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Samsung Galaxy S live wallpapers available for HTC EVO, no root required

Evo-galaxy-s-lwp (1) Although they don't serve any purpose and can sometimes consume too many resources on the HTC EVO 4G, live wallpapers are still one of the undeniably awesome features of Android 2.1.

Just as HTC Sense live wallpapers are exclusive to Sense-equipped phones, there are also live wallpapers that can only be found on Samsung Galaxy S phones. The Samsung Captivate is one of these phones, and you might remember that I mentioned how I wanted to extract them the other day so you guys could try them out on the EVO. Well, while looking for an easy non-root way to do that, I discovered that it was already done.

Installing live wallpapers that were ripped out from another phone often requires root, but xda-developers forum member djmcnz tweaked the files for easy installation on non-rooted phones. Simply download the five live wallpapers, ignore the "unsupported content" window that will appear, and install each one onto your EVO using an app like ASTRO File Manager or appInstaller (tutorial here). They will appear in the standard list of live wallpapers, so you can apply them easily. They're all really nice and interactive too.

Evo-galaxy-s-lwp (6) 

Evo-galaxy-s-lwp (5) 

Evo-galaxy-s-lwp (4) 

Evo-galaxy-s-lwp (3) 

Evo-galaxy-s-lwp (2) 

The Galaxy S phones have a faster GPU than the EVO, so some of the live wallpapers (particularly Ocean waves) don't always run as smoothly as they do on Galaxy devices and can sometimes slow down the EVO's system.

If your EVO is rooted, you're advised to use the original root-required wallpaper files. Note that the Luminescence wallpaper isn't included.

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