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Review: Seidio Innocase Active Limited Edition case for HTC EVO 4G

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You may have seen that Seidio recently added a new Innocase Active case to its lineup of HTC EVO accessories, but did you know that there's a limited edition version of the case too? It's a uniquely designed two-piece hybrid case that's part silicone (for absorbing impact) and part hard plastic (for extra protection).

The case is not listed on Seidio's site right now for some reason, but the Innocase Active Limited Editionir?t=goodandevo 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here is in stock and shipping from Amazon for $24.95 apiece. Should you grab one before they're all gone forever?

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Design & Quality

Because it was "- for some reason we don't have an alt tag herecreated for those that have and want to maintain their active lifestyle," this case has a rugged look that won't appeal to those who prefer smooth, clean lines. The Innocase Active Limited Edition is unapologetically bumpy on the edges and back sides to provide grip and texture.

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The bulk of the case is fashioned out of silicone polymer, while the outer "skeleton" is made of the same soft-coated plastic used for the original Seidio Innocase II Surface.

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The silicone is thick, smooth, and of very high quality. It has an incredibly finished look with a lip around the back cutouts and raised sides that have grooves where your fingertips would naturally be when holding the case in your hand. Even though this part of the case isn't flat and smooth like other silicones, it still manages to feel very streamlined and thoughtfully designed.

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The skeleton piece wraps around the case and fits in the large grooves on the silicone. It seems unusually flexible on its own, but feels really hard and strong once it's in place.

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The Innocase Active Limited Edition fits the HTC EVO nicely and is easy to put on and take off.

Evo-seidio-active-le (6)

Evo-seidio-active-le (11)

The silicone must be put on first. The skeleton stiffens the case, which makes it incredibly difficult (if not impossible) for the EVO to fit into it, so it should be put on last.

Evo-seidio-active-le (10)

Evo-seidio-active-le (7) 

Evo-seidio-active-le (9) 

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All of the EVO's ports are accessible through cutouts, while the volume rocker and power button are protected in typical silicone-skin fashion.

Evo-seidio-active-le (12)

What stops me from saying that this case is perfectly designed (aside from the extra "skin" at the seams) is the extra cutout on the back. Like the horrible snap-on hard case, the Innocase Active Limited Edition has an opening for the notch at the top of the EVO's back that lets you remove the battery cover. The fact that there's a cutout for something that cannot be used when the case is on immediately turns me off because it's a careless mistake. I know that manufacturers often make cases for a device without actually having a final version in hand, but this kind of thing still reeks of sloppiness caused by rushing.

You could say that I'm being overly harsh about a small cutout that doesn't do any harm by being there, but I'm just really disappointed to see this kind of mistake from a company that should know better. Countless no-name brands are able to put out cases without this extra cutout, so I think Seidio should be embarrassed.

Evo-seidio-active-le (13) 

The skeleton fits onto the silicone with ease. Since the plastic itself is a little pliable, pressing the center of the largest area causes the "arms" of the skeleton to automatically spread open just enough for them to settle into the grooves.

Evo-seidio-active-le (15) 

Evo-seidio-active-le (17) 

Evo-seidio-active-le (16) 

Evo-seidio-active-le (18) 

Evo-seidio-active-le (14)

The Innocase Active Limited Edition adds 2.2mm of thickness to the EVO, so the whole thing definitely feels meaty when you're holding it.

Evo-seidio-active-le (19) 

The power button becomes more difficult to press since it's already quite flat on its own and the silicone is so thick, but a slight mash will get the job done and feels like second nature soon enough. I assume that users who need an "active" case like this wouldn't mind the extra finger power needed to push the button, anyway.



Seidio's Innocase Active Limited Edition for the HTC EVO 4G isn't a case that appeals to me personally (I'm a girly indoor person), but it's a good choice for those who need something a bit ruggedized but who don't want to sacrifice too much style to get it. The unnecessary cutout on the back is unlikely to bother anyone as much as it bothers me (I seriously can't stand it), so there aren't any real deal-breakers to speak of here.

The Innocase Active Limited Edition is available for $24.95 from Amazonir?t=goodandevo 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here in black, blue, red, and green.

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23 thoughts on “Review: Seidio Innocase Active Limited Edition case for HTC EVO 4G

  • I also received my Seidio Innocase Active Limited Edition case from Amazon yesterday afternoon, installed it, and I must say that I really like the case. I have large hands and the case makes holding the phone a better experience. It’s very well done.
    However, the softer inner portion of the case seems to collect a lot of dust and lint. I stuck the thing in my pocket while shopping, pulled it out to answer a call, and it looked like some sort of high-tech Chia Pet.

    I may return it and swap it for the new, non ‘Limited Edition’ version. I’ll contact Seidio about the materials used for that case and post the information here.

  • Avatar of Charles Anderson

    Hey, if you don’t love the case, I’ll be glad to take it off your hands for a slight discount. ;)

    This looks like an Otterbox style case, which is what I want.

  • I like the look of this (and the regular “Active” case, too), but I just don’t think I want the extra bulk added to my phone. The Body Glove case you reviewed is so slim and unnoticeable, and it slides into my pocket like it’s not even there.

    The regular Active case is even more appealing to me than this Limited Edition one, because it looks like there’s a lot less silicon that’s exposed on it, which would hopefully mean less dust and lint sticking to it from my pocket.

    The downside is that plastic is slippery, though … I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have dropped my EVO from 4-feet high the other day if I’d had a silicon case instead of the Body Glove (but it still survived without the first mark. =)

  • I’ll reiterate what I said on my Amazon review. I was constantly babying and basically afraid to hold the Evo for fear that it might slip out of my hand. After I placed it in this case, I felt a lot more secure and comfortable holding the Evo as well as putting it down on any surface. If you have small hands, I can see how this case might be a problem since the phone is already plenty big. On the other hand, it does have just enough tackiness to help with your grip. Also, if you have read the other reviews on Amazon, I’ll say that this case has no noticeable smell or odor.

  • Dave.. i have one of these cases for about 3 weeks now and it is awesome.. it does not add much bulk at all, but the biggest pro’s are that it really protects the camera lens.. i can’t really describe it very well in words, but it is an excellent product for the EVO.

  • this is just a Skin thought, Right? Is there a belt Clip that pairs with it?

  • Ordered one a week or so ago and should be here tomorrow… I’ve read that the Innocase II Holste works with this case, though it is not an exact fit… I believe the spring-clip needs to be lifted before inserting the phone but Seidio has one in the works.

    Also, for those who have the case and have been having a hard time adjusting to the buttons not functioning as easily as without the case, it was posted in another forum that to add a couple peices of electrical tape to the inside of the case where the buttons make contact. This gives a little extra meat on the inside of the case to contact the buttons makeing them work perfectly…

    I personally like the look and design and am totally stoked about getting my new Seidio Active Case Limited Edition!!!

  • you will be suprised when you try this.. won’t need any electrical tape or anything. the response is outstanding..

  • this is what i said on my amazon review

    Barely feel EVO vibrate in pocket, missed calls, returned, great case otherwise.

    When I put the EVO with the case in my khaki pants pocket, I missed several calls and text messages in several occasions because I realized that the case dampens the vibration of the EVO enough for me not to feel it unless I am paying attention to my pocket.

    This might not affect you if you have tight pants/shorts/etc… or if you have the ringer on but that’s not me.

    Also the power button is difficult to press.

    Other than that the case is awesome and I wish I didnt have to return it but not knowing when someone is calling me is really important to me.

    Now I have to go back to the squeaky seidio innocase 2 until I find something better.

  • yeah, except none of the holes are covered. I’d like something smaller than an Otterbox, like this, but with some level of sweat protection so I could take my phone with my while skateboarding. Otherwise this is just drop protection, which I never do, or oversized scratch protection.

  • Hmm. None of their other holsters (including the one that’s made for an uncased EVO) fit into this notch; they just cover it.

  • Yes, a link to the regular Active case is provided in the first sentence of the review. :-)

  • I want this case with the Active Holster they have coming out on 9th. :^( Wonder if they match, assume this may be just an earlier version of the active.

    Also, just a note….ALL the seidio cases have that cut out..:^P

  • Just got this case and so far it its my favorite by far. I have two of the Innocase II’s (one of the original and one of the newer with the extra padding inside). Those cases feel too loose. I also have an HTC Gel case. It also feels a bit loose when I grip the phone.

    This case has a very snug feel and makes the phone fit nicely in my hand. However I have very large hands, so the Evo’s size is not an issue.

    I do not use vibrate as a rule, so I don’t see that as an issue.

    I also found the holster I got with the second innocase fits over this case, although it is a tight fit. So I think the Active Case will be the one I stick with.

  • Hey, as an FYI… That cutout is there so you can put a lanyard or hand leash on… Pop the cover open and you’ll see the hook where the leash attaches. This is a super-common feature on HTC phones and I’m glad Seidio integrate the cutout in their cases. =)

    So, it’s not them ‘missing’ a detail, it’s them including a detail that everyone else misses.

  • aloha everyone, this sight has educated and informed a simple person that i am. i hope to help others with my humble comments. i have been using the active case (limited edition), the notches and texture give it a great grip. i also use the clip on holster used for seidio active case non limited version. you can use this holster for either one (perfect fit). the LE also comes in different colors
    that i have on order, i think the sapphire blue will be here in a couple of days. if you live in hawaii i will be happy to meet you
    so you can see the different colors. [email protected]
    thank you…

  • Avatar of Greg Givan

    I purchased this case after seeing it featured on the site here.

    After a month, the plastic “skeleton” has begun to show signs of wear. All four corners plus the two side arms are now peeling off a thin plastic coating used to give it that soft look.

  • I just upgraded 2 weeks ago from the original Innocase II to the newest Innocase Active (not the spider-like Limited Edition). I can’t say enough good things about it. No more squeeks or sloppy fit like the Innocase II. No more split back 2-piece design. It’s awesome.

    Although I loved the look of the Limited Edition, I saw that some people had problems with the silicone getting loose on the sides, or the plastic corners breaking off. There was also a lot more of the silicone exposed, maybe adding to the lint issue. They fixed these problems with this new design by running the hard plastic back the full length of the sides. They lost a bit of style, but it adds rigidity and makes it slide into your pocket easier. Multiple color combinations are available if you want to spice it up a bit.

    It adds maybe 1 mm to the thickness. I was concerned about that when I ordered it, but I honestly can’t tell much of a difference except for where it counts. Much better camera protection. The volume buttons work great, but the power button is a bit tough to push because the button is already nearly flush on the Evo, even without a case. There’s a recess on the inside of the silicone where the power button is located. If they’d left that flat, it would work better. Still, it functions fine once you get used to it.

    The protection is also far better with this case over the Innocase II. I accidentally dropped my phone 4′ the other day onto a concrete floor. I watched in horror as it flew out of my hands. My life didn’t flash before me but it was close! The phone bounced and landed on it’s face. To my amazement, not a bit of damage. Without this case, it would have been toast.

    As for the lint issue, I haven’t seen much of it yet. It’s no worse than any other case with any sort of grip, and I keep my phone in my pocket 100% of the time. It’s the perfect amount of rubbery/slick surface to make it easy to hang on to, but also come out of your pocket. This is by far the best case I’ve seen for the EVO.

  • The plastic on the active case (new regular design, not limited edition) is the same rubberized, yet somewhat slick plastic as the original Innocase II. It slides easily into my pocket and there are no lint issues. Grip is fantastic and solid in your hand, but not too sticky like some rubberized cases. A recent 4 foot drop onto concrete didn’t do a thing to my phone, or the case.

  • Avatar of Tiradora

    When i first got this case in July, i was pretty excited. It was either this(i wanted Amethyst but it was not available for another month) or the Seidio Innocase Rugged Case and Holster Combo for HTC EVO 4G. I went with this case, based on the availability, extra discount because i pre ordered. Great when i got it. Perfect fit, almost got a couple more for vanity/variety As of last month, the first of the bottom two grips began to chip and break off altogether the following day. Same day the other bottom grip broke off completely. Please note with these two bottom grips gone, they inner case no longer fits properly(think of a silicone case that you have had too long and its all stretched out and ill fitting) The sad part is that i am not abusive, this phone is either in my purse phone pocket(with case), in my hand, or on some desk for display and audio/video usage. I only take the case off to change/test batteries(*1800 so far so good) Waiting for Case-Mate to come on board otherwise i may just have to get that “smelly” rugged case.

    Great for a while i guess, but i am light when it comes to the phone, so if i in any way made this happen, then its a definite fail. :(


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