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Sprint takes over Downloads tab in Android Market on HTC EVO

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Have you checked Android Market on your HTC EVO 4G today?

If not, then I hope you said goodbye to the Downloads tab when you last saw it because it's not there anymore. It's been replaced by a Sprint tab that lists apps that aren't even directly affiliated with the carrier. Downloads got moved to the Menu.

It looks like the automatic change is being rolled out slowly today because when a friend in Texas told me about it earlier, everything still looked the same on my EVO. About an hour later, however, just as I was trying to take a screenshot of the original market, the change happened with no warning.

I always liked the Downloads tab, as it provided one-tap access to a list of all the apps I've downloaded and let me see which ones needed to be updated (albeit individually). Now we need to tap Menu -> Downloads just to see the same thing. An extra tap isn't the end of the world, of course, but pushing the list into the Menu for a tab that adds no value to the Market experience is annoying.

Two more screenshots below.

Evo-sprint-market (3) 

Evo-sprint-market (2) 

Thanks, Chris!

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35 thoughts on “Sprint takes over Downloads tab in Android Market on HTC EVO

  • I assume it is someone in the Google design team that did this (I hear other cell providers are doing something on their own phones). Is there an email for the Google Android designers to receive feedback where we can voice our disapproval of this loss of function, and ask loudly and politely that this un-feature be immediately removed, and the useful download tab restored?

  • I was not happy to see this today. I posted on the FB sprint page about it. It adds no value and I am very confused why this would be wanted. It will also be confusing for new users on how to manage their market. It takes having the phone awhile to click on menu in every app to see what options come up. I am going to label this move as what it is, “LAME”

  • I am angry as well and switched over to appbrain to avoid the market interface. This on top of removing Sense and waiting around for 2.2 is making me wonder why google can’t intervene on behalf of us users.

    Stink the N1 didn’t have a follow up.

  • Verizon does this too. I didn’t notice this since I’ve been using AppBrain for a while now. The standard market leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Avatar of Mark Richards

    This change is unacceptable.

    I didn’t purchase an EVO to be groveling along with lowest common denominator. And I can do without NASCAR, Sprint TV, and all the other packaged nonsense, too.

    Rooting and Froyo installing is looking better…

  • Avatar of Max says Sprint and Google Sucks

    What BS! Sprint continues to prove they are clueless when it comes to customer service. I am so pissed off about this. As much as I hate Apple this would never happen on the IPhone. Maybe it is time to join the fanboys. I been with Sprint one month I have experience nothing but nightmare after nightmare with customer service. Just another example of idiots in management continue to run a company in the ground. Now I just need to research how to get out of my contract so I can pickup an IPhone. How did Google let this happen? Apparently they really don’t care about what users want as long as their getting paid because they would have had to blessed this change.

  • ^^^ iPhoney phanboi, get off an EVO blog!

    For the rest of us, I think it’s all Google’s ‘fault’ on this, but on the carriers request.

    In other words, their BOTH to blame!

    But in their defense, they didn’t REMOVE the functionality, just MOVED it. I can take an extra tap or two to get to a function….

  • Avatar of Bill Dyszel

    I’m not too worried about this. One extra menu tap doesn’t bother me. I notice that Appbrain is one of the Sprint featured apps anyway.

  • Hmmm. I’ve been waiting for the switch and it hasn’t hit me yet. Could be because I’m running dc and I’ve banned most of the sprint and htc bloatware…I’m still crossing my fingers though.

  • i wonder if this is related to the change is payment options for market apps. Seems google is gearing up to let the carriers act as middle men rather then handling the payments via google checkout. Could perhaps also result in that stuff “unique” to a carrier shows up in that tab, and so is billed directly to your plan, without google taking a cut.

  • You all need to calm down

    correct me if Im wrong but it only shows sprint if all youre apps are up to date. Because when i have some that need to be updated, downloads was back where it used to be. Could be wrong but this is what I experienced earlier. Either way, nto that big of a deal

  • Agreed. This is less of an issue for smart guys who read blogs and tweak their phones.

  • Ahhhh! I’ve been infiltrated! Lol! Woke up this morning with sprint on my downloads tab. Could be worse could have said at&t.

  • Angry? Unacceptable? Bs?

    What is the big deal? Sprint is a for profit company.

    Besides as Greg noted this is not an issue for non-dummies.

  • Oh, c’mon Lonnie. Sprint pushes their updates OTA. You can’t honestly believe they do things like this for the benefit of the customer. Why in the world would they want to make sure our 3RD PARTY apps are up-to-date? In the same way they lock-on all that barnacleware, it’s simply another way for them to further impose themselves on customers. Granted, it’s a minor annoyance for now, but let’s keep in mind their true agenda.

  • I also use AppBrain. I used this tab even when I was up to date to remove or rate an app. Now I go to the menu button in the Market.

    I guess I am frustrated because with as much as we pay Sprint should not be shoved into every possible place they can get in. This has to have a bigger agenda. This was a pointless change for Sprint. No one is forgetting what service they have. LOL! I really do wish I could also delete my bloatware. I still will never use Nascar, Football, etc. Not even once. I am the wrong audience. Why not let me remove it? Why not also let me opt to have the sprint tab (make it the soft tab on menu all the time)?

  • I had an app that needed updating today. I got the update notification, but it still had the Sprint tab.

  • Yeah, I noticed Appbrain was a featured app as well…I took that as a notice that I should install it and abandon the Market altogether. So I did.

  • Went to Ward theaters to catch Inception on Friday and holy sweet advertising moly, sprint has the entire outside stairs, walls, pillars covered in gigantic EVOs. Huge EVO painting on the floors. In the theater, suddenly giant EVOs everywhere. Sprint, Sprint, Sprint. Sit in the theater, more Sprint advertising.

  • I think the bill in my mailbox is all the involvement Sprint should have with my phone. I thought one of the big reasons Android was gaining popularity was because the user got to control everything unlike Apple. It starts with Google taking out capabilities to the devs, then letting the carriers change their software with bloatware and little tweaks like this. Admittedly, this loss of a download tab doesn’t bother me, but when they can change things without my knowledge, overnight, it starts to scare me.

  • I just checked mine and it still has the download tab

  • wow.. people just like blaming sprint for everything. People relax ALL the carriers are seeing this, NOT just Sprint. Actually people on tmo having been seing this for some time now. Want someone to blame, then blame google. The way its being rolled out kinda sucks because they gave no reason for the change to date. No reason to blame just Sprint for this. Its such a simple change why even get all worked up.. seriously??

  • Yes because we looked at the marketplace as android only. A place away from your cell company. Sadly it made as all realize just how bombarded we really are. None of us is dumb enough to think it is just Sprint. But we are all with Sprint, so we only mention them. Why would I talk about T-Mo or the other companies? It just doesn’t make sense to since I am a Sprint customer.

  • Avatar of SuperHiro

    Unrelated to the topic but PSX4Droid just released! Final Fantasy VII for the EVO? Yes please.

  • My wife’s T-mobile Android has had this for a long time, it’s really a non-issue.

  • Good to hear. So for now we shall put it in the minor annoyance category.

  • “adds no value to the Market experience.”

    Sure it does.

    For Sprint.

    Why do you think Modders are so popular? They acknowledge that *the user owns the phone*, not the carrier.

    Why I’m looking forward to Block-C LTE from Verizontal next year: bring your own handset; any protocol you like — including native SIP, which is what they’ll eventually be using for LTE voice anyway.

  • This is really annoying for me. I really found the ‘Downloads’ tab useful as a quick access point to my downloaded apps.

    Initially, I didn’t even bother to look for the downloads link in the menu. I only found out about it after searching online.

    Spring, please give us an option to bring back the ‘Downloads’ tab.

  • I’ve been using AppBrain ever since I read about it on G&E. I had posted a question which Jenn was kind enough to share with the other reader regarding bar code scanners, and one of them mentioned using AppBrain.

    AppBrain vs Android Market native, is a no brainer. No pun intended.

    But if I’m just browsing looking for what’s out there, the Android Market is sort of like a Flea Market with no apparent order other than a few main categories. Not alphabetic, not by ratings, just seems random to me. Guess that was a more fair approach to the developers perhaps.

  • Voice of dissent / devil’s advocate: this is not intended for us (as in people versed enough with the phone to read blogs about it). This is for the majority of consumers out there that don’t get on blogs to find out what the best stuff is for their phone. Its value comes from showcases other apps that might not be seen on the other tabs, and supposedly has some sort of approval (testing/compatibility) from the carrier.

    Plus, it advertises AppBrain, so it’s not all evil. :P

  • Mine has the Sprint tab. Doesn’t bother me. I agree the Downloads tab was better.

    I’m a new Sprint (formerly Verizon) user because of EVO. Verizon has better call connections but plans are much more expensive. We’d be paying almost $80 -$100 more for family of four to all have data connections, ie. 4 Verizon smartphones vs 4 EVO phones even with extra $10 for 4G. Can’t tell you about overall phone call quality because we haven’t had the phone long enough. My sons text more than call so they are satisfied and they have data plans.

    My sons agreed to switch to Sprint because of unofficial 4G at UCLA campus. My younger son at campus for summer and said he connected 4G and noticed a difference. We decided to give Sprint a try for two years. We can always change.

    Can’t use EVO for phone calls internationally (or haven’t figured it out) but can text via internet. Easy to get WiFi where free.

    We are currently in East Asia and were in Greece and so far are happy with our EVOs. It’s up to Sprint to improve customer service or to make it so people don’t have a reason to call customer service.

    As of now, Downloads tab vs Sprint… I can live with.


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