Android benchmarks: HTC EVO 4G vs Dell Streak vs Motorola Droid X vs Samsung Captivate


A lot has happened since I questioned why people like Android so much and admitted a few months later how motherhood turned me into a smartphone whore. I added five more phones to my life, I started two new gadget-specific websites (Good and EVO and Streak Smart), and Android became my mobile OS of choice for MIDs.

Four of the new phones are running Android (left to right above: HTC EVO 4G, Dell Streak, Motorola Droid X, and Samsung Captivate), so there's a lot of basis for comparison. Which phone is best depends on personal preferences/priorities: not everyone cares about a front-facing camera, wants the biggest screen, or lives in a 4G area. So I'm going to take subjectivity out of the equation right now and focus on something a little more objective: benchmarks.

Since all four phones have a different combination of OS version, CPU, and GPU, I thought it might be useful to run some benchmarks to see how various factors impact scores/results.

About the devices (OS, CPU, RAM, GPU):

EVO Android 2.2 1GHz Snapdragon 512MB RAM Adreno 200
Streak Android 1.6 1GHz Snapdragon 512MB RAM Adreno 200
Droid X Android 2.1 1GHz TI OMAP3630 512MB RAM PowerVR SGX530
Captivate Android 2.1 1GHz Hummingbird 512MB RAM PowerVR SGX540

All four phones are running their stock ROMs.


Linpack for Android tests speed and returns results in MFLOPS (millions of floating point operations per second).

  • EVO: 36.577
  • Streak: 4.183
  • Droid X: 8.29
  • Captivate: 8.512


Quadrant Standard Edition tests CPU, memory, I/O, 2D graphics, and 3D graphics.

  • EVO: 1165
  • Streak: 468
  • Droid X: 1189
  • Captivate: 881


Fps2D measures 2D frames per second and returns an average fps based on 1,000 iterations.

  • EVO: 29 fps
  • Streak: 28 fps
  • Droid X: 58 fps
  • Captivate: 55 fps


An3DBench is a 3D benchmark that runs several tests (settings used: 16-bit textures and no VBO).

Fillrate ST/MT

  • EVO: 5.16/5.17 MP/sec
  • Streak: 10.97/10.77 MP/sec
  • Droid X: 11.02/11.05 MP/sec
  • Captivate: 9.51/9.54 MP/sec

High object count

  • EVO: 18.56 fps
  • Streak: 4.33 fps
  • Droid X: 27.29 fps
  • Captivate: 31.62 fps

Multiple lights

  • EVO: 29.99 fps
  • Streak: 28.28 fps
  • Droid X: 60.45 fps
  • Captivate: 55.54 fps

High polygon count

  • EVO: 23.81 fps
  • Streak: 12.10 fps
  • Droid X: 25.27 fps
  • Captivate: 46.93 fps

Keyframe animation

  • EVO: 30.07 fps
  • Streak: 28.86 fps
  • Droid X: 60.46 fps
  • Captivate: 55.68 fps

Game level

  • EVO: 23.84 fps
  • Streak: 12.63 fps
  • Droid X: 44.94 fps
  • Captivate: 55.67 fps

Total score

  • EVO: 3384
  • Streak: 2317
  • Droid X: 5985
  • Captivate: 6637

Both the EVO and Streak have 30 fps caps, which obviously had a negative effect on their graphics scores. There are ways to uncap the limit on the EVO, but I wanted to test all of the devices in their factory states.

It will be interesting to run these tests again when all four phones are running Froyo (Android 2.2).

Update: New scores for Dell Streak running Android 2.1

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