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Use new voice actions on HTC EVO to save time

Evo-voice-actions Now that we have Android 2.2 on our HTC EVO 4Gs, we don't have to sit in the sidelines watching Nexus One owners play with all the new Froyo features and cool apps that we can't get.

There aren't too many 2.2-only apps out there yet, but one that just came out yesterday is sure to make our Froyo-less pals just a little jealous. Because while they're tapping away at their screens to do things like send a text message, find some music they want to listen to, or call a business not already in their contacts list, we're using Google's brand new Voice Search.

Now available in Android Market, Voice Search lets you "search, control and communicate" using simple voice commands, referred to by Google as voice actions. So rather than opening the Messages app (or whatever messaging app you're using), tapping "New message," tapping the To field to bring up your contacts list, and selecting the contact, you can just launch Voice Search and say "Send text to [name]" instead.

It's much cooler than that, though, so check out the video below to see the frighteningly accurate app in action.

I'd really like to be able to map this to the EVO's search button (not the long press shortcut).

Thanks, Brian D!

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20 thoughts on “Use new voice actions on HTC EVO to save time

  • It doesn’t like anyone in my contact list.

  • If you tap and hold the search button it should bring it up, no mapping required.

  • This is nice, although it does not accept voice spoken via bluetooth devices!!! The time that I am most likely to use this new feature is when I cannot easily text enter my search or command. This is also the same time that I would be using my bluetooth headset. If the bluetooth radio is enabled and the device is connected, the microphone doesn’t work. PITA!

  • Ah, I already have the long press mapped to something else. I’d rather have Voice Search mapped to the quick press.

  • Avatar of jbrucehowie

    Just downloaded it and it seems that it does not like my voice. Tried multiple times to send a text to my friend kimberly. I would always add the word kimberly to the message and not look up the name in my contacts list. but when I specifically click in the to field and speak her name it would find it. And thankfully she is the only kimberly in my address book because it will never find her if I speak her full name

  • Avatar of gr8wayn

    I have never had any issues with my EVO until I installed this app. I then uninstalled it but continue to have problems. Although when I installed this app several other apps updated and one of them may be the culprit.

  • Avatar of Mark Richards

    I read somewhere (about this new application) that, to a windows mobile user, it’s nothing new.


    This works beautifully and with all the essentials integrated it is even better.

    Windows mobile voice command never worked properly for me. This new application is stellar!

  • Avatar of Daniel S.

    I really love this ability…except for one thing.

    It requires a good data connection to use. I’m stuck here in the wilderness of North Iowa visiting the family, and I’m constantly roaming with a two-out-of-six-bar signal. The time it takes to connect to the servers, transmit the recording, receive the data back, etc makes it FAR less impressive than it should be.

    Sigh. Just goes to show you that the boonies need better cell coverage. >.> It was VERY impressive in West Des Moines with excellent signal strength…

  • You guys should try Vlingo it recognizes voices better than google voice. Its now free because of google voices actions, was $9.99 in the market.

  • I agree, Vlingo is a much better product, works better and has more functions.

  • Avatar of mclain1

    I had the same problem on my evo. I uploaded/synchronized my address bookcontacts with GMAIL. Now they all work…

    I hope this helps.

  • I most definitely concur. No one appears to have an answer on how to sync voiceactions to my contact list. Vlingo does it beautifully.

  • Thanks your advice worked like magic. This is my favorite EVO source

  • Avatar of BigFoot

    Trying to call my sister it suggests a bakery in New York. Not very impressed, hopefully there is an update soon.

  • Avatar of steve gaudreau

    has anyone tried edwin? i have it and its a simular type of app. the youtube video for voice actions app makes it seem so simple . the vlingo video seems to have to require multiple input like push the button for this while you only have to push the icon once on voice action. just some observations.

  • My girlfriend has a Droid with 2.2 now, and her voice actions has a “help” button.

    My EVO Froyo does not have this help button. And it never showed this help video. There are no istructions that come with the app, making it nearly useless until you click the google blog (and ignore the broken link for the instructions) and hunt down some tips or the video above.

    I’m struggling with Google. They make great things, they just don’t make them in a great way. Like trying to sell Google Apps to customers—-it’s free, but there’s so many things Google Apps can ONLY do with gmail and not google-hosted customers (like Chrome-to-mobile).

    Any idea on where to find a list of commands or IF we can get the help menu on EVO with Froyo?

  • Also, somewhat ironic, but this is one of the few apps you cannot “share” via Froyo app sharing (I wanted to let some of my Froyo friends know about the update, but can’t).

  • Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to listen to YOUR music on the SD card through voice commands—–you can search for music from Pandora, LastFM, etc, but you can’t open your music or a playlist, etc.

  • Here is a list of commands from Googlemobile:

    send text to [contact] [message]
    listen to [artist/song/album]
    call [business]
    call [contact]
    send email to [contact] [message]
    go to [website]
    note to self [note]
    navigate to [location/business name]
    directions to [location/business name]
    map of [location]

  • I cant seem to text/call anyone in my contact list either.

    Searches and text dictation seem to be working fine.

    I liked the Blackberry voice dialer i had. Worked well with bluetooth and always got the person i needed to dial.

    I might have to remove this app and install Vlingo.


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