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Reader review: Aftermarket batteries for HTC EVO 4G

This guest review was written by Anthony Martino.


Up for review, we have a pair of aftermarket (third-party, generic, etc.) batteries and desktop charger for use with the HTC EVO 4G. I purchased them from eBay seller tuttoit, and they came packaged together for just $9.98, shipping included. Being that I've worked intimately with batteries of all sorts for the past couple years, I was curious as to whether or not these very inexpensive batteries could be worth even the pittance they were asking.

The package arrived from Hong Kong safely and about as quickly as one could hope. Inside were two loose batteries and a boxed desktop charger.

The battery labels say "replacement for HTC Touch Pro2," but the auction was listed specifically for the EVO. This is not uncommon, as a handset manufacturer often uses the same battery in a number of devices; the EVO can share a battery with the Touch Pro 2 (obviously), the Hero, and probably a couple others. The specs are listed as 3.7vDC (same as all modern cell phones) and 1500mAh, which is identical to that of the stock EVO battery. For those that do not know, the milliamp hour rating, abbreviated mAh, is the rating that tells us the overall capacity of a particular battery. The higher the number, the more work you can get out of the battery before it dies.

The charger is a simple, sturdy piece with a flip out plug, USB output, and charge indicator light. The main dock is rated at 350mA, plus or minus 50mA, which is somewhat odd to see. It's a relatively slow charge rate, with the average household charger putting out around a half amp (500mA) and the included EVO rated at a full amp (1000mA). The USB, conversely, is rated at 800mA.



I found the choices of color for the indicator a little odd, purple for charging and blue for charged, but they get the job done. Not much more to say except that it does what it's supposed to and that I tested the USB-out to make sure it worked to charge the EVO (with the EVO's included micro USB cord) while a spare was in the dock. I guess if space were at a premium on your power strip, that would be a nice feature.


Now the fun part.

I ran both batteries on a piece of equipment that we refer to as "the Cadex." What it does is charges them fully then discharges them at a user-specified rate and times how long it takes to deplete the battery.

I ran the first battery right out of the box at 750mA. It reached 89% of its advertised capacity on the first cycle, which is about 1300mAh. Not bad. The second battery received a charge on the desktop charger before the test, which was to test the charger more than anything. It was run through at a brisk 1500mA and finished at 87%, which again is just over 1300mAh. Usually we can get that number up just slightly on a second cycle, so they were run again, both at 1500mAh this time, and they reached 91 and 89 percent, respectively.

Finally confident that they wouldn't self-destruct in my precious phone, I tried them each out in the phone. They both powered it on without issue and ran the phone through a full day.

So, the deal that was too good to be true . . . for once, wasn't. It should be noted that I've been witness to several horror stories that involved these types of unknown batteries. Where I was apparently lucky, many have not been; their problems have ranged from the batteries just being incompatible to actually "venting" and damaging the device.

I would advise only buying from sellers with good feedback, and if you get a package deal with an external charger, use that for the battery's first charge and don't leave it unattended.

This guest review was written by Anthony Martino. All photos included in this review were taken with the HTC EVO 4G.

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29 thoughts on “Reader review: Aftermarket batteries for HTC EVO 4G

  • I have purchased these same batteries and charger from the same e-bay seller and I am more than pleased. Despite reading good reviews, I had my doubts. When charged in the charger, the battery doesn’t drop 10% in the first five minutes …. a common complaint when batteries are charged in the phone. Definitely worth the money. Although shipping was slow, it took only 1 day longer than an Amazon order I placed the same day (super saver shipping).

  • Avatar of Theory of EVOlution

    I bought two sets, and have had essentially the same experience. I figured having a charger/spare battery at both the home and office couldn’t hurt, and at $10 per set, it was cheaper for both (4 batteries and two chargers) than one name brand battery. I also bought a retractable micro usb cord from Amazon to keep the battery in the phone topped off.
    I do a fair amount of motorcycle camping, so having several spare batteries to carry along for a 3-4 day camping trip is cheap insurance against having a dead battery if I get stranded. Glad I pulled the trigger on these.
    Nice review too.

  • I bought this same set a couple weeks ago and I am more than happy with the purchase. The batteries work great and last AT LEAST as long as the stock red battery that comes with the Evo. My only concern is that the charger itself feels really cheap and I’m betting that when one of these batteries stops working that charger will be the culprit. I use it to charge the cheap batteries but won’t put my stock battery in it out of fear that it will get exploded.

  • i purchased off this same ebayer; i’m pretty stoked about my purchase as well. Now I have affordable spare batteries whenever the need should arise. He even sent me an email a few weeks ago, making sure I received the item. Pretty legit ebayer.

  • VERY unlikely to happen. The charge rate on the charger I received is almost low enough to be considered a float charge, and even if something were to go awry, the protection circuit in the battery would trip.

    Also, my stock HTC branded battery that came with the phone tests at almost exactly 1500mAh, so there would be a slight difference in run time between the included EVO battery and the eBay batteries, assuming yours test on par with the ones I received.

  • Avatar of bill dyszel

    Same experience here. Bought ’em, they got here fast, they work fine.

    Honest to Pete, for $10, free shipping, the charger alone is a good deal. But the batteries are fine.

    It’s nice to have the security of having a spare, charged battery in your pocket, just in case.

  • That phenomenon happens for a couple reasons. The first is that a slower charge is almost always a better, more complete charge. The second happens because of the circuitry necessitated by the inherent volatility of Lithium Ion. Once the phone’s charge circuit detects a full charge, it stops charging whether it’s still plugged in or not, so when you take it off the charger when you wake up, it’s likely been running off the battery for the past few hours.

  • Awesome review, now I feel better about ordering these today!

  • Anthony, great testing!

    I’m always excited to see some actual objective analysis, especially when it can be hard to otherwise subjectively gauge battery performance, what with all the battery consumption variables out there.

    Is it then the conclusion here that these ebay batteries, while not necessarily having the same performance as labelled nor as a stock OEM battery (1500 mAH), that these are otherwise quite decent batteries for the price? (that is, a lower capacity battery, but at a dirt cheap price)

  • I also bought these, they are great and a heck of a lot cheaper than the “battery boosters”, and quick charger I bought for my (ex)iPhone.

  • A great review! I purchased this exact set a week ago and it arrived in Hawaii in about one week. I couldn’t pass up the two batteries + charger for 10 buckaroos. Other reviews I am seeing seems to be in line with what you have here, Anthony. So far so good with my batteries, doing a discharge on them myself today :)

  • Absolutely. I’m still a bit leery of these types of deals, but this one seems to have panned out, the only caveat being the slightly exaggerated run time. I’ve since given the two batteries away to a couple of friends in need of a backup (I had one prior to ordering these), and they’ve seen daily use since. I would still use the desktop charger for their initial charge, though. In the slight chance that anything were to happen, better that it happen in the charger than your phone.

  • Got the same 2 batteries + charger from ebay. So far so good.

  • Avatar of rangergm

    I purchased the same item on Ebay as well as a 1800mAh battery and spent less than $15.00 for the whole deal They arrived last Friday and seem to be working just fine.

    They hold a charge just as long as my stock battery. Still haven’t noticed if the 1800mAh holds any longer, but for the few bucks that I paid for it, it was a smoking deal!

  • While I would love to start testing a slew of these aftermarket batteries (especially a Seidio), it’s going to get cost prohibitive rather quickly. The only reason I bought in on this deal is because I knew a couple people that needed a backup, and I needed a desktop charger.

    That said, I may do another battery review if I can manage to whittle down my list of projects or come across another deal I can’t pass up.

    If any users would like to send me a battery to test for them, I’d be happy to oblige if they can part with their spare for the week or so.

  • I bought the same 2+charger deal. Used them as backup batteries, and they frankly work great. Amazing price, I highly recommend this too.

  • I bought these same ones a few weeks ago and love it. I am glad I didn’t shell out the money for the seidio items and opted for these instead. I got mine for 7.99 shipped though from a different seller.

  • I bought these too, work wonderful, always have a backup on me or in my car, along with one on the charger at home. Except I left one battery and the charger plugged in at the Hotel in Canada… =( (ooops…) Good thing it was only $10. So on the way home I bought another set. =b

  • Avatar of monotasker

    I bought the same batteries from the same seller and had the same doubts. Yes, I had the same awesome experience so far. The charger does a great job juicing the OEM battery too. In my BB days, I bought similar batteries on ebay with good results but never this great.

  • I’m just happy I don’t have to do any of the EVO voodoo I’ve read in posts on extending battery life (fully charge, unplug, turn off, wait for red light to go out, plug back in, wait for green light, repeat 10 times …..). Also, I’ve noticed the batteries (including the stock battery) seem to run longer all together when you use the stock charger. Not only do you avoid the instant 10% drop, it also discharges more slowly throughout the entire day. I’m often at 30% to 40% when I go to bed, versus the teens I used to get when charging the battery in the phone.

    Thanks for your great review.

  • Do you happen to know if anyone’s tested this eBayer’s 2700mAh battery? I could really go for a higher-capacity batt but am nervous (at best) about putting it in my precious Evo. If not, I wouldn’t mind buying one and sending it to you for testing.

  • I just got my batteries today; they work very well.

    I love the idea of having a charged battery in my purse.

  • Avatar of Joe Pennant

    Got mine, and I quick charged them, both in the phone thru the HTC charger.

    Then I flattened them.

    They didnt last long, I would say theyre within 65-75% of the OEM battery. At one point I could see them lose a charge very quickly, dropping from 65 to 32 percent in about an hour. Granted, I wasnt trying to save battery life, but that was interesting to see.

    Now I am trying the trickle charge in the charger to condition them. That is taking awhile. A very long while.

    Although this isnt a scientific test, I wouldnt trust them to be a primary. These are more gap fillers for about 4-6 hours or so when your primary goes out.

    I guess I would regard them like I do temporary spare tires. Good to get you past a flat until you can get it fixed or replaced. But I wouldnt trust them for all day use.

    Amazing value for 10 bux, but I think Im going for higher rated spares for the next purchase.

  • So which ebay or amazon seller is it that was used to purchase this battery? The one link on here has nothing for sale. Would like to purchase the spare battery pack, but dont want anything that will kill my phone. Thanks!

  • Avatar of chris

    after reading this review and knowing the usb port is weak,(on my third evo for broken usb port, I am not hard on it, its a weak design.

    I ordered from the same seller, but I got the 2700 batteries. the replacement back is just as nice as the original and wow they last a long time.

    I use my evo heavily and two 2700’s last me 24hrs.

    as I write this I am 7hrs on a battery 2hrs of which streaming pandora.
    and still have 50% left.

    I am going to order another 2700 and second wall charger.

    I hope to never use the usb again.


  • I just got my batteries in today and installed one into my evo and now where it has the battery indicator on the screen, the battery has an exlimation mark above the battery and the battery is not green in color on the screen. Also tried to charge this battery while in my evo using the standard usb home charger and it appears that it is not charging. Any ideas if this is damaging my phone?

  • I’ve had mine a week and the charger just stopped working. It won’t light up at all. :-/


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