Smartbook Surfer, Augen GenTouch 78, and DAWA D7 are one in the same


Closely following its announcement last week, the Smartbook Surfer Android tablet has started to find its way into the hands of customers in Germany and Europe, with new hands-on images hitting the net on websites such as and A proper look at the tablet from 360 degrees initially gave us a sense of deja vu and upon closer inspection a slightly surprising new revelation has been uncovered regarding the origin of the MID. As Liliputing has pointed out, the Smartbook Surfer is basically identical to the bargain priced Augen GenTouch 78 that recently went on sale in the US via Kmart.

This indicates that both tablets are rebranded versions of the same product, which we now believe is the also identical DAWA D7 Android tablet from China. Keeping in mind the D7 itself appears to be a rebranded version of the WinCE running MAG Digital tablet prototype first seen at CeBIT adds some additional complication and intrigue to the probable supply chain. Apart from the size and nearly identical specs, the most common design features between all the devices can be found viewed from the back, with the same curved brushed metal-effect casing, single round speaker aperture, raised input/output ports housing, and the location of four buttons in the top left corner. One difference is that the Augen version is missing the HDMI output found on the Surfer and D7. Check out the images after the break for your own close inspection and comparison of the Smartbook Surfer to its "siblings."


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