AAA members get discounted Dell Streak until September 30th


Looking for a way to save $100 on an off-contract Dell Streak? How about a $30 savings with an AT&T contract? If you're an AAA member, then you've just found it.

From now until 11:59 p.m. CST on September 30th, AAA members get 10% off the already discounted EPP (employee purchase program) pricing, bringing the cost down to $445.49 off-contract and $269.99 with AT&T activation. Just login at the AAA website, visit the Dell EPP site to get the coupon code you need to enter during checkout, and save some cash.

Roadside assistance and a discounted Dell Streak? I think it might be time to become an AAA member.

[] Thanks, Paolo!

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Jenn K. Lee

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6 thoughts on “AAA members get discounted Dell Streak until September 30th

  • Avatar of Eduardo

    I still think the Dell University route is a better solution. The way it works, just in case you have not seen this in the forums, is to sign up for the Dell University program and buy your streak that way.

    They take 10% for signing up and then another 10% for being part of the Dell University program. I know that this may not sound any better but they will take 10% off of the 550 price and then another 10% off of the 494 price. Therefore you will receive a total of 104 off. Mine was 239 including taxes and shipping. Has this worked for anyone else?

  • Avatar of White Joe

    Great find!
    How is Dell EPP working? Is it open to anyone?

    By the way, T-Mobile has 15% off for AAA memebers! It means I get $6.30 off my monthly bill, so my yearly savings is more than AAA membership fee! I had to call T-Mo customer service to activate this, though.

  • Avatar of Symbiotix

    Anyone who is an AAA member interested in trying to obtain a coupon code for me following the above steps? I am about to order a Streak using EPP, but I’m located in Canada and can’t get AAA. So if it’s just a matter of loging in to obtain the coupon code, it would be a huge help! You could pm me if interested (symbiotix in the forums). Thanks in advance! ;)


  • Avatar of Erura

    thanks very much for the info. Did not know about it. just applied and shaved $104 off the final price. I am wondering if dell allows AAA coupon code on top of that.

  • So, to be clear: they took $104 off the starting price of $549, then took $250 off for activation? That is, rather than starting at $299 for an activated phone, and taking 10% off of $299 and then another 10% off that?
    Sounds like a pretty decent deal.

    BTW, I’ve just played a bit on the Dell University page. Do you have to prove you’re a student?

  • Avatar of Symbiotix

    I messed around on the Dell University page also, and I signed up for their email notifications…. They immediately emailed me a coupon code for 10% off, and upon reading the fine print it clearly states it CAN be combined with the EPP… Nowhere did it state that I had to be a student (which I’m not), so I will be using the coupon in combination with my employee discount – just another way of netting the 20% off ;)


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