Latest updates to the ongoing Samsung Galaxy Tab pre-launch saga


The yet to be launched but much publicized Samsung Galaxy Tab is officially in overdrive in its ongoing media spree. It's hard to determine whether or not the leaks are actually intentional or not, but the almost daily publicity is definitely generating a great deal of interest and anticipation in the lead up to Samsung's official announcement at IFA on September 2nd.

The latest news to hit the internet includes some new images of a CDMA version of the device in Isreal (above and below) and the unveiling of a wide range of accessories for the tablet. The photos are consistent with all that we have seen previously and give a good indication of the larger scale of the device in comparison to the Motorola Droid X. The existence of a version with a CDMA radio (marked on the white label) is a clear indication of Samsung's global ambitions for the Galaxy Tab and perhaps is also linked to rumors of the tablet being offered by carriers such as Verizon.


Regarding the accessories, the team over at OLED-Display have managed to uncover a wide array of Samsung's official items with images and some European prices. The list includes a leather bag/folio that forms a kickstand for €41 (US$52), a charging station/dock with HDMI and audio-out for €54 (US$69), an 83-key keyboard docking station for €82 (US$104), USB cable, white and black earphones, composite video-out cable for €20 (US$25), car battery charger for €48 (US$61), bluetooth stylus, USB port adapter, a range of cases, and a screen protector for €11 (US$14).

Most of the accessories are standard fare, some items are clearly following certain competitors such as the keyboard docking station, and others present some interesting possibilities like the bluetooth stylus that can be paired with and control other devices. Another thing to note is that some of the European prices seem on the expensive side, although we will have to wait and see the official US prices before passing judgement. Check out some of accessories below and let us know what you think. Has Samsung covered all the bases?

Samsung-galaxy-tab-bluetooth-stylus  Samsung-galaxy-tab-g-switch-impact-case

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