Is this the next iPod Touch and one of its upcoming cases?


With all the excitement around the iPhone 4 and iPad it can be easy to forget the iPod Touch is a major device in Apple's arsenal, which as we've pointed out before is likely due for a major refresh later this year in the vein of its phone counterpart. The thought of an iPod Touch 4G with an A4 processor, iOS 4, high-res Retina display, and a 5MP camera/HD video camera is certainly very exciting. One thing I have been wondering about is whether the new PMP would stick with the old design or come with a brand new look.

Today we may be getting a possible first glimpse at the iPod Touch 4G in a leaked image from a case manufacturer. Keeping in mind this may very well be a mock-up or fake, the image does seem to be a highly probable indication of what we can expect the new device to look like. Unfortunately we don't know which case manufacturer the image comes from, but the anonymous source who sent it to Hardmac has previously proven to be reliable. Assuming this is the final design, I was initially a little surprised Apple had not gone with a few more iPhone 4 design cues, sticking with a similar design to the existing device and retaining the curved back. But having thought about it further, it makes sense to differentiate the two devices and perhaps more importantly, use a simpler, more conservative design which is easier and cheaper to manufacture for the mass market iPod Touch.

[via Pocket-lint]
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