Images of Toshiba’s SmartPad and ViewSonic’s ViewPad tablets break cover in lead up to IFA


Toshiba has recently shot back into the mobile spotlight with its fascinating, unique dual-screen Libretto W100 UMPC that Jenn has just got her hands on, but it certainly isn't done with exciting devices just yet. We heard previously that the company intended to re-enter the tablet space and was planning a collaboration with Compal to produce nVidia Tegra 250-powered tablets like the Pioneer Computers DreamBook ePad N7. With the high profile IFA trade show set to start in Berlin at the end of next week, some new alleged images and rumors of what Toshiba has in store have now leaked out.


Likely to be branded the Toshiba SmartPad and set to be available in 7- and 10-inch sizes, the upcoming tablet will indeed have a Tegra 250 chipset under the hood running Google's Android OS, although the exact version is unknown. Barely any other technical details are known but examining the photos above reveals a sleek, simple design with a webcam above the screen, stereo speakers on the front, and an assortment of ports on the right side. This includes exposed AC power, headphone audio-out, and memory card ports, and an HDMI output and USB and mini-USB ports neatly concealed behind a small plastic door. The bottom of the device shows what I'm guessing is a port for a docking station.

Joining Toshiba in the pre-IFA hype is ViewSonic, who was rumored to be working on an Android tablet earlier this month. The latest from the company reveals similar plans to Toshiba with 7- and 10-inch tablets in the pipeline. The 7-inch model known as the ViewPad 7 is said to run Android and include 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity, front and back facing cameras, GPS, USB, and microSD ports. Hopefully the ViewPad will also be a Tegra 250-powered device like ViewSonic's previous VT101 tablet.

One interesting feature mentioned for the 10-inch model that is supposedly powered by an Intel chipset is the ability to dual-boot Android and Windows. It would be very interesting if this was also offered on the ViewPad 7, perhaps with the options of Android and Windows Embedded Compact 7? Whatever the truth is, keep an eye out as all will hopefully be revealed at IFA.


[Notebook Italia via Liliputing, Pocket-lint]
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