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Review: Amzer Luxe Argyle skin case for HTC EVO 4G

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Even before the HTC EVO 4G was released, Amzer began selling accessories for it. I wasn't familiar with the company but the prices were very reasonable, so I bought a handful of cases weeks ago when they weren't in stock. I was most interested in the Luxe Argyle Skin Caseir?t=goodandevo 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here ($9.95) because of its unique look (argyle isn't a pattern often seen on a gadget case) so when my order arrived the other day, that was the one I opened first.

I bought the clear one, but the Luxe Argyle also comes in smoke gray, blue, red, purple, green, orange, and hot pink. As soon as I took it out of the package, I couldn't believe that it was only $10.


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Design & Quality

Since I had no previous experience with Amzer and the case was so inexpensive, I was honestly expecting a low quality product. But as soon as I held the case in my hand, I knew that my expectations were completely unwarranted.

Evo-amzer-argyle (3) 

The Luxe Argyle is made of a very thick, stiff yet flexible material that is unlike anything I've ever seen used for an EVO case before. I thought it would be either a thin hard plastic or a thin silicone, but it's neither. The material is similar to what you'd find on a high quality inflatable air mattress; it's a firm plastic.

The outside of the case is smooth without being slippery, while the inside is textured because of the printed pattern. All of the cutouts have nicely finished edges and really, the overall quality of the case is just really impressive.


Because the Luxe Argyle is more rigid than standard silicone cases, it isn't as easy to slip onto the EVO. It's not at all difficult, but the case won't stretch or bend in the way that you might expect.

Evo-amzer-argyle (4) 

Evo-amzer-argyle (5) 

Evo-amzer-argyle (6) 

Evo-amzer-argyle (9) 

All of the ports have dedicated cutouts, while the power and volume buttons are covered in a softer, more flexible plastic that makes pressing them very easy.

Evo-amzer-argyle (7) 

Evo-amzer-argyle (8) 

This case features the unnecessary cutout on the back that I can't stand (and that several other cases have), but I'm not as bothered as I usually am because the rest of the case is so good.


The Luxe Argyle case for the HTC EVO made such a positive impression on me that Amzer is now a company I'm going to keep an eye on. High quality materials, eye-catching designs, good construction, and low prices make it impossible for me not to put them on my watch-list.

If you're a fan of argyle and are looking for a slim case for your EVO that isn't like what everyone else has on theirs, then you can't go wrong with the Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin Case.

The Amzer Luxe Argyleir?t=goodandevo 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here is available in 8 different colors for $9.95 each.

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26 thoughts on “Review: Amzer Luxe Argyle skin case for HTC EVO 4G

  • Does it add any noticeable size or weight to the device? I can’t really tell from the pictures. If you have the sprint leather case for the EVO, does it still fit in there with the case on?

  • Id like to know if it has enough of a bump over the edges as to protect the screen when placed upside down. (screen side down)

  • i got the black rubberized evo case from them and i love it

  • Avatar of MsRandall

    The cases is good…buy go to ebay its even cheaper…

  • Avatar of TheTwanksta

    i actually like this case, but i also am not a fan of the single large cutout for the camera, etc.

    However, after following the link you provided to buy one on amazon, I noticed in the product pictures they have individual cutouts for the camera, leds, speaker just like the oem htc silicone case(which I have for my EVO and love it).

    Is this a revised version since you purchased yours, or do you think its a fake product image and what you really get is the single hole version?

  • this is a knock off from the amzer product. i purchased mine for a total of $8 from ebay and it has the giant hole instead of the individual cut outs. i have read evo forums where people bought the product and everyone received the specially cut case. there was one person who said they got this one but purchased from amzer.

    also, the case does extend a little bit over the edges near the screen. i assume this provides a tiny bit of protection to the screen.

  • i got this from amzer, which is apparently the same company as fommy. now, the product itself is very reliable; however, i ordered this item like a week before the phone came out, and didn’t receive the item well into the third or fourth week of my phone usage.

    the poor customer service of amzer makes it difficult to want to buy from them, despite the “reasonable price”. check ebay, you get a comparable quality item, for much cheaper, and without the poor customer service.

  • there is no noticeable size or weight difference. it just slips on, very form fitting. you almost don’t even realize its there. almost.

  • there is definitely a little bit of a “lip” that makes it elevated when placed screen down, so the screen should never be touching any flat surface. likewise, on the back, there’s enough of an elevated “lip” so that the rear camera will not touch the any flat surface — which is a big plus..wasn’t a particular fan of the protruding camera.

  • There is a nice video review of this case on youtube although it is the smoke gray version.

  • Maybe it’s an old version? I don’t know. I’d hate to think that Amazon would ship knock-off products clearly labeled as being originals!

  • ordered the smoke black one a while back, but havent been back in HI to receive it. i’m hoping its not as linty as silicone gel cases tend to be!

  • Can you tell me how difficult it is to remove the case? I sometimes want to quickly swap batteries, and this case looks pretty difficult to remove…

  • I ordered this case because of your review. I think its okay, but not spectacular. It seems to me that you got a knock off because on mine, there are individual cut outs for the camera, speaker and LED flash.
    There are places on the edges from the mold where it wasn’t quite even and it just doesn’t look completely finished.
    Where the volume button is, there is a mold of the volume cutout and then there are two little bumps where the up and down buttons are. These little bumps make the case bow out a bit, so the edge is not flush there.
    Also there is not much of a lip around the front, so with my Zagg screen protector, the edges meet and it seems to make the screen protector lift a bit in the corner. I like the color (I got the red one)and the design.
    The plastic is more rigid than a normal silicone protector but its not as rigid as I was expecting. Maybe I had too high of expectations of the quality of the plastic, so I was let down.
    I think I will keep it on until I find something better, but I don’t think I will buy another one in another color like I was planning to.

  • It is a softer plastic, so removal is quite easy.

  • Also mine does not have that annoying cut out for the back as yours does.

  • I got one from the link provided and it has the individual cut outs for camera, lights, and speaker. No cut out for the battery opening either

  • Did the packaging look different on yours?

    If anything, I’m hoping that mine was just an older version. It’s still a misrepresentation, yes, but I’d rather it be that than a knock-off!

  • I got one from ebay. Different packaging, but still said Amzer and had the yellow EVO insert. Individual cutouts. I have the bulge @ the volume buttons also, but I still like it better than the BodyGlove case I had.

  • The material is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Its high elasticity, tear strength and resistance to lint, grease & abrasion makes it an overall better performing, less bulky alternative to silicone & rigid plastics.

  • I ordered the smoke grey and clear cases (same as pictured here). The smoke grey one had the individual cutouts for LED, cam, and speaker. The clear one just has one cutout for all three.

  • Got the Smoke Grey based on your review and I love it. Nice, form-fitting design that makes all of the buttons rather easy to access (actually, a little too easy at times because hitting the volume up/down is really easy to accidentally do when I’m just holding the phone. Definately a better case than the Seidio rugged/limited (and at a fraction of that case’s price). Got it through Amazon and I have the three individual cut outs on back and no battery case slot.

    Great case (the best I’ve found- and I’ve bought a lot so far)… Thanks for the review.

  • Avatar of Abraham V.

    I dont understand the cutout for where the battery cover comes off….

    I didnt know you could take the battery cover off while it was in a case. Impressive Amzer. (sarcasm) :P

    But I was always curious to try this case ever since it caught my eye the day I got my Evo.

  • I got this one…it is a very tight fit, took a second to get on. It doesn’t add much to the device. at first it was very slippery, I dropped the phone twice when I first put on this cover, however after a few days it was not quite so slippery and becomes less so after more wear. overall, this is my favorite cover.


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