Musican MID joins the Android/WinCE dual booting camp


Following hot on the heels of the Witstech A81-E comes another new MID also capable of dual booting into either Android 2.1 or WinCE 6.0. The creation of a company called Musican from China, the Musican MID features an attractive aluminum body hosting a 7-inch touch screen. The screen itself is available in either resistive or capacitive forms supporting multi-touch, with a further choice of resolution, which ranges from the standard WVGA (800×480) up to WXGA (1280×768). Other specifications include a 720MHz ARM11 Telechips 8902B processor, a separate 3D graphics GPU, 256MB RAM, the choice of 2 to 32GB of inbuilt storage, SD/microSD support, b/g WiFi, 3G, GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, and a front facing webcam. The tablet is also capable of playing back full HD 1080p video, includes an HDMI output, has support for a large range of video/audio codecs. It measures a compact 7.6 x 4.5 x 0.56 inches and weighs in at 9.88 ounces. The full list of specs can be found on Musican's product website.

Although lacking a newer, more powerful processor like the Cortex-A8 in the Witstech A81-E, the Musican MID still seems competitive with many other media-centric tablets we have seen, with its separate graphics processor adding the impressive HD video and graphics capabilities. The things that stand out for me are the sleek aluminum design, touch screen technology/resolution choices, and the dual booting ability. It will be interesting to see when we can expect the Musican to hit the market and crucially, for what price. The Witstech and Musican MIDs also raise the question of whether the feature of dual booting will become more common in future devices. What are your thoughts on dual booting MIDs? And which operating systems would you ideally prefer to choose from?

[iMP3 via ChiniTech]
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