Rumors of a webOS tablet grow louder with HP’s filing for PalmPad trademark

Hp_hurricane_rumor It looks like those rumors of a future tablet from HP/Palm running the excellent webOS operating system may have taken a step closer to becoming a reality because HP has recently filed a trademark for the name "PalmPad." Of course we can't be sure about the intentions behind this name until a formal announcement is made, with HP listing a broad range of product categories in the filing including computers, computer hardware, computer software, computer peripherals, portable computers, handheld and mobile computers, PDAs, electronic notepads, and mobile digital electronic devices.

But keeping in the mind the initial stories of the Hurricane webOS tablet, which were then reportedly confirmed by HP Taiwan, it seems most likely that something exciting is in the works at the company. It's also interesting to note that "Pad" now seems to have become the de facto naming convention of the tablet/slate category, rather than either of the other two aforementioned terms, although a logical reason on HP's part may have to do with its potential launch of the larger Windows 7 HP Slate.

[precentral via Pocket-lint]
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