Moonse launches upgraded E7001 tablet with 720MHz processor and Android 2.1 [Updated: Available from Wiipad]


Following on from the first E7001 Android tablet, which looks to be an excellent mini iPad clone, China-based manufacturer Moonse has quickly launched an upgraded version of the 7-inch MID with a more powerful processor and a newer version of the Android OS.

There doesn't appear to be confirmation of a new name/model number for the upgraded model yet, but the revised tablet packs a Telechips CPU clocked at 720MHz and based on the ARM11 core, replacing the ARM9-based 600MHz Rockchip RK2808. The processor also includes a DSP co-processor and 3D graphics acceleration with support for 1080p full HD video. Perhaps more significantly, the CPU upgrade facilitates full compatibility with Android 2.1, up from version 1.5 of the original E7001. Other specifications haven't been confirmed but are likely to be very similar to the original.


The model shown in the images is said to be a prototype with plans to replace one of the mini USB ports for an HDMI port, but other than that, most of the design will likely remain the same.

Early impressions are quite positive with the tablet booting up in 30 seconds and the overall performance being fast and responsive. The improvements of Android 2.1, including dynamic wallpaper, graphics, and interface enhancements were evident, and the demonstration of games featuring 3D graphics and using the accelerometer also seemed to perform very well.

Availability and price have yet to be confirmed but a release is likely to be in the near future with what is sure to be a low tempting price, keeping in mind the original E7001 sells for around $132. What do you think of the new upgraded Telechips-powered E7001 running Android 2.1? As a value-minded Android tablet MID, it definitely seems to be quite a compelling proposition. Check out more images and leave your comments below.


Updated 07/22/2010: I can't verify this yet, but it looks like a company called Wiipad has picked up and rebranded the Moonse E7001 as the Wiipad Slim, and the 10.2-inch version of the Zenithink tablet as the Wiipad Neno, and is selling them direct on its website with international shipping. Prices are competitive and not much more than the prices in China, with the Wiipad Slim coming in at a discounted $148, and the larger Wiipad Neno costing $231, also discounted.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the company also appears to be listing the upgraded Moonse E7001 in the original article above, with the faster Telechips CPU and Android 2.1 for a cool $189.60. A few other rebranded Chinese tablets that we have seen before are also on offer. I can't vouch for the reliability of the distributor but this is a very interesting development and the prices are rather tempting. Anyone interested in taking the plunge?

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10 thoughts on “Moonse launches upgraded E7001 tablet with 720MHz processor and Android 2.1 [Updated: Available from Wiipad]

  • A 1 MHz processor and 512 mbs ram are a minimum requirement on all new devices now. I’m waiting see which ones are going to be supporting 1024 resolution for the Gingerbread release.

  • I bet the battery life is under 2 hrs.

  • Thanks god this runs Android and not Linux. One of the absolute worst aspect of Linux is that people think they can just install it on whatever devices they want. Some people take it so far that they actually challenge themselves technically by seeing if they can get a device running Linux “just because”, while other irresponsible members of the community actually encourage their delinquency by being impressed. Still others actually run Linux on non-current hardware, which completely threatens the world economic system and undermines the business models of major companies by side-stepping planned obsolescence.

    One of the biggest advantages Android being Linux-based rather than truly Linux is that FINALLY there’s somebody to save us from ourselves and tell us what devices we can and can’t install the operating system on. Thankfully, the device being discussed here doesn’t run Linux. It only runs Android. Therefore, any of them happen to escape mainland China will be sent back a few months later to provide much needed landfill materials, i.e. as soon as Google lets us know that they’re junk. Thanks Google.

  • Mr Bear, How does a few geeks who decide and manage to install Linux on whatever device threaten the ‘world economic system’… The vast majority of users just don’t do such things. Everyone has heard of Android, but may never even heard of Linux.

    I know a few people (geeks) including myself who’ve installed Linux onto older end-of-life (according to Apple that is) iPods. Thats not going to hurt anyone, and is certainly not going to harm Apple in anyway at all. This is for educational purposes, and gives an otherwise obsolete device an extended use.

  • I am looking forward to a 7+” Android tablet, but will probably hold off for a Cortex-A9 based system.

  • For 189, I might have to try it.

  • Ok which site is legit this one or Wiipad?


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