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How to sideload apps on stock AT&T Dell Streak without root, ADB, or Sideload Wonder Machine


If your Dell Streak is still wearing its AT&T chastity belt, then it hasn't been rooted and it's still running the stock Android 1.6 ROM.

It's also prevented from installing apps not obtained from Android Market. Yes, non-Market apps can be installed using ADB or Sideload Wonder Machine, but both require you to be connected to your computer. Wouldn't it be easier/better to be able to sideload apps directly on the Streak like every other non-AT&T Android phone?

Not only is this possible, but it's also reversible thanks to the work of StreakSmart reader ronj1986, who discovered an easy way to enable sideloading while exploring various testing and info screens accessible in the device's engineering mode.

"I stumbled upon this 'security" label at the bottom," he told me via email, "and something in my head said that could mean releasing some of the constraints on my device: unlock it or non-market apps." He pressed the button and confirmed the latter suspicion: it lifted AT&T's sideloading restriction.

Here's how to loosen AT&T's stifling grip on your factory condition (build 6601) Dell Streak:

  1. Dial *#*#307#*#* on your Streak. Other than a quick flash on the screen, it will look like nothing has happened.
  2. Go to your app drawer/program menu and tap a new icon labeled EMList. If the icon is not there, turn off the Streak. It should be there when you turn it on again.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap app_security.
  4. Tap update unknown resource property to enable it.

That's it!

To confirm that it worked, press the Home button followed by Menu -> Settings -> Applications. You should now see the "Unknown sources" option. Now you can download and install any 1.6-compatible app you find with ease!

To uninstall EMList, dial *#*#308#*#* on your Streak.

Thanks, Ron!

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