Multitouch zooming feels very natural on Dell Streak


I've never been a fan of two-finger multitouch zooming. I thought it was amazing the first time I saw it and couldn't stop showing it off on the original iPhone back in 2007, but the novelty wore off quickly and I rarely used it after that. Double-tap zooming has always worked better for me because it's faster, more accurate, and doesn't require a shift in hand position.

On the Dell Streak, however, multitouch zooming feels so intuitive and completely natural that it's actually enjoyable.

Whenever I pinch-zoom on anything else, I hold the device with one hand and "pinch/spread" with the other hand's thumb and index finger. The initial thought of doing this on the Streak was very unappealing given the device's size and my predominant landscape usage.

But when I discovered that double-tap zooming isn't supported in the stock web browser, I knew that I'd have to get used to two-finger zooming instead . . . just as soon as I needed to zoom into something. Since there isn't much need to zoom because of the Streak's 5-inch screen and WVGA resolution, I ended up forgetting about it.

Then one day while I was reading a website, I zoomed out to see the whole page without really thinking about it. Since I was holding the Streak between my hands, my thumbs automatically reached out and "pulled" the page toward the edges of the screen. It was such a natural motion that I didn't even realize I did it; and I never pinch-zoom with my thumbs.

So I now have a new-found respect for multitouch zooming.

I don't have to make use of it very often and it can sometimes be little counter-intuitive on the Streak because the stock browser doesn't reflow text (so if you zoom in too much, horizontal scrolling rears its ugly head), but I'm glad it's part of the device's list of features.

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Jenn K. Lee

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11 thoughts on “Multitouch zooming feels very natural on Dell Streak

  • After waiting for more than 6 months, I’m quite frankly emotionally drained by any news good or bad about this sucker.

    I’ve never been much of a fan for gadgets / apps from the walled garden of iPPle, but they seem to handle the pre-launch publicity with more sensitivity for its fans.

  • I just can’t wait to get one!
    Anyway, have you tried Skyfire? It’s a web browser… I have used it on my last 2 Android phones… it supports pinch-to-zoom, tap-to-zoom, and it reflows text. Oh, and you can view most Flash videos from the web in it.

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    Your description of how you use multitouch zoom seems strange to me. I have always just used one hand to do it. I use my first and middle fingers to spread or decrease size and orient the print to the screen at the same time.

  • Yeah, Ive never used both of my thumbs for it before either, but it just happened automatically. It works well with the Streak because I never have to switch my hand position (I dont hold it with one hand).

  • Yeah, Ive tried all kinds of browsers. Skyfire, Dolphin, Opera, etc. but I tend to use the stock one most often. Same with my HTC EVO.

  • Jenn@ May be because u are holding the streak in Landscape mode. But if u hold it in portrait mode then we might still pinch and zoom :)

  • You can do it in landscape too. You just have to hold the Streak with one hand, which I dont find comfortable in that orientation.

  • Hi Jenn,
    Just want to confirm that while using fring for video calls can we swap between the front and rear camera’s like iphone4 does (So the person talking to us can see us and also the view of rear camera). Please try I’m really interested to buy this monster:)

  • Avatar of AppleFanBoy

    La tablette/téléphone Dell Streak est vendue sans abonnement à 499 euros !
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    Moi qui suis si heureux de payer 55 euros par mois pour mon précieux iPhone, et 35 euros par mois pour mon iPad !
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    Quel autre téléphone pourrait en faire autant ?

    Alors, mes frères AppleManiaques, n’hésitez pas :
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    – Faites savoir partout que BIG BROTHER les surveillera tous, et ne manquera pas de châtier comme il se doit tous ceux qui osent critiquer l’iPhone (car ils sont manifestement de mauvaise foi, étant donné que l’iPhone est parfait)

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  • Indeed you are correct, the pinch zooming is very nice and fluent. What I dont uderstand is why once the page loads does the browser not zoom out fully?

  • There isn’t an overview mode like on other Android phones. I don’t know if this is due to 1.6 or what, but all of my 2.1 devices have an overview option in the settings.

    On the Streak, you need to manually zoom out.


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