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How are you using Flash 10.1 on your HTC EVO 4G?


Ever since the Android 2.2 update, I've been getting a lot of "now what?" emails regarding Adobe Flash 10.1 and what it can be used for on the HTC EVO 4G.

If Flash isn't already an integral part of your desktop web browsing experience, then having it on your EVO does little more than let you see a bunch of Flash-based advertisements on websites. But if you want to see what all the fuss is about, the first thing you should do is go to from the stock browser. The site (also available as the Adobe Flash Showcase app in the Market) houses a consolidated list of at least 50 websites that include videos, games, and other content that make use of Flash. Most of the good ones are accessible through the Categories link at the top, so be sure to look around.

I don't play Flash games, so the sites I visit most are ones for videos. TBS is one of my favorites because of all the reruns, and I like PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, and Nick Jr for my 9-month-old daughter, who admittedly would rather put the EVO into her mouth than watch even a few minutes of what's on the screen.

What are you doing with Flash on your EVO? Has the experience been smooth and stable for you?

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17 thoughts on “How are you using Flash 10.1 on your HTC EVO 4G?

  • Avatar of Weeton

    Aside from the much need advertisements; this is a must have for watching integrated videos from news websites to espn. Is my life better for having flash on my EVO… you better believe it.

  • Avatar of corpsitron

    Not using it. Most sites aren’t optimized for mobile so the quality sucks. If I want to watch something with Flash I use Skyfire.

  • Works great for remote access to MYSTORA!

  • Avatar of poweruser

    I have been waiting for a device that would play Hulu video ever since someone said “Mobile Flash Player”. I still can’t seem to get Hulu to work but try out full episodes of some great new TV drama’s. They seem to work good over WiFi. I have not tried with 4G but 3G does not seem fast enough for them to play.

  • Flash does not show up in the browser (yes I have 2.2). When I try to download it, it tells me it’s not available. Anyone else?

  • Avatar of mclain1

    try another browser… i use dolphin HD..

  • I visit to catch up on my favorite animated shows. That site works well on the Evo.

  • Avatar of adam7425

    admittedly my primary(and perhaps the only) excitement for flash on my Evo was to watch my Hulu queue. But once I found that it wouldn’t play, i moved on to tv channel sites to watch those reruns, which play perfectly on 3G. My only grudge with (some)those online players being how difficult it is to fast forward or rewind on the timeline.

  • Avatar of Daniel S.

    Meh. Flash is intensely overrated, at least for my uses. Then again, being an EVO and an iPad owner (and fan of both, I might add), I suppose I’m a bit biased against Flash anyway…

  • My stock browser constantly crashes since updating to Froyo. It’s not so bad with Dolphin HD, but I still get the occasional force close when visiting a site with Flash.

  • Yea c’mon guys, Hulu has been blocking mobile devices (and Boxee, PS3, and soon-to-be Google TV) for a long time now; it shouldn’t be expected for that to ever change. They have to protect their content (since it’s licensed from the TV studios) so I understand their reasoning. That said, I mostly use ESPN, CBS, and TNT to watch videos.

  • My problem is that I installed flash on 2.1 and now I’m on 2.2. So every time i open a site with flash in it I see a green arrow where the flash is. I click it and the browser crashes. This happens with every browser I try. I have tried to uninstall 10.1 and it says unsuccessful. When looking for 10.1 in market, it can’t find it. Anybody know a way around this without wiping my phone?

  • I’ve tried Hulu a lot and it appears that their website has some code that disables video streaming for Android devices (or otherwise does not recognize them).

  • They have posted the final Flash 10.1 download on XDA. That is where I got it from. It didn’t show up in the market for me either.


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