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How many HTC EVO home screens do you actually use?

Evo-home-screensWhether you're using HTC Sense, ADW.Launcher, LauncherPro, or any other home screen replacement on your HTC EVO 4G, you still have a number of home screens at your disposal.

But how many of them do you really use?

On the Dell Streak and Samsung Captivate (and possibly other Galaxy S phones), you have the option of deleting blank screens. But on the EVO and most other Android handsets, what you don't use is still there. Home replacement apps let you select the number of screens you want to use, but if they only offer preset numbers, then you're left with blank screens again.

This isn't really a problem since you can choose which screens to leave empty and simply not go to them. HTC Sense and some third-party launchers offer Leap (shown) and Leap-like variations as well, so you can still access everything if you don't fill your home screens in sequential order.

Even so, it's always a little disconcerting to me when I see all those blank screens. Even though I really only need two home screens (there are other ways to get to my apps and I don't need a bunch of oversized widgets all over the place), it still seems like such a waste to leave so many empty.

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26 thoughts on “How many HTC EVO home screens do you actually use?

  • I’m heavily using 3.

    Main has HTC Clock w/ weather and the most used apps (GMail, Internet, Maps, Tweetdeck, Handcent, Facebook, Market, Foursquare).

    1st Right of Main: ESPN ScoreCenter widget and mainly the media apps (FM, Kindle, Camera, Music, Qik, PhoneFlicks, Shazam, Gallery, Yahoo! Mail, IMDb, Voicemail) and ATK Widget.

    1st Left of Main: 8 Settings widgets (although I only really use 4G and WiFi much) and the People widget (which I don’t really use).

    I have the Calendar widget in Agenda mode on the 2nd Left of Main and Google Search widget on 2nd Right of Main. Agenda might be getting promoted and I see that I could probably consolidate the main 3 into 2.

  • Avatar of Unistat76

    All of them.
    From left to right:

    1. Favorites (full screen)

    2. Calender (full screen)

    3. A bunch of 1×1 widgets (Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, Flashlight, 4G etc.) and some “system” type apps (Astro, TaskKiller, Market)

    4. Main screen (clock, Weatherbug, ToDo widget, mail, messeges, camera, maps, voicemail, voicedialer, voicerecorder, AK Notepad)

    5. A bunch of apps (Kindle, Nook, Aldiko, Bible, Goggles, etc)

    6. Calculator widget (full screen)

    7. Multimedia Widgets (audio player, YouTube, FM Radio, Sprint TV, etc.) and some games.

  • I use all of them and am frustrated that I don’t have more! I’ll take a couple of your blank ones off your hands, for you!

  • i only use 3 so i use launcher pro to hide the rest.

    Left: Power Control Widget, Smooth Calandar Widget, Youtube Widget and Engadget Widget.

    Middle (Main): BattStatt Widget

    Right: Touiteur Widget, Facebook Widget & Music Widget

  • I use all of them:

    1) I only use the top and bottom row of my center home screen so I can see my background picture more clearly.
    2,3) The two home screens next to the center one are things that I used the most: widgets to turn on bluetooth, wifi, 4G… ookmarks, contacts, market, and two folders for setting and games.
    4,5,6) One screen for the HTC widget notes, one screen for the calendar, and one screen for the agenda widget
    7) Half of the last home screen is the music player widget, and some other apps like Tip calculator, voicemail, gallery folder etc.

    I don’t like seeing screen left blank, but I found that these 7 screen are just enough for me!

  • Avatar of Paladin

    I like having a blank screen or two so I can just go to it to admire my Live Wallpaper. I use 4 out of the 7 though.

  • Avatar of Benjamin

    I use LauncherPro and have found that 5 screens work well for me. 7 is just too many, I never make it to the extremes.

    Screen 3 is my main screen – it has a clock, Switchpro widget and my most used apps (aside from the ones I keep in my LauncherPro dock).

    From screen three, swiping right to 4 gives me a 4×4 Pure Messenger widget with all my social networking posts and swiping again to 5 gives me a full screen LauncherPro Calendar widget.

    Again from 3, swiping left to screen 2 gives me Doubletwist and Pandora widgets, most played games along with “games” and “media” folders. Swiping once more to the left to screen 1 gives me VIP People and Bookmark shortcuts using LauncherPro widgets.

  • Avatar of XpAcErX

    screen left 3 – Navigation/travel maps,nav, layar, places translate, etc.
    screen left 2 – social facebook, twitter, email, meebo, fring, etc.
    screen left 1 – utilities power bar, flash light, toggle widgets, etc.
    home – messages, calendar, time, weather, camera, web market
    screen right 1 – entertainment TV,you tube, doubletwist, pandora, etc.
    screen right 2 – games
    screen right 3 – games

    and the multicon app is a lifesaver

  • I use ’em all:

    1: Home screen: Clock, 4G on/ff, browser, Running Services (kill unnecessary services, etc.)
    2: Favs, news links (NYTimes, NPR, ESPN, etc.)
    3: Calendar
    4: Bookmarks
    5: Media (music player, Youtube, Pandora, navs, etc.)
    6: Twitter and Facebook
    7: System links (EasyTether, Settings, personalize, Display, keyboard, etc.)

  • Most people who actually use this as their main device are going to use more screens than those who don’t use it much. I actually ran out of screen real estate and was going to have to set up a new scene until I found Launch-X. With Launch-X I can have up to 56 shortcuts/widgets/apps per screen so now I have one spare screen to use for testing widgets and whatnot, and have everything else I need at my fingertips.

  • Avatar of Tiradora

    I do use 6 out of 7. Still getting used to making all screens visible on one and just choose. So i made/based each screen for ease of access…
    Main page
    • Gtalk
    • Barcode scanner
    • apps organizer/labeler(LOVE IT)
    • shortcut to sound and display settings
    • chomp sms
    • mail
    • twitter
    • camera

    2nd page(right) is really used for travel – all control widgets, navigation, etc
    3rd page(right) agenda – I rarely use this, but the widget is nice
    2nd page(left)emergency contacts full page widget
    3rd page(left)random apps and shortcut-page is not full-the apps organizer really helped
    4th page(left) full page bookmarks widget- I use that more than I thought I would.

    Still in process of organizing. I’m sure i can knock it back to 4 once i get it right :)

  • Avatar of Carolyn

    I use all of the screens to see the picture of a beautiful baby. To keep that baby in view, I put one folder on my home screen that holds all of the items that I need to access quickly. I like the uncluttered look but I also like having 7 screens for when I do need them and they don’t use anymore battery power or resources so I’m good.

  • Five. And then photos on the two outermost.

  • Five w/ sense. 3 with launcherPro

  • I’m using Sense and I use them all.

    – Center has all my most commonly used apps
    – Left 1 has my “favorite” contacts (full screen)
    – Right 1 has my work contacts (full screen)
    – Left 2 has all the built-in feature on/off widgets, tethering and network related apps
    – Right 2 has weather/music
    – Left 3 is calendar (full screen)
    – Right 3 is friendstream (full screen)

  • Avatar of The Dawg

    I use them all. I just fill the “blank” ones with photos.

  • Avatar of Tiradora

    Totally off subject, but i wanted to thank everyone who noted that they use blank pages for photos or as photo albums. I just cleared one to make a gallery showcase of my BabyGrrrrl. I often find myself going through my pics(98% her, 2% misc)anyway. Thanks.

  • Avatar of NicksGarage

    Day to day, I use 6. I keep one empty to try new widgets in. I also have other scenes with fewer screens and I just ignore the empty ones. I never understood why it bugs people to have empty ones, just don’t look at them if you don’t use them.

  • I heavily use 3 and occasionally use a 4th. The other 3 are completely blank, as I haven’t decided what to put on them yet.

  • Avatar of CameronInOk

    I am using 7, and find myself getting frustrated that I cant use more than that.

  • I use launcher pro, so I have 12 app shortcuts that are in a swipeable (sp?) tray at the bottom – with that said I only use 3 screens. 1 for text widget, 1 for calendar widget and tapatalk widgets, and the main screen has shortcuts to text/call my frequently used contacts using the launcher-X pro widget. I’m frequently experimenting with new ROMS that come out so i’ve learned to keep it simple :)


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