Kohjinsha brand bids farewell as Inventec pulls the plug


Over the past few years, Kohjinsha has been a notable manufacturer of unique and interesting UMPCs, handtops, and mini notebook. No stranger to the Pocketables site and forums, Kohjinsha products such as the SA, SC, and PA series have frequently graced the pages here. So we were sorry to hear the news that the brand will be bidding the market farewell.

Its parent company, Taiwanese-based Inventec, has decided to stop using the Kohjinsha brand due to losses over the past year linked to slowing netbook/UMPC sales. All is not lost, however, as Inventec has stated that the Kohjinsha team will be transformed into an R&D/product development operation, developing new devices to be released under the Japanese Onkyo brand. You may remember that some of Kohjinsha's recent products are already available as Onkyo devices like the NX series, a rebranded Kohjinsha SK tablet PC.

I find it sad to hear that Inventec is discontinuing the Kohjinsha brand, which I feel has managed to establish a bit of a name for itself among UMPC enthusiasts, but it's encouraging to hear the company's legacy of developing unique devices will live on through another name. Are you sad to see Kohjinsha go?

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Jeremy To

Jeremy is a former editor at Pocketables.

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5 thoughts on “Kohjinsha brand bids farewell as Inventec pulls the plug

  • Good to hear, the brand name is not a good one, so are its products.

  • If the PA had 512 more memory, and a more competitive price.. i would’ve been all over it.. my only other experience with them is when i nearly purchased an SC3 because i didn’t want to pay the Fujitsu tax(U820 cost).
    Still.. sad to see another player in the UMPC sector fall

  • Avatar of John in Norway

    I love my SC3 (in a manly, non-intimate way) – good screen for outdoor use, small, light, good battery life, runs Win 7, well put together etc etc. It’s even very good for inking on, with a proper stylus. It’s just a pity that, when I want to do some inking, I have to calibrate the screen whenever it comes out of standby. Haven’t seen anything that is good enough to replace it yet. And it was reasonably priced.

  • Is 2.5-hr good battery life?

  • Avatar of John in Norway

    No, but over 5 hours is with the extended battery.


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