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White HTC EVO 4G all over Best Buy Buyer’s Guide

White-evo-bbguide (1)It's not shown all by itself like last month, but the HTC EVO 4G still earned a spot on the cover and got the entire back of Best Buy's July 2010 Buyer's Guide. Featured alongside the LG Ally and HTC Aria on the front, the EVO is used to illustrate one of the weakest headlines ever: "Probably the best choice of smartphones in the world" (see image below).

Have some conviction, Best Buy!

You'd think the company would be confident enough to lose the "probably" when no one else (not even Sprint) will be selling the white EVO this month. And it's not like Best Buy is being modest about its exclusivity either. The words "worldwide exclusive" appear in four different places in the Buyer's Guide, as do photos of the white device.

In case you haven't seen the guide at your local store yet, I took some pictures of all the EVO-related pages (with an iPhone 4, sorry) and posted them below.

Considering how much of a big deal is being made of the new color, it's a shame that half of the device is still black. It's one thing for the bezel to still be black, but quite another for the sides to be half-black and half-white. It looks unfinished to me, but I've never been a fan of white gadgets anyway so I can't look at it objectively. I do like that customers are getting another choice, though, so I'm glad the white option will be released soon.

If the white EVO had been available with the black one on launch day, would you have chosen it? Anyone getting rid of their black one to get the new white one next week?

White-evo-bbguide (2)

White-evo-bbguide (4) 

White-evo-bbguide (5) 

White-evo-bbguide (6) 

White-evo-bbguide (7)

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