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Clear back cover shows off HTC EVO’s red insides

Evo-clear-backEver wish you could show the world your HTC EVO's red interior without actually taking off the back cover?

Then you should head over to Custom Evos and put down $14.99 for the clear battery door that xda-developers forum member joey3002 is trying to get into production. What you're looking at on the right is a prototype, but the final version will look very similar. The door/cover features raised rails and a small logo set inside a circle to keep the main surface and camera lens from getting scratched when placed on a table.

The manufacturer needs about 150 to 160 orders before putting the covers into production. There was about a third of that a few days ago, so joey3002 and everyone who already placed an order could use your help. Without the requisite number of orders, the project obviously can't move forward and people can't get their battery doors (full refunds will be issued).

Free shipping in the continental US and discounts on multiple units are being offered during the preorder period going on now, so don't wait too long if you want one. There are also red, blue, and yellow covers available if your EVO is a prude and doesn't want to be so exposed in public.

Thanks, Sterling!

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17 thoughts on “Clear back cover shows off HTC EVO’s red insides

  • I ordered one. Looks pretty cool and I like the fact that it raises the camera from being flush on surfaces.

  • Avatar of EVOlution

    I really wish I had a better venu for this, but it really needs to be said.
    the Camera Lense does not lay flush when on a table on a stock EVO. I, like many of the people out there, thought it did and was a bad design.
    If you set your EVO downon aflat surface and really look at it, the angle of the bottom to the side of the lense creates an angle extream enough to keep the surface away from the actual glass.

    I am refraining from getting the clear cover Because of the little additional logo thing “designed” to fix something that wasnt broke.

  • Avatar of J_withEvoOrdered

    I’m not understanding this concept. In the image above, looking through the clear cover, you see… a red cover. Not even any phone electronics. What is the point?

  • I was going to say you must not have an EVO, and then I noticed your name. The EVO and the Incredible actually have red “innards” that you only get a hint of when the cover is on by the red ring around the camera lens (and on the EVO the red underneath the kickstand, which is still actually just red on the back cover and not underneath it). When the back cover is removed, the battery and everything is red. As someone put it, it’s like phone lingerie.

    So you’re not actually seeing a red “cover” underneath the clear cover, but the actual red insides of the phone. Maybe this will help:

  • I have a clear case, so I just take off the back cover and put my case on. Looks exactly the same.

    Got the case for like $2 off ebay.

  • This is NOT designed to “protect the camera” it was a design put in place so that the beautiful clear cover doesn’t get all covered in scratches when laid down (the rails will see all damage).

    Please read the threads (all 3) and you will see the reasoning and the design stages that went into it.

    Wouldn’t you also like to see where this can go in the future with etched designs and custom thicker backs for the after-market batteries (like the TP2 2150mah) ?

    Please don’t be so short sided and dismiss it as something bad because its isn’t exactly what you wanted. Just don’t buy it.

    I bought a clear one because iI want to have a good way of showing off the back as well as the Palm Pixi inductive charger I installed (because I love looking at the circuitry and copper coil).

  • Avatar of bill dyszel

    “Phone lingerie” . . . much catchier name than “clear battery door.”

  • Avatar of sprink0281

    Personally I think this might be one of the best accessory projects done by a member of the evo community yet! I mean c’mon people what don’t you get? Its a freakn high quality CLEAR ass battery door made in the USA by an AMERICAN not some cheap eBay rip off from Hong Kong! HTC could only wish that had thought of this idea, after all they made the inside of the phone completely red and then covered it up with a black door! Get one and all your evo friends WILL be jealous! And iphoney’s
    will only dream they had something this awesome! Cheers to all!

  • Avatar of sprink0281

    That two bucks probably paid a worker his salary for like a week where it was made. Good for you!

  • Avatar of bludragon

    The final version will not have the logo and loop strap hook (below the camera) as they were removed by popular demand.

  • Anyone know what material it is made from? How flexible will it be (as this is needed to take it on and off without breaking the tabs)? Will the HTC Gel still fit (due to rails)?

    I wish I could see the proto plastics for the colors. Though I admit clear looks very cool.

  • Avatar of EVOlution

    Point taken. I like the insides as well. Very cool and very unique.
    I was not trying to be short sighted, however, I have heard many (so many) comments on how the lense of the camera hits surfaces, and was mostly commenting on that. I think the Idea of a clear case is cool, as well as possible a fully clear phone. I salute the designer, and as a fellow ID guy, I know the difficulties it is to create such a thing.
    However, if you read my first sentence, I really wish I had a better Venue for this… But the camera does NOT hit a flat surface when you set the camera down.
    That was all I was commenting on.

  • Avatar of ZenTsang

    I have to mention this. You will all think the connection I made is funny … if you like fashion of course. My wife watches a lot of fashion related TV shows. Something she pointed out to me is that the really expensive Christian Louboutin shoes have a trademark Red Sole on all the shoes. As soon as I saw this clear case showing off the same shade of red on the back side of the phone, I just started laughing. To which now, I will more than likely be purchasing one for her so it matches her shoes. Just thought I’d share. Maybe this will entice more fashion-centric people to assist in your order to boost the numbers. =)

  • It is a red cover. Removed it and you will see the real innards of the phone.

  • Avatar of sprink0281

    Act soon! Price will be going up to $19.95 with free shipping on or around wed Aug 18 so if you want one at the $14.95 better order soon!

  • How Do I Purchase One??????? I’m Confused


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