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15 long press shortcuts for the Dell Streak


One of many nice things about Android is its use of a long press (pressing and holding) to provide quick access to settings and other extras. These shortcuts can be found/used in various apps and areas of the system and can save some time and reduce the amount of tapping your thumbs/fingers have to do.

The best way to discover such shortcuts is simply to long press everything you come across. But if you don't have time for that or you can't stand the rejection of having nothing happen when you mash the screen, read on for 15 long press shortcuts for the Dell Streak to get you started.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list.

  1. Long press the power button to change ring modes, toggle airplane mode, and turn off the device.
  2. Long press the camera button to launch the camera app.
  3. Long press the Home button to add/remove home screens and access recently used applications. In Android 2.1, this only brings up recently used apps, which is normal Android behavior.
  4. Long press the Menu button to bring up the keyboard.
  5. Long press an empty area on the home screen to add shortcuts, widgets, and folders to the home screen, as well as change wallpapers.
  6. Long press an icon/widget on the home screen to move, delete, or uninstall it. In Android 2.1, uninstalling is not an option.
  7. In the stock web browser, long press the Back key to view your browsing history, bookmarks, and most-visited pages.
  8. Long press a link or image to open it in the existing or a new window, bookmark it, save it, share it, and copy the URL.
  9. Long press an item in your browser download history (Menu -> Downloads) to open it (if supported) or clear it from the list.
  10. Long press an app in the program menu to move it to/from the Favorites bar or drag it to the home screen.
  11. Long press a video listing in the YouTube app to play the video, view details, rate it, access comments, favorite it, share it, or flag it.
  12. Long press a message in Gmail to select one of the following actions: read, archive, mute, mark read/unread, delete, add star, change labels, report spam.
  13. Long press a thumbnail image in the Photos & Video app (1.6 only) to view the image, share it, edit it, start a slideshow, add to favorites, delete it, rename it, set it as wallpaper or a contact icon, and view the image details.
  14. Long press a name in Contacts to view the information, call the person, send a text message, add to favorite, edit or delete the contact, or merge it with another contact.
  15. Long press a location in Google Maps to see the address (approximation or exact street).

There are many other long press shortcuts on the Streak. If you find some that aren't listed above, feel free to share them in the comments.

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