • Avatar of Calob Horton

    So you’re buying the S7, then?

  • can you even buy one without a contract? I popped across the border, I live in Vancouver, to see if i could get a phone but it seamed like i could not without getting a phone on contract. I wasn’t that interested, more of a question of could i do that when the streak came out.

    I want the AWS version anyway so i can be on “Wind Mobile” so i will probably have to continue to wait with my phone that has no back light. I have been waiting with my broken phone for 3 months for the streak…. looks it will be another 2 before i can get my hands on an AWS version.

  • July 25th is a take to the bank :)

  • …..PR department was replaced by monkeys a while back….took them from the marketing department where I work!!….now we have no monkeys…shame on you Dell!!

  • several sources said today that the streak will hit the market on 19 july one day after the Samsung Captivate.

    I now get a sense that Dell has been held up not by technical or production problems, but commercial negotiation with AT&T. Obviously, AT&T had the upper hand, and Dell caved after the AT&T Captivate announcement. From past experience, I’m hopeful of an August launch for Asia.


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