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Review: Body Glove leather case for HTC EVO 4G

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One of the more popular third-party leather cases for the HTC EVO 4G is made by Body Glove. Unlike the company's two-piece hard case, this one is a universal case that can be used with a variety of smartphones.

Radio Shack often pushes it as the top EVO accessory and carries it in its stores for $24.99. But is it any better than the other leather cases for the phone? Read on to find out.

Design & Quality

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The universal Body Glove case is similar in design to the Case Logic and HTC leather cases in that it has a magnetic flap, partially open sides, non-removable belt clip, and large bottom cutout.

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The leather is lightly cushioned and very smooth and supple. The case is made well and somehow exudes more masculinity than the other leather cases, which is probably why it doesn't really appeal to me. There's something about the flap's design and width that make the case look manly and utilitarian to me.


The flap flips open to reveal a soft, slightly fuzzy felt lining that attracts lint and has a round worn spot where the magnet is.

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The flap closes with a loud clap as soon as you let it go (some case flaps need to be guided down), so the magnet is clearly quite strong. There's no way for the case to open accidentally, so I don't think you have to worry when you're on a roller coaster that turns you upside down or a bully who picks you up by the feet to shake the loose coins from your pocket.

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The initial fit is pretty snug but the EVO will stretch out the sides of the case within a few days, making insertion and removal fairly easy.

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The corners of the EVO are exposed and more susceptible to damage in this case than in the HTC leather carrying case, which is something to consider if you're accident prone.

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The masculine design and good build quality of the all-black Body Glove universal leather case make it a compelling choice for HTC EVO 4G users shopping at Radio Shack, where it sells for $24.99, but only because it's usually the only leather case available for the phone there.

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There's nothing wrong with the case per se, but it doesn't provide as much protection as other leather cases because it leaves half of the EVO's corners completely unprotected. The magnetic closure is strong and the belt clip is sturdy, which reduce the possibility of the encased EVO falling to the ground, but since accidents can happen at any time, cross your fingers that the device doesn't ever land on its exposed corners.

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