Camera shy 7-inch RAmos W9 tablet MID on its way packing Rockchip’s latest


As the first MID to use Rockchip's extremely popular RK2808 chipset, the 4.8-inch RAmos W7 received a lot of coverage for its promise of performance, value, and the use of Android. Unfortunately, the device took what seemed like forever before it was finally released at the end of May (eight months after it was first unveiled), meaning it entered the market as a much less attractive proposition in the face of newer competition.

But it has now come to light that RAmos is looking at re-entering the center of the fray with its next tablet MID, the RAmos W9. Coming in at the larger 7-inch division, the first images of the new device (above) strangely do not show the front view. However from the other perspectives it seems pretty clear where the design inspiration is coming from. No other details are known about the W9 apart from that it will use Rockship's new high performance RK2818 processor, also found in the ezGear Surfboard 700. The new chip clocked at 1GHz should provide a welcome performance boost and support the current versions of Android, opening the prospect for the company to deliver a competitive, well-priced tablet MID. But let's hope that RAmos' latest creation will hit the shelves in a more timely manner in comparison to the W7! What are your first reactions to news of the W9? And are there any W7 owners out there who can share their experiences of their devices?

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One thought on “Camera shy 7-inch RAmos W9 tablet MID on its way packing Rockchip’s latest

  • All the talk about 7″ tablets is becoming lame. With the lack of resolution support in Android, I think talk is all we will hear until Gingerbread is released. Don’t get me wrong, I still would like to see at least one released this year. I know 800 X 480 is stretching it on a 7″ screen, but I think it would be ok for an intial product release. Go Samsung go. You’re our last great hope for this year.


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