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New features and changes in Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for HTC EVO

FroyoIf you don't really follow the general Android scene, then you may be wondering why so many people are making a fuss over the Froyo update for the HTC EVO. It's the latest version of the mobile operating system, yes, but what's so good about it and what will it do for the phone?

Sprint will begin rolling out the Android 2.2 update in waves beginning tomorrow and running through the middle of the month, so if you haven't already served yourself a helping of Froyo, then you might like to know exactly what kinds of treats your EVO can expect.

Based on the previously published release notes, known details about 2.2, first-hand experience from manually applying the update, and feedback in the comments and across the web, I've compiled a list of all the new features and changes in the update. With your help over the next few days/weeks, I think we can easily make it a definitive list of every single improvement and tweak that Froyo brings to the HTC EVO.

Note that the EVO doesn't get all of the standard 2.2 enhancements because of its Sense UI. Froyo's free WiFi hotspot is also not included because the EVO's existing Sprint hotspot is a paid service.


  • 2 to 5 times faster than Android 2.1
  • Faster, more powerful browser
  • Smoother scrolling
  • Faster app switching
  • Overall improvement in responsiveness
  • 4G speed improvement
  • 720p video recording improvement
  • Faster GPS triangulation in Sprint Navigation


  • Long pressing Home button shows 8 recent apps (instead of 6)
  • Adobe Flash 10.1
  • Google search (widget and bar) options: Web, Apps, All
  • Camera flash accessible to Camcorder
  • Left and right landscape mode
  • 4-way camera orientation
  • Free apps can be shared
  • Send contact as vCard via SMS
  • Larger Message compose window with Attach button
  • Message count badge
  • MMS slideshow editor
  • Exchange support with improved security, remote wipe, auto-discovery, global address lists look-up, lock screen timeout, and calendar sync
  • Facebook events and birthdays appear in Calendar
  • Unknown Facebook users can be added to Friend Stream
  • Local search in Friend Stream
  • Facebook comments in Gallery
  • Numeric and alphanumeric password locks
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Voice dialing and contact sharing over Bluetooth
  • Store apps on microSD card
  • Forward/Back arrows in Gmail message
  • Multiple Gmail calendars
  • Copy-paste in Gmail app
  • Install .apk files directly from Gmail
  • Stock keyboard supports multitouch
  • Native H.264 video support

Android Market

  • "Update All" button
  • Automatic updating option
  • App comments/reviews appear in their own tab

Apps (developer-controlled)

  • Installable on microSD card
  • Android Cloud to Device Messaging for mobile alert, send to phone, and two-way push sync functionality
  • Bug reporting for users to send crash reports to devs
  • Data backup and restore


  • Sound and Display settings are separated
  • Dock setting
  • Voice input & output setting
  • "Move to SD card" in Applications -> Manage Applications
  • Tabs in Manage Applications: Downloaded, Running, All, On SD card
  • Different lock options in Security setting
  • "Lock phone after" setting

New Apps/Widgets

  • Flashlight
  • App Sharing
  • Car Panel
  • Calculator, FM radio, Profile, Ringtone, and Message widgets


  • Enhanced 3G icon
  • Redesigned Gtalk interface
  • New UI for FM radio
  • 3D "waving" Android mascot with incoming calls

Anything else you've noticed on your EVO that should be added to this list?

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72 thoughts on “New features and changes in Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for HTC EVO

  • Wasn’t there something about send a web page from desktop to Android 2.2 device?

  • We have two EVOs, both of which only do FM mono, despite being configured for stereo. (When playing SD resident music stereo works fine.)

    Is stereo FM enabled with Froyo?


  • Avatar of JaydeeIL

    My stock browser is buggy with the flash 10.1. It works and then sometimes it forcecloses

  • what no mention of the hot spot?

  • Ummmm, please oh please tell me there is a bluetooth HID Profile. I want ever so bad to use a my MSI Bluetooth keyboard with my Evo(Without Rooting!), making it for me, better than a netbook. To my knowledge this is already a feature on the iPhone, and since its a common theme to rag on how much more we(android) have than it, I find it completely unacceptable that my ridiculously old and old school xv6700 WM smartphone could do this but the ultra-smartphone of 2010 can’t seem to included this feature in its bleeding edge updates.

  • Avatar of mtntrekker01

    I had the same problem. I had Flash 10.1 installed on 2.1 so I wiped the phone to factory default and reinstated everything and it worked. Only problems now is I’m missing my Fios apps and the MOTO Multitouch keyboard.

  • Yeah. I’ve been enjoying those benefits since damage control 3.2.3. And sprint will never allow google to mass release free wifi hot spot, which also comes with most custom roms…

  • Oh and you shouldn’t have to wipe the whole phone to fix flash. Just go into applications manager and uninstall the hacks. Also, multi touch keyboard is available on custom roms…haven’t tried it out yet though.

  • Just to make everyone aware (I’ve seen this question a lot in comments on this site)… Both Wifi tethering and USB tethering WILL NOT work on the HTC EVO unless you pay $30 a month for the “Sprint Hotspot” service. There are alternatives (third party apps like EasyTether, or rooting your phone); however, no stock Evo without the third party apps will share its internet connection with a computer unless you pay the $30 fee. See these threads for more details:

  • OOops. Didn’t see the whole list in mobile browser form. Sweeeeeeeeeet. ;)

  • Avatar of jaydeeIL

    If you had installed the Flash apk before installing the new update, then flash just doen’t work properly. So, you have to do a hard reset unfortunatley.

  • Left and right landscape viewing. If I’m not mistaken, you could only rotate left. Now it works both ways.

  • Hi, still wondering about 802.11n. I’ve heard it was enabled in a previous OTA update, but my phone still definitely is stuck at G speeds. Was this just a rumor? Do I need to do anything else to make my phone more speedy (alter a few lines of code still AFTER the froyo update; this involves rooting right)? or does froyo enable this? thanks!

  • Read this thread from xda:

    It may require rooting. But hid has definitely been implemented. Cyanogen even has wii mote capabilities!

  • I don’t know what the problem might be… but as far as I know ‘n’ was enabled in one of the small OTA updates before 2.2 was released.

  • You don’t have to wipe the phone. All you have to do re-install Flash 10.1.

  • Try reinstalling the Flash 10.1 pack first. You don’t have to wipe the phone.

  • Avatar of android noob

    Will the screenshot app work without rooting?

  • Just to be “that guy”, you could adjust alarm volume in 2.1. :) It was clunky though, because you had to do it while picking an alarm sound.

  • Avatar of jaydeeIL

    I did the hard reset and that cleared up all my problems. Now, i have to get my contacts back.

  • Avatar of jaydeeIL

    I already wiped the phone. Flash is working awesome now. Loving 2.2.

  • Avatar of Charles Anderson

    Check out AudioManager. You can adjust all of those things independently, without actually having to be playing a sound.

  • I live in Austin, TX and my 4G speeds have tripled since I upgraded to Froyo! I used to get around 2mpbs and now I am consistently hitting around 6mbps. Not sure what the update did but I am loving it…if only 4G didn’t constantly suck on the battery life, I’d keep it on all day!

  • So the USB Tethering is gone with 2.2?

  • Avatar of Rusty Pitchfork

    Also, it supports Multiple Gmail Account calendars now.

  • PDANet or EayTether works on 2.2. They both have free versions which restrict access to secure pages (https pages.)

    Full versions cost $22, and $10, respectively.

  • Ok i saw above in the list that there is a new screen dock if you have disabled htc sense and i would love to disable htc sense but i thought it wasnt possible since the last update when htc got rid of the ability to use the stock android launcher. Does anyone have a way to disable htc sense because i would love to use the stock android launcher.

  • Ah, I forgot about that. I only applied the software update that disabled that feature a few minutes before updating to Froyo, so it slipped my mind. Add the dock to the list of things the EVO doesnt get from Froyo because of Sense. I just removed mention of that in the post to avoid further confusion. Sorry about that!

  • im having an issue with the update, unable to turn on my 4g. hopefully official release will fix this issue.

  • Avatar of Michael Brown

    Loaded it on my Evo two days ago from a mirror site my system is faster I couldn’t be happier.

  • Avatar of Michael Brown

    Not at all, use pdanet.

  • That is still wack! I lose something that I got with my phone and to get it back I have to pay for a third party app? STUPID!

  • Hum.. I am having trouble with multiple Gmail accounts notifying me when I have mail. I wonder if I have something turned off accidentally??

  • Sorry bud. You should write a letter to Sprint or cancel your account and move to another carrier that doesn’t squeeze, nickel-and-dime, scheme to make money.

    Did you read the contract when you signed the 2 year agreement? Was there any verbiage that gives you or Sprint privy to certain rights to situations like this?

  • Avatar of Daniel S.

    Cuongerific, I acutally have the same problem. I have auto-sync turned off, but when I hit the Sync All, one google account will check the mail but the other one won’t. Very odd. I’m hoping that maybe this is something that might change in the Major Official Update…

  • Avatar of Raechel

    Which will be awesome since changing the media volume often resulted in changing the ringer volume too on accident before.

  • Thanks Daniel S. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this problem!

  • I noticed this one too. I wish it was each direction. Don’t know why they would leave out upside down. lol

  • Good luck finding a national carrier that is cheaper than sprint.

  • Oh and I use tether (formerly tetherberry)… came from a blackberry 8330. Super easy to use. Buy it on sale (usually they have it for half price every 3 months) when it is 20-25 bucks. Otherwise it is way too much $$$$

  • Yea the method of disabling sense that worked in 2.1 no longer works in 2.2. I’d like to show it off to my other nerdy friends that im running 2.2 lol

  • Update is available from Sprint right now

  • Avatar of Mark Richards

    I just checked and the official Froyo is now available (at least on my network) so in the process of installing now.

  • Yup, just clicked check for updates (for the 1 billionth time!) and the update is downloading as we speak! FYI, this version is 3.26.651.6

  • Yea, Bay Area California is getting it right now!

  • Official update now available… far so good. Browser ic crazy fast.

  • Auto-correction…not so good.

  • My update is downloading as I type this straight from my settings on my EVO without any downloading or links. Looks like the wave has already begun!

  • Well the speed improvement is rather noticeable, my linpack Mflops score went from an average of 6.8ish. highest hit before froyo was 6.96….now with froyo i am averaging 39ish…40.398 is the highest.

    nice thing with this upgrade, so far, I have not noticed any broken widgets or apps. (mine is not rooted or overclocked)

  • Avatar of Mark Richards

    The 3.26.651.6-1.47 update required 11 minutes to complete.

    The upgrade sequence involved several apparent restarts. When the mobile phone came back into service there was nothing I needed to re-install or re-configure – a nice touch considering the O/S was replaced. (I had dreaded this process based on windows experience).

    Unit does appear to be snappier in response.

    Looking forward to voice dialing by headset and ability to sync the clock.

  • I just finished upgrading to 2.2. Took about 30 minutes from start to finish. Testing it now.

  • Ok, new to the forum but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a weird issue with Google Talk. When I press someone’s picture a phone icon shows up twice even if I have only one number for them. When I select the second phone icon a option comes up asking me to select an application to complete the action…problem?? I hope not! Help!

  • its available now!!! downloading now via wifi

  • Avatar of juddsandage

    the “720p video recording improvement” doesnt seem to have been anything, I still notice comrpression artifacts and the audio is still stuck at 13kbps… this is horrible audio for a phone of this type, even my old Touch Pro did audio in 64kbps in the video

  • Damn! I can’t believe that it wouldn’t let us download the new official version. what difference does it make?

  • Avatar of joepennant

    Impressions after updating late and going to bed.

    — Maybe Im imagining it, but when I put it to sleep, and when I woke it up a few hours later, it seemed to not have used ANY juice. I had put it to sleep @ 70% battery … wait, it just updated, its at 68%. Well, thats still impressive, considering how much cell standby used to take…

    –So, by the battery indicator widget the biggest users of battery on the phone: phone idle, cell standby and android system have reduced their draw considerably. Cell standby 35%, phone idle 33%, Android system 22% (!!! – used to be in the 30’s and 40’s!), display 8%, Live Wallpapers 2%.

    – When it is on, the battery draw is massive tho. I noticed after the update, many things that were off have been turned back on. I think I may have to go through and start turning off things to conserve battery.

    – The Analog clocks, when you switched to them, the hands would slowly sweep to the current time. Now they almost snap into position.

    – I ran Quadrant Standard immediately after the update and the speed was no longer the same as the Desire but about 2/3rds of the Nexus with 2.2. Thats fast, but I expected it to be closer.

    – When swiping, things scroll by much faster, no lag. The built in inertia dampener effect isnt as noticeable.

  • User dictionary now lets you select multiple “words” and delete all at once.

  • Also noticed an option for recording video in H.264! Sweet!

  • I was so hoping that the USB tethering would be allowed, but I have no luck so far. Am I doing anything wrong or is it still blocked by Sprint?

  • Places came from the latest Google Maps update. Not sure about Latitude.

  • Before the update it would work. As long as you are on 4g and then turn on the hotspot it would work but you would have to disconnect and reconnect every once in a while. It wouldn’t work if you are connected to 3g. This was how I was managing to get past the fee. Now that I’ve updated it will no longer work at all. That’s disappointing. Wish I would.have kmown that before updating. I wouldn’t update if you have managed to use hotspot this way and find that to be more valuable than the enhancements it offers. Hope this helps.

  • I’ve noticed about 25 meg of free RAM after the update.

  • Avatar of Matthew Novak

    I did notice one item that was removed with the upgrade to 2.2. There was a particular image I was using as my background that was a stock image. Before updateing to 2.2, I needed to wipe back to stock 2.1 (there were some issues and was not picking up the OTA of 2.2). Anywya, this image was an HDR image of a tree/beach/ocean scene, but alas it’s gone. If it isn’t, just let me know where to locate it, and if anyone hasn’t updated to 2.2 from 2.1, please post somewhere.

  • Downloaded 2.2, now my email messages don’t stay on the phone, delete automatically, setting set to
    keep message on server so that i can also download to Mac Mail on my PC but how email is operating
    is not like before and is frustrating, any answers?

  • Doubletwist music downloads now show album artwork!

  • Before update I could delete recent download list,it is not am option on the update.
    Is there still an option for this or i am I just gonna have to live with it listing every download I get.

  • Y Tha hell is sprint charging for hotspots,,when 2.2 has it for free..thatz…B.S. and u all no it,,f-ing ripoff tired of paying extra $ so Dan hess etc’ can live better—what about us,,u guyz wise up an speak on this crock of bull.


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